Minimalism Ruined My Life & How It Can Ruin Your Life Too

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Materialism, consumerism, and minimalism all play a big part in our lives. Whether we want to admit it or not, all of these have an effect on our lives, and minimalism ruined mine.

I know what you are thinking. How can minimalism ruin your life? But trust me! It did!

You see, we all go through different experiences that alter our outlook on life.

As I started to simplify my life, I realized that so many things were wrong, and trying to figure out how to fix it seemed impossible. Keep reading and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

Minimalism ruined my life and shifted it in ways I never imagined. I honestly never thought my life would change as much as it has, and I have minimalism to thank for that.

10 Ways Minimalism Ruined My Life

1. I think about every purchase thoroughly //

Before I became a minimalist, I didn’t think about my purchases. If I wanted something, I simply bought it.

Now every time I want to purchase something new I think about several things.

For instance, here are a few questions I run through now before making a purchase:

  • Is this product eco-friendly?
  • Is this produce made with organic materials?
  • Does it use harmful chemicals?
  • Is it made ethically? Who made this item?

I also think about which stores I should shop with based on all of these things and more.

Purchasing something has officially become a task and I wasn’t anticipating that.

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2. Clutter drives me insane //

I see clutter everywhere now and it drives me crazy!

I’m definitely a bit more OCD with how tidy my home is. Afterall, when a space is clutter-free, so is my brain.

However, I feel the need to tidy that space, regardless of who owns the space. I have lost the ability to think with clutter surrounding me.

Before I became a minimalist, I didn’t realize how clutter affected me. I do not know if it hindered my thoughts or actions.

I simply went through life daized and confused with why I was overwhelmed. It was just how things were, or that is what I told myself.

What I do know is I didn’t notice it until becoming a minimalist. Now having a clean and tidy home is a must for me.

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3. Now I have too much time on my hands //

Now that I am not cleaning all of the time, I have no idea what to do with myself! I decided to try out a few hobbies.

I purchased a DSLR camera and go for walks in nature, photographing things that are beautiful or inspire me creatively.

Blogging turned into a full-time career thanks to the time I was able to dedicate to it.

But what I love most is having the flexibility to try new things or improve my current routines because I have an abundance of time now.

It is honestly incredible the amount of time I have due to not having as much to tidy or clean.

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4. I barely have enough clothes to call it a wardrobe //

Before I sorted through my clothes and dwindled down to what I loved to wear, I had a decent size wardrobe. Now I have less than 30 pieces hanging in my closet!

My husband has more clothes than I do. In fact, he has a box of stored clothes because he has so many!

When my mother in law came to visit the other day, she asked where I put my clothes [seeing our 6′ wire rack that we share]. I told her they were right in front of her, and her eyes got big like she couldn’t believe I had so little.

But to be honest, I can’t believe how small my wardrobe has become!

I don’t have to worry about what I am wearing anymore, because I always have something I love to wear.

But it maybe on the sparse side when guests get a confused look on their face in relation to my wardrobe size. Thanks minimalism….

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5. I eat healthier //

Eating used to be full of junk food with lots of fried foods. So far, my diet has changed to cut all of the yummy greasy and sugary filled stuff in half!

I’ve lost weight, and I am now wearing jeans I couldn’t wear 6 months ago. I also have recently gotten into green smoothies for breakfast with the husband.

Minimalism showed me how to simplify my eating habits and really opened my eyes to the fact that diets don’t work.

It is the little shifts that become new habits that allow us to live a healthier lifestyle. This is definitely a long journey, but I’ll get there eventually.

6. Guilt is no longer my house guest //

The moment I started to let go of things, Guilt decided it was time to leave. It had been my house guest for so long that I forgot what it was like without it.

I almost miss it, but I definitely do not miss it’s messes.

You see, I held onto things that people gifted me. I felt I had to keep them because someone spent their hard earned money on it.

However, one day I realized that giving gifts is more about the action of giving you something rather than what they are gifting you.

People feel good when they give, but they don’t want you to be burdened with things you no longer need.

Realizing that, I was able to say goodbye to Guilt and let it leave my house once and for all. Because I honestly don’t have room for it anymore!

Minimalism ruined my life and shifted it in ways I never imagined. I honestly never thought my life would change as much as it has, and I have minimalism to thank for that.

7. I no longer have to the pleasure of searching for something //

Now that everything has a home, I no longer waste time looking for something. That pleasure has been stripped from me for good.

While it feels amazing to say, it is very foreign to me.

Being raised to have all of the things in my life and not really knowing that it was all supposed to have a home, I searched high and low for things.

I spent a lot of time searching and not enough time giving that item a proper home, so the cycle continued.

Once I realized that it was possible to have just what you need and that it can all have a designated spot, I had to give up my time searching for something.

This all goes back to my point of having a lot more time on my hands.

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8. Nature actually enjoys my company //

I grew up playing outside, going to the lake, playing the creek… You name it, I’ve done it.

But it wasn’t until recently that I had to go outside everyday, because of the lack of something to do inside.

I find myself outside taking long walks, weeding and tilling the garden, playing with my dogs, etc.

Before I changed my lifestyle, I didn’t have time for long walks, weeding and tilling the garden as much as I do now, or playing with my dogs for extended periods of time.

I had plenty of stuff to do inside, and I didn’t worry about going outside unless it was necessary.

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9. I no longer enjoy shopping //

Shopping is a nightmare now! All the advertisements, clutter, crowds, UGH! I do not pleasure shop anymore! If I don’t need it, I’m not wasting my time.

Before I could enjoy wasting my time looking and buying things I didn’t necessarily need, but now I’m not wasting my time.

I started menu planning for several weeks to avoid going grocery shopping weekly. Just the process of shopping sends my anxiety through the roof.

Becoming aware of my sensory levels and how to keep them lowered, I honestly have a tough time wanting to go shopping where there are crowds.

Plus, the marketing schemes to get people to buy things that aren’t on their list already drives me nuts! I still fall for them on occasion, but it is minimal compared to how it used to be when I shopped for fun.

10. Harmful chemicals have become an enemy //

Ahh! Those harmful chemicals in everyday products. They had been my friend for so long.

They cleaned my counter tops, floors, polished my furniture, heck they even washed my face and moisturized my body!

It’s so sad we had to break up with each other. They were so loyal, gave me the illusion of cleanliness due to the pleasant smells, and were very powerful.

But now I am working with all natural and organic products.

These products really do clean and the I don’t have to feel guilty about really sniffing the clean scent smell, using them to wash my face or moisturize my body.

In fact, some are so natural that you can ingest them without being harmed!

I guess everyone has to move on at some point. So long harmful chemicals! It was nice knowing you, until it wasn’t.

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How has minimalism ruined your life?

Has it left you with less to do, or robbed you of things you once enjoyed?

Let me know below in the comments. I’d love to see how minimalism has ruined your life, too.

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***Disclaimer: This post was for humorous purposes only! Minimalism has definitely not ruined my life. In fact, it saved my life, and I am forever grateful.***

Minimalism ruined my life and shifted it in ways I never imagined. I honestly never thought my life would change as much as it has, and I have minimalism to thank for that.

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245 thoughts on “Minimalism Ruined My Life & How It Can Ruin Your Life Too”

  1. This is sarcasm right? None of these things sound like they should be any problem at all.

  2. It seems to me, that the changes you’ve gone through have been nothing but positives. Reading all that you’ve listed have been an improvement to you and you haven’t mentioned that you gone out and bought those items again to replenish what has gone. You are obviously happier now, spending time in nature and your animals are a good alternative not to mention the health benefits since these changes have taken place. I say, good on you, give yourself time to enjoy these new adventures and not let yourself get bogged down on what you don’t have anymore. Also remember the reasons behind why you did this in the first place. You obviously felt the need to do it all, you have more time on your hands now, that is a good thing. It opens you up for new ideas, maybe there’s a lesson for us all, that through your experience That we can be less materialistic and reap the benefits that you are experiencing. I know after reading this, I’m seriously looking at my things and seeing what I’m better off not having. Thank you for writing this, it’s motivated me to stop hanging onto things I should have parted with years ago.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! Yes, these are definitely positive changes in my life, but I wanted to have a bit of fun with how I shared the ways that minimalism changed my life. I definitely do not regret decluttering, nor have I repurchased anything outside of clothes [because I obviously need new pieces from time to time]. I’m glad I’ve encouraged you to evaluate the things you own and allow yourself to declutter things you feel you should have parted with already. There is such freedom in that allowance and so much to be gained from the space you’ll create.

