Create A Capsule Wardrobe; My Project 333 Wardrobe Experience

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When I first heard of capsule wardrobes, Project 333 kept appearing. Having a Project 333 wardrobe is very popular for anyone wanting to try a capsule wardrobe for the first time.

For me, trying a capsule wardrobe was necessary due to lack of space for my entire wardrobe. You can read about that here. I was so apprehensive and nervous, but realized after a few weeks how rewarding a smaller wardrobe was!

There are many benefits and learning experiences associated with a capsule wardrobe, which is why I’m writing this post.

I want to help you discover the beauty of a capsule wardrobe, specifically with the following information:

  1. Learning the benefits of boundaries with a capsule wardrobe
  2. Information and my personal experience with a Project 333 wardrobe
  3. How to create your own Project 333 wardrobe

It is important I start with the benefits, because if you’re anything like me, hearing that you have to set a limit on the pieces within your wardrobe isn’t your idea of fun.

Once you realize all you can gain from a capsule wardrobe, then you open yourself up to trying it and seeing if it is for you or not.

Benefits of Boundaries

You quickly realize which pieces you love within your wardrobe

It is easy to have a large wardrobe full of clothes that you think you love and need. However, when you add the contraint of allowing so many pieces for your capsule wardrobe, you realize you don’t necessarily love or need as many as you originally thought.

The same is true for the pieces you do choose for your capsule wardrobe. Just because you love it when you first start doesn’t mean you’re going to continue loving that piece into the future.

It could be due to fit, quality, or just the fact that you love to wear other things.

I decluttered a royal blue blouse that I used to love wearing, because I realized that I hadn’t worn it in a while. I wasn’t sure if it still fit well or if I enjoyed wearing it, so I made a point to wear it for at least one more day.

Within a few minutes I realized I stopped wearing it as often, because the fit was uncomfortable. I loved looking at it, but didn’t enjoy wearing it.

Reduce time worrying about what to wear

When you have fewer pieces that you enjoy wearing, it is easier and quicker to choose your outfits. This frees you up to give more time to the important things in your life and less decision fatigue throughout the day.

You take better care of your clothes

With having fewer clothes, you create a need and wanting to take better care of them. It is easier to pay attention to labels for proper care instructions.

I’ve personally found that my sweaters last several seasons longer, because I choose to care for them more with a smaller wardrobe than I had with a larger wardrobe.

Increased creativity

Capsule wardrobes increase your versatility for different outfits, because the idea is to pick pieces that pair well with several things within your wardrobe.

This creates a fun experience for your wardrobe, because you pair things together that you hadn’t before downsizing your wardrobe.

Referring back to point two, your creativity can increase in your life overall, because you aren’t as worried with what you’ll wear that day.

Develop your style

The coolest thing about a capsule wardrobe is being able to hone in on your style. You may have a little boho, some classic, and a lot of eclectic pieces within your wardrobe currently.

When you create a capsule wardrobe, you quickly decide which pieces you want to represent your style.

I personally had a little bit of everything in my wardrobe. I loved the idea of boho and classic mixed together, but at the end of choosing my pieces, classic won my heart.

I adore those who choose different styles. They just aren’t for me personally.

What is Project 333 capsule wardrobe? Who created Project 333?

Project 333 was created by Courtney Carver at Be More With Less.

Her rules are pretty simple.

  • When: Every three months (It’s never too late to start so join in anytime!)
  • What: 33 items including clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoes.
  • What not: these items are not counted as part of the 33 items – wedding ring or another sentimental piece of jewelry that you never take off, underwear, sleep wear, in-home lounge wear,  and workout clothing (you can only wear your workout clothing to workout)
  • How: Choose your 33 items, box up the remainder of your fashion statement, seal it with tape and put it out of sight.
  • What else: consider that you are creating a wardrobe that you can live, work and play in for three months. Remember that this is not a project in suffering. If your clothes don’t fit or are in poor condition, replace them.

Why I chose to try Project 333

I chose to try Project 333 for a few different reasons. Overall, the wardrobe seemed simple enough and it gave me the boundaries I needed for my first time reducing the size of my wardrobe.

Here are my specific reasons for trying Project 333:

1. Defining my style by having fewer pieces.
2. Love the pieces I have.
3. Eliminate the excess.
4. Save time in the mornings by not being hung up on what to wear.
5. Learn how to incorporate pieces in multiple outfits.
6. See which pieces I wear and which are taking up space.

The Process of Choosing My Capsule Wardrobe Pieces:

First, I culled pieces I didn’t wear or like anymore.

Then, I boxed up my summer clothes for storage, because I was creating my fall/winter capsule wardrobe.

I decided to pick 2 dresses for special occasions; 6 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of jeggings; and a mixture of tops, including tank tops for layering, blouses, sweaters, and a vest.

It consisted of a lot of colorful options that didn’t pair with many things, but I was determined to make it work! I reminded myself what would happen if this experiment succeeded, and didn’t look back.

The pieces not chosen for this project were given to a girl in need, so there wasn’t a fall back plan. I was all in with this challenge.

What I learned after four months

I love how easy it is to get ready in the mornings. No longer having to pick out what I am going to wear ahead of time is great! I don’t have much to choose from and I like all of my pieces, so I can’t lose!

Certain pieces were worn more often than others, and I am working to change that. Even with my wardrobe as small as it is, I still forget about some of the pieces I have.

The hard truths I learned during this experiment:

  • I don’t like to iron, and I don’t wear shirts that need ironing.
  • White is not my color!
  • I love every piece in my wardrobe.
  • I have holes in my wardrobe needing to be filled before spring gets here.
  • If it is heavy and hurts my neck as I’m wearing it, out it goes! [ I let go of a really cute biker type jacket, because it gave me headaches when I wore it. ]
  • Now I know what I wear, and have culled the rest. Just because I like it doesn’t mean it’s earned hanging space.
  • I am very picky about what I like.
  • I need less variety pieces and more staples. This way, I will be able to create more versatile outfits, and not continue to repeat an outfit so many times.

My overall thoughts about Project 333:

Project 333 has added a lot of value to my life for a few reasons

  1. I no longer worry about what I am going to wear. I will always look fabulous!
  2. It has help me in developing my style by narrowing down to the pieces I love and wear.
  3. It has given me space for other things that matter. I am speaking in the physical sense and mental.

Why you should try Project 333

The freedom a capsule wardrobe provides is incredible, but I specifically recommend that you try Project 333.

It isn’t a lifelong commitment to only having 33 pieces in your wardrobe, but rather about being more intentional with your wardrobe as the seasons change.

You aren’t compromising your style choices or reducing your entire wardrobe. Instead, you choose pieces you love to create a season of outfits and change it with each season.

Things to consider with a capsule wardrobe

As I mentioned in the benefits section above, you have the chance to hone in on your style and creativity when you create a capsule wardrobe.

However, there are a few things you need to know when creating your capsule wardrobe that will help set you up for success and loving all the outfits options you create.

1 // Choose your fashion idols carefully

If you’re like me, your wardrobe is inspired by some of your favorite fashion idols. Two of mine are Resse Witherspoon and Kate Middleton. They both have classy styles that are unique to them.

When choosing your fashion idols, as yourself the following questions to help you hone in on choosing the best to follow for your lifestyle:

  • Who’s style inspires you the most?
  • What is the overall style of your idols?
  • What are they known for wearing?
  • What do you love most about their style?

Next, you want to compare your style to their’s

  • Do you wear dresses like they do?
  • Do you wear the same colors?
  • What do you like about their style that you aren’t doing yourself?
  • What do you not like about their style and would change?

2 // Create a vision board

Being able to see outfits that inspire you help you visualize what your wardrobe could look like. You can create a digital vision board, like I did on Pinterest, or the traditional cutting photos out of a magazine.

Once you have several outfits chosen for your vision board, as yourself the following questions:

  1. What pieces repeat throughout your vision board?
  2. What colors appear most and work well together?
  3. Which pieces do you want to include within your capsule wardrobe?
  4. What pieces do you already have?
  5. Do you need to go shopping for any pieces you don’t currently have?

3 // The basic wardrobe essentials

There are specific pieces you want to ensure that you have within your wardrobe, because they help set the foundation for your capsule wardrobe and increase versatility within it.