  3. Stumbled upon this post through my Pinterest feed and loved it! It had me a bit nervous as I was downloading it as I was concerned that all of the happiness I had been feeling since our minimalism journey began in earnest 16 months ago was going to be met with some horrible end. Thankfully no and if anything I might have more time to find the humor in it all. In fact, the post highlighted exactly the things that I have enjoyed about moving towards a more conscious/minimalist lifestyle. The only thing I might had is the need to add a disclaimer for people when you do enter a big box, overly lit shop of anytime that you might be shutting down or experiencing migraine euphoria. I had to do this recently with my mother-in-law – thankfully she laughed and ensured our trip was quick and efficient. Thanks for your writing! Cheers

    1. Abigail, I’m so glad you enjoyed this post and realized there is no horrible end to the minimalism journey! I was feeling rather witty when I wrote this post and have yet to duplicate it in any capacity [regardless of how many times I’ve tried]. haha! Sounds like you have a very understanding mother-in-law. & yes! I completely agree that disclaimers need to be given for flashy signs and overwhelming marketing tactics. That would make life a lot easier!

  4. haha! i don’t normally leave comments but I just had to this time. I am thinking about going minimalist and i was actually scared to read this post but I thought i better start out by knowing how it ruined someones life! you got me good! It made me laugh! awesome!

    1. Haha! Maria, I am so glad you decided to check this out because it really is how my life has changed since becoming a minimalist. I just had a little fun with it. 😉 I hope after reading this that you have decided minimalism is something worth trying. The beautiful thing is that as long as the things you keep add value to your life, that is all that matters. You could dip your toes into it by becoming a cozy minimalist or dive into the extreme of becoming a digital nomad. The great thing is there is no right or wrong – just what works for you.

  5. Yes being a more conscientious shopper, looking for eco friendly or ethical clothing and thinning down my wardrobe has RUINED shopping! 😂 but that’s ok!

    1. I’m glad to hear you’re okay with allowing living more conscientiously to ruin shopping for you. I’ve become a HUGE fan of second-hand shopping thanks to a new second-hand shop opening in my area. It feels so good to introduce new pieces to my wardrobe that give second chances to clothes someone else didn’t want.

  6. The title of this one got me really intrigued and then I was reading thinking that these things don’t sound so bad hahaha what a great way to get people to think about what it really means to be minimalist!

    1. Haha! I love it, Teya! You’re right. I’ve had a lot of people visit this blog post and have changed their perspective on what they believe minimalism is about. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and leave a comment! It means the world to me.

    1. Tawny, I LOVE your comment! haha! I wrote this post one day feeling spunky. I don’t normally write posts like this, but I wanted to reach people who are skeptical of the minimalist lifestyle. So far, I’ve changed a few minds, which made it worth the risk.

  7. Love this post! All of your points are so right! I’ve been practicing minimalism for 2 years now since moving into my new house. Still have ways to go, but I love the process of taking more and more out of the house each month! It’s so funny how I hate bringing things into my house now (unless it’s food).

  8. This article/post does not make any sense. It’s not the minimalism that ruined your life. It’s your obsessive nature, addictive personality, and pessimism that ruined your life. Minimalism improves lives when it’s done in a positive and smart manner, neither of which you exhibit in this post. This entire article is just another form of backlash and complaints against something that the whole world could benefit from. Minimalism rules! (P.S. Eating healthier and cutting bad foods out does not and should not ruin your life.)

    1. Jennifer, I think you might have overlooked my disclaimer. This is supposed to be a humor post. I’m sorry it wasn’t more obvious to you. Minimalism did ruin a lot of my old behaviors, but they needed to feel ruined in order for a dramatic change to enter into my life. I’m forever grateful for discovering minimalism.

  9. Hey Erin! I loved this post! I’ve been slowly easing my way into minimalism for a few years now, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a minimalist yet, but I’ve been taking it in small steps: constantly finding things and clothes I no longer need or have a use for, donating it, decluttering the house and so forth. You mentioned how you no longer use gross chemical cleaning product and I was wondering if you could tell me what you use instead? I’d love to start getting rid of these and use organic, healthier products instead!

    1. Hi Kristen! I’m so glad to hear you are taking things nice and slow. That is really important when wanting to make lifestyle changes. I currently use a vinegar and water mix with a few drops of either orange or lavender essential oils. If I use a pre-made multi-purpose cleaner, I either grab Young Living’s Thieves cleaner [works so so well!] or Mrs. Meyers multipurpose cleaner [I’m a sucker for seasonal scents & they make them with essential oils].

  10. candace welsh

    Minimalism has let me, a person who always envied people with good quality clothes, not be jealous of them anymore. I save the money I would drop on multiple cheap impulse buys to buy good quality things, usually on sale/clearance. I made me sadly say goodbye to a lot of clothing and put them in ugly black garbage bags and donate them to loving homes. I was so sad to throw them in those bags (not!) knowing they were going to someone else who needed them. I then sadly (not!) returned home to admire my tidy closet with fewer but better quality items.

    1. Candace, I love hearing that! It can be sad to let go of things (sometimes), but at the same time it is so freeing to know that you have a tidy closet containing quality pieces that you will love for much longer. Isn’t it such a great feeling to bless others with things you no longer need?

  11. To minimize my laundry by owning about a month’s amount of panties. Saves washing them each week and I save water this way. Tough to live in a drought ridden place, but I sure to love only washing my skivvies once a month. I also learned the best folding method and they fit far nicer in the skivvies drawer than the old method.

    Loved your post on this subject.

    1. Eileen, so glad you enjoyed this post! I used to only wash once a month, but for some reason I cannot bare to go a week without washing mine. But I also do not wash them just by themselves, which could lead into an entirely different conversation. I do think that folding them or having an organization system for them is better than simply tossing them in a drawer.

  12. Love the title! Humor is great, I just started minimalism and I love all that has come from doing it so far. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I LOVE this post! To be honest I started reading it because I thought “Hm, maybe decluttering isnt’ soooo good after all?” I wanted to have another perspective. Well… you got me 🙂
    Now I just need to find a really good start, because I have to declutter a whole house. Alone. My hubby and daughter won’t help because they are always like “but I need this” even when the rooms are packed. Looks like I have to be the good example and hope they will catch up later on. What’s keeping me? It’s pretty easy to say “I don’t need this anymore” but I can’t simply throw it away, because that would be such a waste. Neither do I want to offer too much to friends and family because I don’t want to press my clutter onto them. Selling the stuff will take time, but that’s what I want to try. What I can’t sell will in the end go to charity. Does that sound like a managable plan?

    1. Nina, I know exactly how you feel, and setting the example will eventually get them on board. I think selling your things is a good start and manageable. But if it does become overwhelming just take a load to charity. It doesn’t have to be everything, just the things that aren’t worth the hassle of selling. The relief of cleansing your things and getting them out of the house is incredible, and I would hate for you to give up due to being overwhelmed. I have personally gone through the entire rollercoaster of decluttering and sometimes you have to keep your mental health in check.

      Let me know how it goes as you go through your home! I would love to be your accountability partner if you need one.

  14. Oh my sakes, girl…what an awesome post! Last year I read that popular decluttering book that said decide if something sparks joy! WHAT??? Sorry…my manual can opener hardly does that but alas! I must keep it. To me it was utter foolishness… YOUR take, however, is wonderful! It made me question about the eco-friendliness, usefulness, and pretty much “Do I need this?” and sometimes “Where did this even come from?” So, after reading this, I promptly took myself up the stairs with 2 large garbage bags and filled them up in …get this…1 hour!! Clothes, shoes, accessories, sheet sets, unopened bottles of scented body wash, and anything else in my path. I was a woman on a mission…THANK YOU for the biggest wake up call I’ve had in my life!!

    1. I am so sorry I am just following up with your comment. I am so glad you enjoyed this post and that it got you clearing out the excess! That is so wonderful to hear, Patricia! We all connect with different ways of decluttering, and I am glad this post spoke to you. I hope you continue to remove the excess as you see it and enjoy the freshness that comes with the removal of clutter.

  15. Love this post! When I first read the title, I was like, ‘whaaaaat’ because I really enjoy Minimalism. Reading your post made me giggle because of all the ways minimalism ‘ruined’ things. Same here, girl!

  16. Such a fun take on the usual ‘how minimalism saved my life’, it’s so well written and true, I broke up with our local mall a long time ago because of their lack of fairtrade clothing options, we had a good run but it had to end. It’s wasn’t them it was me, I changed and love my weekends so much more now that I’m no longer a mall slave (my bank account agrees with me too!)

  17. Ha ha that was a great article. I was a little hesitant to read it first. I’m just starting my decluttering, minimalist journey and your title caught my eye. I loved it! Thanks for the good reas!

  18. I’ve been trying to declutter my life, starting with my children’s toys, and so far it is going well. I do have one issue that is causing me some stress. How do you decide what children’s artwork/paperwork to keep and what to toss? I always feel guilty throwing away artwork that my children have made. At the same time, the pile of artwork sitting in my cabinet is driving me crazy. Help! 🙂

    1. I hate to hear that you are experiencing that, Emily! It can get stressful, but when you get to the other side you will see it is worth the effort. I do not have children myself, but what I would like to do once I do have children (of course totally subject to change, but sounds great at this point and time) is keep one or two art pieces for the school year that the children pick for their memory box that I will gift them once they get married/have children (not sure which yet). Allowing them to pick which one is their favorite takes the decision off of you – just be sure to explain what happens with the other pieces. Again, this is totally in my idea of a perfect situation, without knowing how children will actually affect my emotions and life. I chose this based off what I read from how other mother’s declutter their children’s things.

  19. This was funny, you nailed it! my daughter would tell people “you know when my mom runs around the house decluttering, making the house look like no one lives here” LOL. I feel much more at piece when my time is not entrenched in cleaning, dusting and shopping. I have things I truly love. I laughed out loud for sure when you said shopping, people and clutter. It reminded me of Fall 2017 when I was at the store ( picking up something I needed) and the aisles of fake garland of fall leaves, sparkly figurines of pumpkins and all these things that people do not need. I wanted to throw up! it was then that I realized that I had come over the the other side of Minimalism.

    1. Your daughter is too funny! hehe! I love having a home that looks staged and ready to sell. While some may think no one lives here, I think of it as giving a home to everything that is useful within your home. The space it creates allows my mind to be more creative and work better, which sounds the same for you. I am glad this gave you a good laugh, Lynda! That was definitely my goal for this post.

  20. Haha..yep it’s ruined mine much so that I’ve had to fill some of my time making a bullet journal. .urghhh lol. As for home made cleaners, I use vinegar or lemon juice, bicarbonate of soda and essential oils for scent..but for those with pets, go easy on the EOs as they can make animals sick. Love your blog. Thank you.x

    1. Thank you for the sweet words, Cate! I actually steer away from using EOs on my animals for that reason specifically. However, I do spray EOs fresheners in their bedding, so they still receive aromatic benefits from them. While this is not everyday, sometimes they need it! hehe! I am currently working through some all natural cleaners, but once I finish with them, I plan to try different DIY recipes. Vinegar and lemon juice are ingredients at the top of the list! Baking soda and EOs are definitely some of my favorite additions to what I already use.

  21. I used to be an avid shopper. It was my reward after a long day at work, or a week full of stress and running around. Now every time I enter a store I want to leave ASAP. I noticed it most when I went to the mall to return a Christmas gift. I was absolutely sick trying to dodge people, ignore the pull of all those ads, and keep my mind on the task at hand. I don’t even like to walk through Target anymore, knowing that there are traps everywhere to take my hard earned money and clutter my space! I thought I was the only one, but I’m glad to hear others have been robbed of the previous joy they felt shopping! 😉

    1. Stephanie, you are definitely not alone! I used to shop just as you did, and I can’t fathom doing that now. Now, I can online shop like no ones business! haha! But I have to force myself into an actual store now.

  22. I have just started to declutter everything I own. I saw an article on minimalism and fell in love with the idea of it. Of course I didn’t think that I would be able to do it, but since I started it has changed my life and attitude for good. Since I am a teen and still live with my parents I don’t have much to declutter but my room, but it has really changed. I’ve only been at it for a while and I don’t know what else to do. Any ideas?

    1. It is amazing how much your mind shifts as you shift your physical things, isn’t it, Alexis? I felt the same when I started, and if I would have known then how far I could come, I may not have started. It is a journey, so enjoy it! As far as for what is next, look for a hobby or some creative outlet to try. That is how I started this blog. Do something that makes your mind explore new possibilities. You are so young, and have an abundance of adventures that await you. Doing them as a minimalist, focused on the experience will only enrich them!

  23. This was a good read! I agree with the part about the chemicals. They take up a lot of space and make you think you need a chemical for every situation!

  24. Hi Yall!
    I’m 66 years old…married 48 years…mom, grandma….that’s all an accomplishment in itself. I can’t declutter any of that, as I like them all…lol. My parents passed away 9 years ago, 2 weeks apart. Guess who had a mountain of a job to do? Yep, me and one brother. We live in NC and they were in GA….so needless to say, not only did my brother and I, along with the hubby and kids have to clean out their condo, it had to be moved. The brother only wanted certain small things….and “generously” handed the rest of it over to me….to move back to NC….Whoopi! Here I sit with just about half of it in storage….it took me these past 9 years to prepare myself….their deaths were devasting and my Mom kept everything! She was not a hoarder by any means….she was an antique collector. Our hubby and I have decided to have a “Git her done day”. It’s going to be monstrous, I know but it’s time…’s been time….it’s like moving, but I’ve got my stuff and theirs. So all I’m saying, Erin, is thank~you for all you humor and ideas. For the rest of you I’m asking for thoughts and prayers to the good Lord above and all his De~Clutter angels. Y’all have a happy and Blessed day?

    1. Hi Peg! I love your humor about not decluttering your family. They can be pretty precious. I am sorry to hear of your parents. I can only imagine how painful that experience was for you. Getting through it all and making decisions will bring you complete closure, as well as bring back fond memories. From what you are telling me, I know your “git her done day” will great! Keep me updated with your progress! I am here if you need to talk.

  25. I thoroughly enjoyed this entire post. I can relate, I eat organic, make my own cleaning products etc so going to the store is bothersome. Even talking to other people who just don’t get my choices is a pain, I find myself biting my tongue more often than not just to keep the peace. I haven’t fully embraced the minimalist life and I still have a lot of clutter which keeps me pretty busy, but some day I’ll be there.

    1. Talking with others who do not understand your lifestyle can be a challenge, Valkyrie. I have learned to live by example rather than force my lifestyle choices on them. You will actually be surprised by how many people will start to understand once you back off a bit, or they start to ask your opinion in the matter. The benefit to this is that it is a more open conversation, because they are ready to receive what you think. Minimalism is definitely a journey, and yes you will definitely get to where you want to be! You just have to keep pursuing the journey.

      1. I hear what you’re saying and I do my best not to impose my views and choices on others, after all who’s to say my choices are the right ones? The frustration comes in when others force their views on me. I in turn use one of my blogs to get my frustrations out, that way if people want to read what I have to say they can and if they don’t I’m not shoving it down their throats.