  1. Tank top
  2. Short-sleeve tee
  3. Long-sleeve tee
  4. Blouse
  5. Sweater
  6. Little Black Dress
  7. Cardigan
  8. Blazer
  9. Denim Jeans
  10. Black Skirt

4 // Versatility with your wardrobe

The thing that makes capsule wardrobes great is their versatility. Having pieces that work with multiple pieces in your wardrobe provide you with limitless pairing options, which prevent boredom with your wardrobe.

You don’t want to have one top that only works with one pair of jeans. The top won’t get worn as often or you’ll wear the outfit so often that you get bored of it. Niether situation is ideal.

5 // Consider your lifestyle

As you create your capsule wardrobe, be sure to think of the things you do day in and out, special occassions, and things you don’t do.

You don’t want a wardrobe full of dresses if you never wear dresses. Use your fashion idols as inspiration, but be realistic with your lifestyle when choosing your pieces.

How many items should be in a capsule wardrobe?

With Project 333, it is suggested to have only 33 pieces. However, if you include accessories within these 33 pieces, your items count will be lower.

I personally believe you include or exclude accessories from your capsule wardrobe. It isn’t so much about the number of pieces as much as it is about being intentional with the boundaries you set in place for yourself.

How do you scale down your wardrobe?

1 // Choose a neutral

This is key to having a small wardrobe. When you choose just one neutral, everything easily works together.

You can also get dressed in the dark and not have to worry if you’re wearing brown or black.

2 // Season

What season are you in currently? What season will you be in as you approach the end of the 3 months?

Knowing the answer to both of these questions will help you choose appropriate pieces.

3 // What do you wear and what do you not wear?

This may seem obvious, but identifying what you do and don’t wear currently will help you narrow down to your Project 333 wardrobe quicker.

4 // Evaluate & Fine Tune

Once you think you have your pieces picked, evaluate what you’ve chosen.

Does it all work well together?

Do you enjoy and feel comfortable in each piece you’ve chosen?

Are there any pieces you want to swap for another piece you didn’t have room for due to your boundaries?

5 // Fill in gaps with brands you know to be of good quality

You’ll quickly learn how important it is to have quality pieces within your Project 333 wardrobe, if you don’t already know the value of investing in quality pieces.

Be sure to invest in quality pieces and don’t assume price equates to quality.

6 // Box up anything that isn’t included within your wardrobe, including hangers

It is important to box up anything that isn’t included within your capsule wardrobe, so that you aren’t tempted to adjust your boundaries. 

You want to stay firm with your decisions, especially if this is your first time trying a capsule wardrobe.

Do I include accessories within the 33 items?

While I did mention above that it is up to you about whether or not you include them, I do want to also mention a couple of options you have.

If you do include accessories within your Project 333 wardrobe:

Be sure to only include pieces that work with the majority of your wardrobe. Since most of your pieces will be clothing, you want to ensure that your accessories are well thoughtout.

You want to choose metals over colors, because this ensures you have plenty of versatility within your wardrobe. When you choose a colorful accessory, you may only get to pair it with one or two outfits versus the majority of your outfits.

If you don’t include accessories within your Project 333 wardrobe:

You can create a capsule wardrobe for your accessories. I do advise to keep pieces paired down to 33 or less.

I did this as an alternative to including them within my wardrobe, because I wanted to evaluate most of my jewelry collection. There were a few pieces I knew I would keep, but I had several pieces that I wasn’t sure about.

This allowed me to also declutter the pieces I didn’t enjoy wearing without feeling like I could have chosen another blouse as a resulting thought.

Project 333 Inspiration

It is helpful to see examples of different Project 333 wardrobes when building your own, so I’ve included some of my favorites for you.

Project 333 YouTube Videos:

My Green Closet:


These are just a few of the videos you’ll find if you search Project 333 on YouTube, but they are what inspired me as I chose my pieces.

Project 333 Blog Posts:

Courtney Carver’s Project 333 Minimalist Closet Tour

Janice’s Project 333 [The Vivienne Files]

Jennifer’s Project 333 [Simply + Fiercely]

Final Thoughts about capsule wardrobes and Project 333

I believe a capsule wardrobe is something you should try at least once in your life to gain a different perspective towards fashion, clothes, and setting boundaries in your life.