        I do my best to be gracious when it’s clear someone was just trying to help, like when my mom wants to bring food to me. I know she is doing it out of the goodness of her heart and I try my best to politely decline. Of course every once in a while I have to be a bit more firm. But there are still people who will ridicule me because I’m doing something different than them.

        I suppose it is what it is and maybe I will just have to remind them of the saying you do you and I’ll do me. Anyhow best of wishes 🙂

  26. LOL! I have developed an allergy towards clutter and I am in the process of becoming a minimalist mom. The other day at the mall it was torture!!!! All that STUFF, stuff everywhere they try and sell you even though there is no need for it… All I could see was a waste of someone’s time and money.

    1. Elena, I feel the same way! haha! Clutter and shopping are two in the same for me. While I love to support people who work in stores, online shopping keeps me sane. I had to do some last minute in store shopping this year, and it took a few days to recover. I had to tidy my home and clean everything imaginable so that I could relax again.

  27. Hi Erin,

    Just read this article on “how minimalism ruined your life”. The humor gives
    a fresh perspective and your writing is lovely.
    We have Arkansas and minimalism in common so I look forward to following
    your blog.

  28. I LOVE this list! I was laughing when I read how you have to clean the clutter.. even if it’s not your own. I went back to my parents house and my in-laws for the holidays and I felt like I was going to go CRAZY with all their stuff around.

    I wrote a post about how minimalism has helped me clear my skin ( It brings up points that you mentioned about how our diets get cleaned up when we become more conscious of things that we buy, as well as how you “broke up” with chemicals. I was seriously reading this who list saying “YESS! I completely agree!”.

    Thanks for bringing in humor, because people don’t realize just how amazing their life will be once they adopt minimalism into it.


    1. Nico, thank you so much for sharing! I feel the same way when visiting my families homes for the holidays. I just want to declutter something! hehe! It seems that we have quite a bit in common, especially after reading your post. We should definitely stay connected! Also, I am glad you enjoyed the humor! I am not normally one to write in such a humorous way, but sometimes you have to mix things up a little.

  29. Oh goodness! Haha. I thought you were being serious. I was readin it and thinking these aren’t negatives!?

  30. Esther Parpatt

    What did you do about makeup/beauty products? I have just spent quite a bit of time and money trying to grow my makeup collection and wanting to begin the minimalism journey but dont want to say goodbye to my beloved collection.

    1. Hi Esther! Great question! So I did downsize my collection by a bit, but I only decluttered the things I did not use at least a few times a week. I used to sell cosmetics, so I like having a variety of choices when it comes to my beauty and makeup products. Personally, I feel that if you love each and every product, it is okay to not be minimal. Minimalism is not about deprivation, so please do not feel like you have to form into a mold of some sort. If it brings you joy, there is no reason to remove it from your life. Minimalism is about removing the excess to make way for the things you love. Hope this helps!

  31. I had never read or heard of somebody who had tried minimalism and didn’t think it brought positive changes into their lives so I was curious about this post. Then I realised it was one of the positive reviews dressed with sarcasm haha ! Loved this post and the way you wrote it. I’m on my way to becoming a minimalist, doing a thirty day challenge and then i’ll probably stay one forever, yaay !

      1. I am doing Muchelle B’s “30 days to simplify your life” challenge ( ) . For the first two weeks, you declutter your possessions and the other 14 days are dedicated to mental decluttering. Once I’m done with this challenge, I will have a strong base to start being a full-time minimalist. I’m a few days in and I’m already hooked. I’ll probably film a video about my life as a minimalist in a month or so !

        1. YES! I love Muchelle B, and her 30 day challenge! If I had not been doing my own, I would have done her challenge, but I did follow along with it. Honestly, minimalism is more than just your possessions. It sounds like to me you are already in the minimalist mindset, you just have to get rid of the excess in your life. Please make sure to send me your video link! I would love to see what you thought of the challenge once you complete it!

  32. I just found this blog entry on pinterest. I am so needing this in my life right now. I am in the beginning process of this decluttering thing. So far it has been freeing, but I still have a way to go. I am feeling very claustrophobic with all my clutter. Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. I know exactly how that feels, Lavinia. I felt claustrophobic with all of my clutter as well. Good luck in your journey! If you ever need any motivation or help, feel free to contact me directly. I would love to help!

  33. Thanks for this humorous post! I started reading and said, “how come?? It’s brought only good things!” So I realised the irony. Actually, I can’t wait to have my life ruined by Minimalism!!

  34. Sarah Barton

    I think it would be really unwise to declutter your spouse’s garage. It is okay to tip out actual rubbish, in the rubbish bin, but to declutter for another adult, by throwing out boxes of items and not mentioning for a while…that is wrong. You may not know what it is you are throwing away!

    What appears to you to be ‘too many screwdrivers,etc’ may in fact be sets of metric and imperial, and in hex head,square, philips, flats, electrical. Or all those drill bits? They are different sizes for different materials..metals, softwood, hardwood, stone, concrete, tile, plasterboard, wetwall, gibrock…

    I sew, and have jars of buttons, bins of fabric scraps, zips, sewing needles, machine needles, scissors, etc. I probably couldn’t identify off the top of my head what is where, or in some boxes, but if ASKED if I had a pale pink 36cm invisible zip, I would know if I had one, and where it is.

    A friend of mine was on a de-cluttering binge, and was insistant I get onto the de-cluttering train. I stupidly relented one day, and allowed her to help de-clutter a kitchen draw. As I couldn’t instantly identify a little plastic latch, she proclaimed it hoarding, and threw it in the bin. A few months later, I went to get out my juicer, and discovered what that little plastic latch was for…my juicer! Which is now unusable, because she threw the latch away.

    Funny story about this same friend. She also threw out all the spare buttons that came with clothes, so whose house did she turn up to, looking for matching buttons for her work clothes…

    1. I would not dare declutter my husband’s things, but I will say that he actually has duplicate screw drivers, both phillips and flat head. He has helped me become well versed when it comes to his tools. Luckily, all of his bits, socket sets, and a few other things are dwindled down to what he uses all the time.

      I hate that your friend thought she was helping by simply tossing all of your things in your drawer. However, I would say she learned a valuable lesson when she did not have her extra buttons. 😉 It is definitely important to go through everything to be sure of what is needed and what you can live without.

  35. I am too loving this Life where I do have some free time to follow my passions. I rarely go on shopping and when I do, I buy only what I planned to- just 1 or 2 pieces. Decluttering is what I love to do. Still need to work on my wardrobe. Long way to go.

    1. Yes, the time freed up to do what I want and what I am passionate about it amazing! I did not have the time before becoming a minimalist to develop my passions, so this lifestyle has really transformed my life. Also, I am the same way when it comes to shopping now, too. I gained a capsule wardrobe by default because of it.

  36. Minimalism has ruined the joy of buying craft materials for me. I used to buy and buy and buy them with glorious ideas of how to use them. And then…not do it.
    Now I feel compelled to use what I have (which can keep me going for at least 10 years (minus thread and elastic) on top of the 5-6 years of minimalism already under my belt), and it is a lot more work to actually make something of of those things/fabrics/yarns.

    And I am so pleased that use my resources much more wisely now, by working through my stash.

    1. Saga, I had the same joy with crafts. I loved purchasing new ideas and possibly completing them. However, I ultimately ended up with a room of good intentions. I decided to sell most of it, and donated what remained. I learned that I had a yearning for being creative, but not in an arts and crafts kind of way. That is when I rediscovered my love for writing, and decided to revamp my blog.

      I am so glad you are finding joy in completing projects and using the resources you currently have! What type of things do you enjoy making?