This experience has opened my eyes to see how true the saying “quality over quantity” is. 

Have you created a Project 333 wardrobe? If so, let me know about your experience below in the comments!

If you haven’t, will you give it a try now?

When I first heard of capsule wardrobes, Project 333 kept appearing. Having a Project 333 wardrobe is popular for anyone wanting to try a capsule wardrobe.

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54 thoughts on “Create A Capsule Wardrobe; My Project 333 Wardrobe Experience”

  1. Thanks for sharing!! I love seeing all the capsule wardrobes out there. I hadn’t intended to create one myself, but I realized that once I “decluttered” my wardrobe, I am well below the number of items most people have. Capsule wardrobe, by default!! 😉

    To really pin down your own unique style, I’ve loved the “Dress Your Truth” free course. The lady is quite a whack-a-doodle with some of the out-there “spiritual” stuff, but as far as personality (she calls them “energy types”) and the corresponding style/color ideas, she’s just brilliant! It really helped me to figure out what looks fantastic on me and what can be passed on to somebody else.

    1. I know what you mean, Justyn! I did not plan on it until I started decluttering as well. I have not heard of the course, but I definitely will check it out soon! Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. Darragh Bourke

    My own wardrobe is so full. So much i dont even wear. But theres so much i dont want to throw out either.

    1. I know the feeling! If I could make a suggestion, sort through your clothes. Make a pile for “To Hang”, “To Hold On To”, “Donate”, and “Toss”. For the “To Hang”, this will be everything you love and enjoy to wear. These items deserve space in your closet. The “To Hold On To” pile will go in a box to store somewhere. Decide how long you want to keep this box. If it has items over time that you want to wear, dig them out and wear them. When you time expires for this box of clothing, it is time to donate these items. I have done this with what I don’t keep in my capsule wardrobe, and I have been able to make some tough choices about items I couldn’t decide on 4 months ago. Hope this helps!

  3. I have read about this project and it would really help me declutter my wardrobe. I have many things that I rarely wear, at most once/month, and things that I was more than once/week.

  4. Hi there,

    I found you through Bloggers Get Social.

    I haven’t done a “capsule wardrobe” per se, but after reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up last year, I went through my entire wardrobe and kept only the items that “sparked joy.”

    We also have a small house so I didn’t have an enormous wardrobe to begin with but I had way more than I realized until I started going through everything.

    I got rid of several trash bags full of clothes. There were cocktail dresses that I hadn’t worn since before my son was born and he turns 13 in a few weeks!

    The result, I’m down to eight pairs of pants, seven tops, two pairs of shorts and two tank tops for summer (I live on the Maine coast and don’t have a lot of hot weather), two sweaters, two sweatshirts, a winter coat, a wrap and several scarves.

    It takes me two seconds to get dressed in the morning and I feel so free. That may not sound like enough clothing but it’s worked fine since July. I have identified a couple things I need–one of my two pairs of jeans are getting worn out and I need a new denim blouse but that’s it.

    Great site! I’m going to follow you on Twitter.


    1. Hi Jennifer! I am so glad you found me! I think it is awesome that you were able to pair down to what “sparks joy” when you wear it! I don’t believe it is lacking as far as number of pieces are concerned. I have seen wardrobes consisting of only 10 pieces. Talk about a capsule wardrobe goal! I feel it is important to only have what you love and wear. If that is 10 pieces, wow! If that is 50 pieces, great! It is all about your situation and what you are comfortable with having.

      Thank you for the follow! I’ve got some interesting posts coming soon, so definitely stay tuned!

    1. The important thing is to love what is in your wardrobe. If you love and use everything, there isn’t any reason to cull those pieces. The purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to be mindful of your possessions and actually wear them. Before my capsule wardrobe, I had a closet full of things I didn’t necessarily love or wear. When I culled my wardrobe, I found the capsule wardrobe was right up my alley.

  5. provokeasmileblog

    I really dont know that I could do this! I give you a lot of credit. I KNOW this would cut down on my morning routine and definitely laundry, but I really like to shop! 🙂 Awesome concept though and I think I am going to have to keep it in mind.