  37. Sara @

    Oh my gosh, you should’ve seen my scrunched up face when I read the title of this post on Pinterest, haha. I was thinking, “How? How can minimalism ruin someone’s life?” I had to click and see:) LOVE this post! We’re moving from Alaska to Arizona this summer and it would cost $10,000 to ship all our stuff, so instead we’re getting rid of EVERYTHING except for what fits in our car (which we’re having shipped so we can fly), which means we get to start fresh! I’m so excited for this. As we’ve been selling off most of our stuff at garage sales to prepare to move, I’ve started to see what a HUGE difference having less junk (and even less good stuff) makes and am determined to live differently from now on. I’m hoping to get to the point you’re at where I hate shopping, etc. Pinned and tweeted this so I can find it later to re-inspire myself once we’re moved:)

    1. Haha! I can imagine your face scrunching up, Sara! I do not do sarcasm posts hardly at all, but I thought this one would be fun to write! So glad you enjoyed it. Moving costs are so expensive, but that is incredibly high! I realize it is a long distance, but goodness! I would sell or donate everything, too, which we pretty much did when we downsized. You can definitely get to any level you wish, just be persistent and focused on what you are bringing into your home. You will be surprised at how quickly it accumulates when you are not paying attention. I wish you safe travels, and please keep in touch with your progress!

  38. Way to go with making your wardrobe so small and thinking through all those purchases!! 🙂 I still haven’t jumped on the minimalism bandwagon, but I LOVE the feeling of de-cluttering!

  39. Funny! I do relate to some of these things, especially the fact that I can notice clutter everywhere and it drives me nuts! Minimalism also robbed me of the worry of leaving the house for long periods of time. I can basically leave the door open because I have nothing worth stealing :):)

    1. I think it is great that you are that comfortable, Andreea. I am definitely not that comfortable, but if someone were crazy enough to try, I could easily replace most of what I own.

      1. Ok, so here’s what happened. Yesterday someone actually broke into my house! Broke the patio window and made a mess out of the entire house, but the amazing thing: NOTHING got stolen! hahaha I still can’t believe it, it looks like they were looking for money and small but valuable objects and found none. Minimalism win.

  40. Sofia Marques

    My life is completely ruined but I love it <3 Thank God I decided to change my life, I do not want to clutter again 🙂

  41. It’s all true! I do all the exact same things, especially noticing it everywhere. I was watching a show and the house was cluttered with “art” and I could only watch for a few minutes I was getting so anxious seeing it. I’ve also noticed now I ask the tv questions, (mostly on renovation shows) “how can you be filling that storage area?”, “why does a two year old need two giant walk in wardrobes?” and wisely telling the television people “you don’t need a new house, you need to get rid of all that junk”.

    1. I am the same way when it comes to clutter, Sarah! I love that within a few minutes my home can be completely tidy. Before I decluttered, it took hours to get to a point that I was somewhat at peace.

      1. I want to be a minimalist when I grow up!!!! Just when I think I’ve decluttered more clutter arrives. With my job there is always paper to contend with.

        1. You definitely can, Ann! I understand how you feel, because I was stuck in that cycle for a while. For me, I had to become conscious of what I brought into my home. I deal with the mail right away and put away everything. After a while, you notice that it is harder to bring clutter back into your home, because you are focused on providing a home for everything or dealing with what does not belong in it. Hope this helps a bit!

  42. Sharon Warren

    Thanks for this post. I’m in the process of decluttering, minimizing 30 plus years of accumulating. Hubs is finally on board, and was heard to say “I kinda like coming home and seeing less stuff”! The decluttering has led to our repainting the whole house room by room, as the walls and trim were exposed, once big pieces full of possessions we had forgotten about were gone. In the process we have met some really nice people who have bought our antiques, and have heard their stories of how the furniture will be used. One couple bought all of our dining room pieces for the mother in law who had lost all her furniture in a flood in Louisiana. Ours were very similar to the ones she had lost, were a reasonable price, and we were all blessed in the process of our letting go.
    Once the painting clutter is all gone, we will be able to relax, and enjoy a clutter free home. I think I will clean out a drawer to start my day!

    1. I love reading stories like yours, Sharon! I love that you got the chance to bless a family that had been in the Louisiana flood. I get the mother in law really appreciated it! I cannot wait to hear how you feel once the painting is complete and you can really rest and relax in your clutter-free home!

  43. Kate Robinson

    Love this post. It speaks to me. I’ve moved a lot, so having fewer and fewer things has happened naturally because it becomes a question of “am I really packing this?” and then again, “am I really finding a place for this?” We live in an apartment that is the largest square footage of anywhere we’ve lived and yet we have “empty” rooms — on purpose! Space to do yoga, space for art, space to just be and breathe! Thanks for the encouragement and humor!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it, Kate! I did the same thing a little over a year ago, and have not looked back! We downsized our home greatly, so empty rooms are not an option for us. However, we downsized enough to fit comfortably in our smaller home.

  44. This randomly showed up on my Pinterest feed, and I am grateful for it! This is a great satire! Love it!

  45. I started doing this about a year ago., starting with my clothes and shoes. I still have a long way to go to rid my closets and cabinets of “stuff”. I have gotten rid of some of my Husbands things (he is a pack rat) and he has not even noticed they are gone. I am so glad I started doing this. I just wish I had done it years ago.

    1. I know what you mean, Rhonda! When I discovered that I could happily live with less, I was upset I had not known it sooner! You will get to where you want to be, just keep working at it! I wish you the best, and would love updates as you progress!

  46. Greetings to you Erin. I am a Welder’s daughter (in a 4 generation welding family – though they all have passed away now). I am inspired by your blog on Minimalism. I am the total polar opposite and am sick of being smothered by stuff. Thank you for sharing the positives. I have a Son who is a minimalist, but he comes to ME when he needs something he doesn’t have because he knows he can procure it there. LOL! When I get done with my transformation, he’s gonna be really surprised.

    Thank you, again for sharing. I’m starting this year with the resolution of paring down my possessions. I’m hoping it doesn’t take me the entire year! That being said, this kind of mindset that I’m trapped in (and have been for 30 some years now) may take some time to step out of.

    All the best of blessings to you and yours ~ Signwatcher

    1. Signwatcher, I used to feel the same way! Once I realized my things were smothering me, I started to purge! I cannot wait to hear more about your progress to becoming a minimalist, and what your son will think of this change! If you are one for challenges, I am currently hosting a 2017 Declutter Challenge that may give you some motivation in pairing down things.

      1. I pray you are patient. I will most likely gain momentum as I go along. Right now I feel like I’ve just knocked over the first domino and all the rest are falling all over the place. Ha! Ha! I will do this. It’s just going to take time and persistence. I appreciate the invite to the challenge, as well as the encouragement.

        1. Thank you! & Absolutely! Take all the time each thing requires. That is actually the best way to make sure you did it the way you wanted it to be done! I hope the dominoes fall into place as you hope, rather than all over the place! haha! The mess tends to get worse before it gets better, but I know you can do it!

  47. My husband and I have both started the process of becoming minimalists. It’s been a little difficult because we have 3 kids under the age of 4, but we are getting there. It feels so great to drag 5 big trash bags of junk to the dumpster! It gives us a wonderful high!! The hardest area to weed out has been the kids toys/baby gear and our wardrobes. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about how to tackle these areas to get some inspiration and much needed motivation.

    1. Mandi, that is awesome! I bet getting rid of 5 big trash bags of things you no longer need felt amazing! You know, your husband and you should participate in my 2017 Declutter Challenge! It is simple, weekly tasks that focus on a couple of different areas a week. It will go through the entire month of January, so there is still plenty of time to jump on board! I will be including both toys and wardrobes within this challenge, with guidelines to help you through the process. I think it maybe just the thing you need to get to where you want to be.

  48. Here in. Kenya cutting down my stuff my family sees me as a backward person,but in general am much more happier than before I fill that am living my real life than before thanks alot for the post

    1. That is awesome Felix! It can be difficult when your family does not see simplifying as a means to be happier in life, but happiness is not found in possessions. It is hard for some to see that sometimes. I know my husband thought I was crazy when I started my journey, and now he isn’t in board. Love by example and the people will notice the difference! Glad you enjoyed this post!

  49. Awesome post! I relate to the “what do I do with myself?” I recently made some changes in my work life and I’ve been at a bit of a loss as to what to do. So I’ve started cooking again. Much to my husband’s delight, lol. I may plant a Gardner this year, I like to dig ingredients the dirt and have in quite a while. ?

    1. Cori, this is so great! I understand what you are going through with not having an idea of what to do with your new found time. I love gardening, but I wish I lived in a place where we could grow a garden all year long.

  50. Ha ha, I can totally relate to nr 2! I visit family, and all I want to do is declutter their shelves and cupboards. It drives me nuts!

  51. Not sure that I’ve totally committed to a minimalist lifestyle but there are things about it that I absolutely love like less material possessions and more experiences. It all started simply as a task to declutter- I began with clearing surfaces but when I got to my clothes it was a never ending journeyI had so much stuff. I definitely feel better giving them away and I’ve also found myself tidying other people’s spaces lol.

    1. That is great, Dismuke! I understand not committing to a lifestyle change from the start. This is a process, and it takes time. But I will say, when you do decide to commit, your life will change! By the way, I have found myself trying to tidy other people’s spaces as well! haha!

  52. I know exactly how that feels, Margaret! My husband lived on the road working for about a year, and when I would go to visit him, I was reminded of how simple he needed to live. Having a place for everything was a must! The cleaning bug caught me because I could not stand to see clutter. With a small space, it is quick clean up, and when things are in their place, I can relax!

  53. Wow, some of those seem like problems I would really like to have! I am going to read some of the suggested posts, I definitely need to absorb some of your minimalist lifestyle!

    1. Haha! Falon, I am glad you were able to see the humor in this. Also, none of these have ruined my life, and these changes are based on where my minimalist journey is taking me. It probably will not be the same for you.

  54. I never used to have a lot of clutter until I had children! Now I feel like I need to get on the minimalism train because I feel like our lives are run by all our stuff! All your points in this post, really actually appeal to me!

    1. I completely understand, Breharne! I grew up with parents that wanted me to have everything they did not. I was overrun by things I did not need. Once I moved out, it was not much better. However, one day, it clicked! I realized that I own what I want to own, not the other way around, so I began to purge! It was the best “Aha!” moment I have ever had! You will get back to your happy place with your home, it will just take some time and effort to identify why you own what you do.

  55. Oh, I hate shopping now too… with the exception of farmstands and the occasional perusing of bookstores 🙂 My husband has gotten on board 100%. It’s really a lifestyle change.

  56. I love to keep things clean– everything needs to have a space. I’ve gotten a lot better at getting rid of things when I no longer need them, but I’m not nearly as good as you are! && I still very much enjoy shopping, even if it’s almost always just window shopping. I love looking at all the fun products. But I 100% hate clutter, so I try to keep my actual buying to a minimum.

    1. I am the exact same, Rachel! If I really need or want it, I may take 30 days or longer to make up my mind. I also think about what will be leaving the home if I do bring something home. I am not big on the one thing in, another out rule, but it has helped keep the clutter to a minimum, so I am officially adopting it!

  57. I love this! Your whole blog, actually! I need to get my act together (and convince my husband as well!) and declutter for good! Because I could use more time in my life and less spent tidying my clutter!

    1. Aww! Thank you, Sheila! I started by decluttering my things. Once I could move onto things we both used, I worked to get my husband on board. I did all of the purging, but I made sure he was okay with most of it. Some stuff he would not let go of that needed to be gone, so I did “file 13” a couple of things without his knowledge… I do not encourage it, but he has not asked about any of it… 😉 We both ended up happier after the purging process was over, and we are both thankful for having all of the excess removed!

  58. I am a total minimalist wannabe! This post made me want to purge everything! Compared to most Americans, we don’t have a lot, but I completely agree with you about spending and decluttering! I think I really need to work on my wardrobe…paring it down to so much less!

  59. I loved this post. You inspire me to be more minimalistic, even though it is tough. I have such a problem with buying clothes… But I don’t think I would be happy with just 30 pieces. I like having a variety and wearing something different every day. I do want to check out some more organic and natural cleaners, though! I need to get away from the chemicals I use, especially when my husband and I start having kids.

    1. I thought I would have a hard time with having so few pieces. What I discovered was by having pieces that worked together in many ways, I never felt like I wore the same thing all the time. I also love using all natural and organic cleaners! My house has never been cleaner or smelled better! I also love being able to breathe while I am cleaning! haha! 😉

    1. Haha! I completely get that, Cassie! Minimalism has ups and downs, as everything does. I am so glad there are more ups for me! I still have pulls to consumerism, but now I have better intentions and that helps so much!

  60. Not sure if you are happier with your new way of living or just dealing with it because it makes your life easier.

    1. Candy, this post was intended to be funny. I love being a minimalist, and that it makes my love easier! If you read my follow up post on how it saved my life, you will see how it changed my life for the better.

  61. Cassie Jahn

    This is great! I can’t wait to experience these results or, in other words, I can’t wait to ruin my life. We start our declutter challenge Friday and we are pumped. We talked about it all through vacation – though I suppose that that makes us dorks. Anyway, you really HAVE changed your life and it seems like you’re sticking with it – which is awesome! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your journey with us!!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, Cassie! I promise, talking about bettering your life is by no means make y’all dorks! haha! I am so EXCITED to see how this goes for you and your readers! I hope it changes your lives as much as it has mine. Be sure to tell them to use the #30DMDC in any social media posting so I can help encourage everyone!

  62. Love this post! #9 especially – as a reformed shopaholic turned minimalist, it still surprises me how much I hate shopping. When you’re shopping for something specific (as opposed to just mindlessly browsing for anything that catches your eye) it can actually be really frustrating! It’s also so hard to find quality these days …

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. It’s crazy how much we change isn’t it?! I try to make my things last as long as possible, because I hate shopping for replacements! I have found a few things I can easily order online and know it will be perfect, but my entire wardrobe is far from this.

  63. I love your blog and this article. Lots of benefits to minimalism, evidently. I love all your points, especially the eating one. Whenever I’m blue, I eat a lot of and that is it! Many thanks your sharing!

  64. I wouldn’t say we have a lot of stuff, especially compared to most people, but I think we have too much stuff. I hate clutter so I’m always getting rid of stuff. I really enjoyed this post! I would love for you to share this at the Friday Favorites link party going on now.

    1. I felt the same way when I started decluttering. We didn’t have more than the average couple, but I felt it was too much! I feel so much better without all the unnecessary things we didn’t need, and cleaning is officially a breeze! I would love to link with you! Thank you for the invite, Bonnie!

  65. I’m working on decluttering too – we all have way too much stuff so it can’t hurt to get rid of things. I think having less clothes would be the hardest thing for me – I love having options!

    1. Jackie, you would be surprised at all of the options you would have in simplifying your wardrobe. I challenge you to get on Pinterest and find the 30 Items in 30 Days Challenge! It’s a lot of fun, and it will show you that you have more options than you thought with less pieces!

  66. You know I cleaned my closet out a few months ago using the KonMari Method and I got rid of bags and bags of clothes. When I cleaned my closet before, it would be a mess within a week. My closet is still clean! I can walk into it and look at my outfit in the mirror hanging on the door. Now if I can just get to the rest of my house, lol. It did show me that having less means less clean-up. I like that! Thank you for sharing this at #100HappyDays

    1. That is great, Valerie! Having less to choose from sometimes allows better choices to appear, and that makes life simpler and less messy! 😉 I’m sure your house is soon to follow! Keep up the great work, and thank you for stopping by from #100HappyDays!

  67. Such a brilliant post, Erin. I love all your points, especially the shopping one. Minimalism is hard to accomplish, but with patience and time the benefits are tremendous. I’m taking baby steps toward it and I’ve already seeing differences. Thanks so much for sharing such a profound piece on #shinebloghop this week. Happy you could join us!