    1. Yes, it definitely cuts down on your morning routine and laundry! I have saved so much time with having a capsule wardrobe that I don’t see myself ever having a big wardrobe again! You don’t have to stop shopping with this concept. You just have to be intentional. I know several that have the One In, One Out Rule, and still enjoy shopping quite often!

  6. I really should try to downsize my wardrobe, most of the clothes in my wardrobe I don’t wear but still cant throw them out – because you know, I might not have worn that top in 3 years but I might need it!! haha

    1. I know how you feel! I used to feel the same way about certain things. One day, I decided I was tired of the guilt of keeping it, but it really wasn’t useful or purposeful in my life. I decided it needed a new home. Now I am free of this guilt and have a lot more space to keep my things organized, and when my place is tidy and organized, I’m much happier!

  7. This made me feel like I want to do some of cleaning over at my closet too 😀 hahah! Great post, very inspiring!

  8. I literally kept telling my mom I will throw away some stuff and she always left them there because she is sort of hoarder. I recently donated a lot of clothes. Now I can only see my favorite ones lol.

  9. I recently paired down my wardrobe in an effort to simplify and probably have about 20-30 items in my closet now (and undergarments and workout clothes in two dresser drawers). It feels awesome and I can’t wait to buy a couple of nice, quality pieces when the time comes!

    1. It does feel great doesn’t it?! My mother in law stopped by yesterday and asked where all of my clothes were. It was so great to say, they are all right there hanging 🙂 Being decluttered is so refreshing!

  10. I do a capsule wardrobe, but it’s slightly different than the Project333 model. If you want more info you can check out my blog! ☺️

  11. I love how you have basics and more “fun” pieces that really define you. I have a huge walk-in closet and it’s completely full but I always wear the same handful of clothes. . . I’ve been considering trying a capsule wardrobe and just checked out your original post. Do you think that this “capsule” is more economic? I mean, how do you resist the urge to buy a new piece, and if you do, do you remove another piece?

    Do you plan on going through your boxed clothes as the seasons change to see what you should get rid of completely? The plan in intriguing, just confusing, I guess. (Most likely because I think everything needs to be 10x more complex than it really is lol).

    1. Great questions! My initial thoughts were not about being economical. However, I believe that naturally happens with this type of project. As far as shopping, I haven’t put myself in that situation. My ideas of shopping are different than most. I only shop if I need something in particular. I wasn’t always this way. It wasn’t until 3 years ago that my mindset changed for shopping.

      If I do decide to make a purchase, it will be because 1. I need to replace something in my current wardrobe, or 2. there is a piece I am needing specifically for the wardrobe [ex. a black long sleeve shirt and black short sleeve shirt]. If I purchase something unexpectedly, I will probably pull something from my wardrobe that has had lots of love from me, and will be appreciated by someone new.

      I do plan to go through my box of stored clothes. Right now Spring and Summer clothes are the only things in it. I will also decide if any of my Fall and Winter clothes need to be culled and make a plan to replace them before needing warm clothes again. My goal is to have a year round capsule wardrobe by the Fall that way I am always aware of the pieces I have. The only things I will continue to store throughout the Spring and Summer are my coats. They are too bulky to look at during the hotter months!

      If you have any more questions, please let me know! I don’t mind answering them! I also have a contact me page for emails if you prefer to communicate that way! Have a blessed weekend!

  12. I am constantly downsizing my closet as well! I did it in December but I’m about to go through it again and really look at what I wear, what I like to wear and what is realistic. It’s so tough!

    1. I agree! I remember being so fed up with my clothes! It seemed like no matter how many times I purged, I just wasn’t happy with what I had. That is until I decided to let go of everything I didn’t love! That was the game changer for me. It may not be the same for you, but try it and see if it makes it any easier. Let me know how it goes too!

    1. Wow! That’s a big fluctuation in temperature! I agree it seems like it will be tricky. However, a lot of my pieces can be layered, so if it’s cooler one day I can add a cardigan or sweater to my outfit. Where I live there is likely to be a 20-30 degree temperature fluctuation from morning to afternoon, so jackets are a must! I didn’t include them in my capsule because I only have two. One is a winter coat and the other is for when it is a little too cold to go without a jacket.