  68. I love this post. Lots of benefits to minimalism, evidently. I would not consider myself a minimalist, but I am definitely trying to cut back on the clutter in our lives. Thanks for giving me a few more reasons to clear out the unnecessary! Glad to have found you at 100 Happy Days Link Up!

    1. That’s great to hear, Leah! My only hope with blogging is to help others find the same joy I have found living a simpler life. You will get there! Just keep working at it, and make sure you have motivation everywhere you turn! It helps more than you would think. Thank you for taking the time to stop by from 100 Happy Days Link Up!

  69. I have to admit that I keep stuff… the clutter can go and I am always ready to toss stuff that is laying around, but it’s the sentimental things from my family’s roots that I hold onto. My parents are older and their health is failing, so I think I am trying to hold onto them, and what they poured into my life, by hanging onto mementos. I also am really big on trying to build a sense of history into the lives of my kids. I always say “It’s hard to know where you are going if you don’t know where you came from.” I can walk through our house and point to any number of things (quilts made by their great-grandmothers, veteran piece from their grandfather, pictures, etc) that have value for making connections to the past. So, while I definitely do see value in downsizing and getting rid of clutter, I do think there are some things that are worth saving. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

    1. Karen, I agree with what you are saying. I, too, have sentimental items I am not willing to part with. I do allow myself a box for some of these things, and I also have a few quilts from great grandmothers and both of my grandmothers. I am not someone who believes in living with strictly essentials. I couldn’t imagine not having these things to look back to and explain to my [one day] children where they come from. I believe minimalism is different for everyone. You have to figure out what works best for your situation. Some minimalists just want to always be tidy and others only want X number of items. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  70. Hahahaha, wonderful post! I know exactly what you mean about wardrobe. It’s such a chore putting his clothes away anymore. I just want to get everything as neat and orderly as my clothes are. I know he doesn’t need all that stuff. My husband is happy now that I’ve downsized too because now he has all of the drawers to himself.

    1. Anne, I know what you mean as well! If I see him mess up anything regarding laundry, I make him fix it! I don’t spend my time keeping things organized for him to undo it! haha! We share dresser, but we each have our own drawers. I am curious to know how you don’t have any drawers at all. How do you organize the things you don’t hang?

  71. Haha I love your take on this – even though I assume that at the end of the day, you really do love your minimalist, clutter-free life. I’m in the middle of a big declutter stage and whilst it’s driving me nuts to have to sort through stuff and make decisions, I always feel so much lighter and freer at the end of the process.

    1. Absolutely! I thought it would be fun to add a twist from my usual posts! I understand your aggravation with the declutter process. I just decluttered some of my kitchen utensils and appliances. We use them, but who really needs 4 spatulas? Life is better when it is simpler! Just keep working at it, and I promise it will be worth it!

  72. I relate SO strongly to this article hahahaha! Minimalism is certainly amazing for my wallet (and my waistline), but it certainly comes with it’s little stresses! Loved this post so much! Do a room tour!!!!

    1. Thank you, Juliana! Yes, it does, but weighing the pros and cons, the pros definitely win! We have recently built our shop/shop apartment, and are finishing a couple of projects at the moment. As soon as they are done, a room tour will follow!

  73. I love this post. I am trying to take baby steps to minimize. It can be difficult when your husband is a collector, you have a toddler and a new baby on the way. In the meantime, I aspire to many of the things on your list!

    1. You can do it, Emily! Baby steps are the best thing in your situation, because you will become conscious of what everyone really needs versus wants. That can make a huge difference in keeping things minimal in a house where you maybe the only one striving for a minimalist lifestyle! Keep it up, and I am sure you will be there before you know it! I feel you on the husband! Mine likes his things as well! He is slowly seeing how letting things go can benefit not just one of us, but both of us. I am not sure he will ever be at the level I want to be at, but he is more conscious of staying tidy in our joint spaces. When it comes to his shop, I keep my thoughts to myself. haha! If you ever need any help with any of this, let me know!

  74. I think you just inspired me to push towards being more minimalistic. Cleaning definitely takes up too much of my time and it’s exhausting. I’m hopefully going to tackle some major decluttering this weekend. Glad to hear it’s been such a great change for you! 🙂

    1. Yay, Cara!! I can’t wait to see how it goes for you! Please keep me updated on your progress or if you need any help with anything! I promise decluttering is worth every effort! I didn’t realize until a couple of weeks ago how freeing living a minimalist lifestyle really is, and I will never return to a cluttered lifestyle.

  75. The more I follow your blog the more I think I could do this minimalism thing! Our counters are covered with junk and our closet is so packed. I feel like I constantly clean out but there is always more! Do you have a house tour? I would love to see it!

    1. I’m so glad you are starting to feel like you can become a minimalist as well, Kate! It is so freeing to live with less! I don’t have a house tour just yet, because I have a couple of projects I need to tackle first. [We just built our shop/shop apartment at the end of 2015, and are still working on finishing a couple of things.] I am working on finishing them up, and I promise a tour will soon follow!

  76. You got me with your title. LOL. Minimalism has thoroughly infiltrated your life. You have been pulled out of The Matrix. Hope you enjoy the taste of children 😉

  77. I love everything about this list! It really changes you when you start to get rid of things that weigh you down. The surprising thing for me on the list was that you became healthier! That is so inspiring and gives me much hope!

    1. I’m glad to hear that, Amanda! Letting go of the guilt and stress has really helped me be able to focus on what is important, and health is a big part of that. I’m not saying I eat the best diet, but it has improved immensely!

  78. We’re moving in a couple months and alllllll i want to do is declutter so we don’t take all of this crap with us. Any tips, especially with kid stuff?! I need to just hire someone to throw it all away for me 🙂

    1. Best tip is if you haven’t used it in a few months toss it! With kids toys, I don’t have person experience, but I have read quite a bit about it. Most mommies box all of the toys up and only give back what is specifically asked for by name. This will tell you what the kids consider of true value in their life. You can also explain to them that there are other kids who don’t have toys to play with and see if they would be willing to give any of their toys to those kids.

      Hope this helps! You can also check out my post How to Determine What Stays or Leaves?

      1. Hi we moved about a 2 years ago– I took the approach–Would I buy this today for my new house–we de-cluttered A LOT.
        Looking back–I got rid of clothes that did not fit, things that did not have all the pieces, things the kids had outgrown for toys/puzzles. It still was a lot, but ..

        Now 2 years later I am now de-cluttering what we brought. But it is really now dwindling down to minimalism. After 2 years everything left in the boxes/garage–we donated–looked through for Christmas/sentimental kids stuff and photos–but got rid of the rest. I find mostly I brought bins of kids books–I think/worry what if books go away and it is all digital–I should keep them for my grand kids–SO I have now 2 bins I allot myself. The other items we did not clear out as much as we could have were games/puzzles and papers I thought we needed or should keep.

        Another thing I tried to do was as I unpacked I still de-cluttered–dishes/clothes and such.

        Good Luck

        1. That is a great way to declutter, Michelle! I used this question for when I finally decluttered my home decor. I see how you feel you are dwindling down to minimalism after removing all of that and now decluttering what remains after your move. I think physical books are great for kids, but can take up some space! I love that you allow yourself space for these things, and not allow yourself to get carried away with it. I feel many of us want to declutter and not bring the clutter back into our homes. The problem is we can easily declutter, but sometimes we forget to set boundaries for what comes into our homes. Sounds like you have it figured out, and that is fantastic!

    1. Thank you, Christine! Yes! I know all about sensory overload! I started online shopping for as much as possible during the holidays so I didn’t have to deal with going to the stores. It was the only way I could cope and still get everything accomplished.

  79. We could stand to have our lives ruined a little bit around here! It seems like I get close and then a holiday happens … (We have young children and it is hard to tell well-meaning relatives no). Opportunity to teach the girls how to give things away!

    1. I know about well-meaning relatives all too well! It is hard to help them understand, but I agree, a great solution is teaching your children to give things away they do not love or like to play with. I think it is a great lesson for anyone! Keep at it, and you will get there, Amanda!

      1. I am the minimalist grandmother. It is very difficult at Christmas and birthdays. The other grandparents get to shower the grandchildren with endless amounts of STUFF. That the children are briefly excited about. Then my children have to reign in the clutter of it all. I seriously want to bring happy giggles to my grandchildren but I just can’t bring myself to give them lots of stuff that I know they will soon lose interest in. I try giving them my time instead… example my 13 year old grand daughter is coming over to spend the night and we are planning a preparing a meal for her parents and siblings. I try to ‘DO’ things with them instead of ‘BUY’ things for them.

        1. I love that, Patricia! Giving time is definitely more valuable than things. Often we do not remember the things that were given, but we do remember the time spent together. I bet your children love you for your focus on giving time instead of things that will eventually become clutter.

          1. A gift for a minimalist can me a book of gift vouchers of thing to do with you. Such as a day at the park, a cooking lesson.

            As you said time spent together….

        2. I totally agree!! I work on building memories instead of “things”. My grand children love it!! They used to never remember who got them what or when. But when I ask them “what did we do or where did we go last Christmas ” they can always tell me without hesitation:))

          1. Renee, you are so right! Children definitely remember experiences more than what you got them and when you gave it to them. My favorite memories were traveling with my grandparents to different places.

        3. My very smart sister does not shower her grandchildren with stuff as gifts. Instead she takes them to museums, parks, rides along the lake and yard sales for things they truly do need such as school clothes. They are learning frugality and creativity. She collects items for art projects. They paint, cook, make jewelry etc.

  80. Kayla || Keynotes from Kay

    I lead a mostly minimalist life (although I firmly believe one can never have too many shoes!) and can totally agree with you on these points. The biggest way minimalism has changed me so thinking over purchases, I can honestly debate buying a new top for a week before I decide to do it (or not to!)

    Kayla || Keynotes from Kay

    1. Most people would say it is crazy that it takes you a week to decide on a purchase, Kayla, BUT I think it’s great! You are investing your money in your style, and it’s worth thinking about! I have a hard time as well deciding on clothes. However, I have found the pieces I think about for longer are the pieces I wear the most, so it’s a win win in my book!

      1. Charisse Wright

        I also do this. If I really want something I am still thinking about it in a week. Then I purchase it. Another tactic I use is to buy online and place it in a wishlist. I then review my wishlist and cull anything that was a fleeting add and leave the other items. I don’t like to pay full price so I wait for my item to reduce in price or a 20% off special on the site to buy.

    2. I don’t know about he shoes thing! I had over 80 pair (I have recently started my minimalist journey) and now I have about 34, I think. And man those shoes looked good on my shelves I bought for all of them, but I was more disappointed that I bought shoes I never wore, just due to a shopping addiction! But I also don’t think I have to get my shoes down to 6 pair in order to be considered a minimalist lol.

      1. Mycah, that is an amazing downsize! Don’t ever feel that you have to get down to 6 pairs of shoes. The important thing, that I think you already realize, is that the shoes you own should be used. I can only imagine how much better you feel knowing that the shoes you did declutter are going to someone that can enjoy and wear them all the time! 🙂

  81. Hahaha, love this post! I am in the process of minimalizing, but my hubby is a hoarder – so it has it’s challenges. But little by little, we are cutting back on things we do NOT need, and buying quality items that last longer instead!

    1. Thanks, Katie! I know how you feel! My husband likes his stuff, too! Slowly he is catching onto letting some stuff go, but it’s definitely been a baby stepping experience.

      1. Start putting his “stuff” in boxes – hide the box – ask him where something is that is in the hidden box – if he can’t find it and doesn’t care, or doesn’t remember ever having it, or when he gets over the fact that it’s “lost” take the box to goodwill. Then try again with a new box of “stuff” next month!
        I threw out a bunch of junk from my husband’s garage – I asked him “what’s in the cupboard under the desk in the garage?l” when he told me he couldn’t remember I told him “awesome I threw it out a month ago – we don’t need the desk for storage space anymore you can take it to goodwill” ?

        1. Laura, I am not sure how you have gotten away with doing that. My husband would be packing me up and shipping me somewhere unpleasant! hehe. I definitely do not recommend decluttering other people’s things without permission. If your husband is fine with it, by all means go for it. My husband set up some boundaries pretty quickly for me. I was allowed to declutter anything in common areas that guests would see; but it is hands off with any of his tools, clothes, or junk drawers (he only has two and one is really small). After a few months, he started to declutter his own things, so it was still a win-win situation.

        2. Ha! This has been my tactic for a few years now, I shove the box in the closet for the year, if it hasn’t left the box in a year, it’s probably safe to go. It’s a habit for me, with his “save this until I can fit in it again”. Yeah. He can buy a new one. He never thinks of that holey tshirt or ragged pair of jeans again.

    2. I am in the same boat! I even got my boys to declyyyer their rooms (not as much as I would have liked, but more than I expected!) but my husband hangs on to everything. Tools fill the garage, the closet is filled with clothes… it goes on and on. I keep hoping he will jump on board one of these days!

      1. Sabrina, I get your frustration, because you are describing who my husband used to be to a T! I think you should read my post 6 Tips for Living with Someone Who Isn’t a Minimalist. My husband has gotten better with his clothing, but the tool thing… I think that is more of a pride thing for a man. As long as he keeps his things in his area, I have to let it be, which is really hard at times. If you have any questions, feel free to email me! I will be glad to help any way I can.

  82. ive been uncluttering my life since june and i absolutely love it. your priorities change so much. I dont regret it for a second.

  83. Are you happier now or do you want to go back to your old ways? I declutter over and over.

    1. Much happier! I will never go back to a cluttered lifestyle. I have done a thorough decluttering of all my possessions, so I don’t have to continually declutter. I know I will always have things I can let go of, but it will only be here and there. The clutter is gone for good!

        1. Kaylan lathrop

          Hilarious! And the title draws attention! I was like really, how can minimalism ruin ones life!? It has saved mine but atlas I was reading and loved your humornand promotion of true happiness! A welcomed advertisement indeed

          Read Marie Kondo the japanese art of tyding up it will change your life!

    2. Kaylan lathrop

      Hilarious! And the title draws attention! I was like really, how can minimalism ruin ones life!? It has saved mine but atlas I was reading and loved your humornand promotion of true happiness! A welcomed advertisement indeed

    3. I love this post not only because of how well it is written, but because it made me realize something about myself. I’ve always wanted to try to be more minimalist but I guess I didn’t realize I was actually doing it and pretty well! I also hate shopping and if I need something I buy it, unlike how I used to be I have gotten good at avoiding unnecessary purchases. I eat better, I meal plan, I donate a lot of things. I’m so glad for minimalism!

    4. I grew up moving around a lot and it became so frequent that I got down to 2 boxes that I’d never unpack. As a result, I’m not attached to things. I prefer a tiny home because it’s easier to clean, I only use vinegar to clean. Even after having kids, I was never the mom with the over packed diaper bag. I had a jansport with the bare minimum. As a result, I was constantly borrowing things or finding a way to mcgiver myself out of situations. Today, I have learned to plan ahead by allowing myself to purchase well made items and keep a well stocked pantry, canning supplies, and a few useful kitchen tools. As a rule, I don’t buy anything new. If it’s not free or second hand then it doesn’t come home unless it’s a gift. Minimizing has given me so much time freedom from the pile of laundry and dishes that I used to do. Each family member only has one towel and one dish. Despite living a minimalistic lifestyle I’m still constantly decluttering to keep my small home looking tidy. Minimizing has encouraged me to branch out and try new hobbies. Instead of buying books, I utilize my local library and signed the family up for a reading challenge program. A book on healthy living led to volunteering with my local community garden to help end food deserts in urban communities.

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