  13. Wow that’s impressive! I don’t follow a capsule wardrobe, but I’ve been working on getting rid of old clothes that don’t fit or that I don’t wear anymore. It feels good to part with some things!

  14. Laundry must be easier with less clothes as well. I need to do this because my clothes are bursting out of drawers.

    1. Yes! Lots easier! I can get away with only doing laundry once a week if I want to, but usually I do it twice a week with smaller loads so I don’t wear out my washing machine [I’ve done it a few times in the past, so I’m trying to make this set last]

      1. I love your post and have also been participating in Project 33 and any other ways I can minimize Vulcan clutter in my life.
        Something I find odd is why anyone would have less laundry it’s not like if you have more clothes you change your clothes three or four times a day I still only wear the same amount of items per week. I now have about 40 items of clothing and it’s the same amount of laundry as when I had 200 items?
        But thank you for sharing your post.

        1. How fun, Sharron! How long have you done Project 333?

          I understand your confusion. The person I was before downsizing my wardrobe was completely different than who I am today, when it comes to how tidy I am. So I used to be the person that would try on a few different outfits before deciding on what to wear. Some items got put back up and some didn’t. Since I had an abundance of clothes, it did not matter if I remembered which was worn or not. It was all put into the wash, which created a ton of laundry for me. My husband was not as bad as me at this point.

          Now that we have both downsized our wardrobes, we are much better with putting things back on hangers, if we do not wear it. So for us, it really has reduced the amount of laundry that has to be done. Hope that makes sense. I get that if you were conscious of that to begin with your laundry amount would remain the same.

  15. We lived full time in our RV this last year and we had to downsize every aspect of our life. The kids learned to have fewer clothes, I learned to have fewer clothes, we learned to live with fewer dishes but I also gained more laundry days, dishes after every meal, and a little bit more stress.

    I think downsizing in any area of your life is great and we all need it. It can really teach you your likes and dislikes and how to value items a little bit more in our materialistic society.

    1. I agree 100%! We hand wash our dishes, and I’ll be honest, I miss having a dishwasher. However, I love that my husband and I wash them as a team, so we have an excuse for quality conversation that we may not get otherwise. I’m interested to see what other aspects we can downsize in after our wardrobes and appliances. This maybe a little nerd like to say, but I’m really enjoying seeing what we can live without!

  16. This is fantastic. I wish I could downsize my wardrobe by a large amount. I do purge once every so often to donate and bring to the consignment shop but my closet is still overflowing. Its bad! I have an unhealthy shopping addiction. Stopping by from The Blogger Life. Looking forward to seeing what you have coming up for Spring.

    1. If I can do it, anyone can! Try sorting through your clothes and only keeping what makes you feel like a million bucks when you wear it! I guarantee you’ll find some space after doing so!

      As far as my Spring Capsule Wardrobe, I’m hoping to decide on part of it this weekend! The weather is still fluctuating a good bit, but I’ll at least have a chance to see if I need to find pieces to add to it before Soring is completely here.

    1. It doesn’t have to be as small as mine. A capsule wardrobe can have as many pieces as you want. The important thing is to have nothing within your wardrobe that doesn’t make you feel like a million bucks!

  17. I love the idea of a time capsule wardrobe. I live in an old house with a tiny closet, so I must be very mindful of how many clothes I have. This is a great way to think about what stays and what goes. Really how often will I wear sequin leggings compared to my favorite season spanning skirt?

    1. A tiny space was the very reason I decided to give a capsule wardrobe a try, and I’m so glad I did! Becoming mindful of what I own and releasing the rest has given me great peace I didn’t have before I tried this.

  18. Capsule wardrobes are very intriguing to be, but I’m not sure if I could do it yet. I love how you have all your pieces displayed in your post. Can’t wait to see what you decide for Spring.

    1. I was nervous at first, so I decided to just see which pieces I really liked to wear. Surprisingly it wasn’t as many as I thought. Thank you! I think I’m going to try to start deciding that this weekend. I’m ready for it at least! I love Spring!

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