9 Ways Minimalism Changed My Life

9 Ways Minimalism Changed My Life

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Minimalism changed my life forever in 2015. I’ll never forget how crazy that year was, and how grateful I am for it. My life certainly is different since then.

It took me from looking outward for confirmation to inwardly confirming myself. Minimalism allowed me to let go of the things that didn’t serve me and cherish the things that do.

Of course, downsizing my home by more than half was a great help, but it wasn’t necessary to make these changes.

Minimalism has also shown me how other simplistic ideas can mold my idea of living into more areas of my life than just possessions.

It can also enrich your mentality, find the importance of reducing your carbon footprint, and/or help you find ways to live off the land, as I am choosing to do.

All of these and so much more are just a small part of what being a minimalist has to offer.

Are you considering a minimalist lifestyle?

Honestly, minimalism is different for everyone. It looks different, provides different behaviors, and enriches in too many ways to count.

If you want to live simpler or just with less stuff, being intentional with a minimalist lifestyle can help get you there.

It starts with letting go of the things you don’t need, but it continues into a journey that is like no other journey.

I say this because no two minimalists look the same. Ideas of what a minimalist lifestyle looks like are dependent upon the person and their needs.

Minimalism takes you on a journey

As I mentioned above, there’s more to living a minimalist lifestyle than just decluttering. In fact, a minimalist lifestyle has nothing to do with decluttering, but rather what happens once you remove the excess from your life.

Decluttering opens your life up to possibilities for a different future. It is up to you to determine how to intentionally spend that time.

For me, I went from decluttering to homesteading. That led me to sustainable living and reducing my impact on the world as much as possible.

Without starting my minimalism journey, I wouldn’t have experienced any of these benefits or lifestyle changes.

Let’s dive more into the specific changes so that I can give you a better idea of how minimalism changed my life.

1 // I spend little time cleaning and lots of time living

By removing the excess from my life, I have freed up a lot of time to spend on what truly matters to me.

I spend less than 30 minutes every day cleaning my home [deep cleaning that is].

Before making these changes, I was spending entire weekend days trying to clean my home and do the laundry.

Honestly, I never want to go back to that!

If you want to transform your cleaning routine, I highly recommend you check out my workbook, A Simple Cleaning Routine. It teaches you exactly how to keep your home clean and tidy in 30 minutes or less every day.

2 // I have more time to do things I enjoy

With less time cleaning and organizing clutter, I am able to enjoy my newly found passions in life! I always wanted to become a homesteader.

The lifestyle is so enticing, being able to live off of the land and provide for my family and me. Now, I have the time to give it my best shot, and I hope I succeed!

I am also looking at ways to reduce my waste. A few changes have occurred already with my waste habits, and I am excited to continue the progress.

3 // I have more money!

By reducing my consumption and paying attention to where my money goes each month, I’ve increased what I’m keeping each month.

I’ve swapped out single-use items for reusable items, and that has helped a lot! I had no clue about all the money I was wasting before this swap.

Being mindful of my spending and ensuring that I truly need something before I purchase it has given me a different respect for my money. It is crazy to think about, but it is true.

I love having more money than month!

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4 // I’m conscious about the things I buy

Pulling off the last change, I’m more conscious about the things I buy, not just my spending.

I take my time when purchasing a new shirt or piece of technology. I think if I really need it or not.

When it comes to beauty products or the food I eat, I pay attention to the ingredients used. If I cannot read the ingredients list, I’m not buying it.

This has really transformed the products in my home from conventional products to healthy and natural products, which I love!

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5 // I don’t feel guilty about the items I keep

It is difficult to see past the guilt we feel about an item. Whether that is due to spending a lot of money on an item or being gifted it, the guilt is there.

However, when I think about an expensive item I purchased, I realize my lesson learned and ask myself if this item still serves me. If it doesn’t, I let it go and let go of the guilt associated with it.

I much prefer to let go of items that don’t serve me and bless someone who will use it.

Same thing for gifts. Often times, you’re given a gift out of tradition or obligation. It isn’t due to someone wanting to give you something you keep the rest of your life.

I don’t know of anyone that gifts you something and expects you to keep it no matter what. People don’t want to burden other people in that way.

Minimalism changed my life when I realized feeling guilt was unnecessary and I let it go, along with the items I had kept for this reason.

The Tannehill Homestead Resource Library

6 // Life is simpler

Now my life is much simpler and enjoyable!

I have a simple wardrobe, plan simple meals, and utilize simpler routines.

This makes life easier to do so many things like enjoy it [obviously!], try new things, and have time for hobbies.

The simpler my life gets; the better it becomes.

7 // I enjoy being at home.

When I look around my home, I feel peaceful and calm. I feel at home and comfortable.

Before decluttering, I could never get to this place of contentment, and I hated that!

Everything has a home, so I don’t have to waste time searching for things. It feels good to have a comfortable space for the things I own.

On top of that, the cozy level in my home is off the charts!

  • My bed is super cozy and welcoming.
  • My workspace is inviting.
  • I love relaxing in my bathroom when I need some spa time!

I just love my home now more than ever!

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8 // I notice and appreciate more of the small things in life

Before decluttering, I was distracted by all the stuff and didn’t see the small things in life that really add value to my life.

Now, I make sure to take note of the small things with my gratitude journaling. I spend 5 minutes writing all of the things I’m grateful for that happened that day, and it creates this overwhelming sense of joy!

I couldn’t see the benefit of doing this before becoming a minimalist, no matter how much I tried.

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9 // My mental health has improved!

If there is one way that minimalism changed my life for the absolute best, it is how strong my mental health has become!

My sensory levels are more stable. I notice when things aren’t right and I’m able to fix them without having a panic attack.

I’m taking care of myself before anyone else, and that may sound selfish, but taking care of others before myself drove me into depression more times than I can count.

By focusing on my self-care routine, adjusting when I need to, and making sure I’m doing what I can to fill my cup, I’ve completely transformed my tolerance for any unexpected situations that may occur.

This strength I’ve found is incredible and is why I’ll always pursue living minimally.

Take action

If these changes to my life have inspired you to make a change, get access to my FREE Resource Library where there are several workbooks, checklists, and ebooks to help you take action!

The Tannehill Homestead Resource Library

Final thoughts

Minimalism has changed my life. There is no doubt about the positive effects it offers.

Pursuing a minimalist lifestyle opens you up to many possibilities that you’ve only or never dreamed of before now.

You get the chance to see what is really important in life, and SPOILER ALERT, it isn’t material objects.

If you want to dive deeper into what a minimalist lifestyle has to offer, check out my post discussing the benefits of minimalism and why you should try it!

Minimalism changed my life forever in 2015. I'll never forget how crazy that year was, and how grateful I am for it. My life is definitely better for it!

23 thoughts on “9 Ways Minimalism Changed My Life”

  1. Visiting from LGR link party. Sounds like you’ve got a great thing going. We are working toward buying much less and also decluttering. I’ve only recently heard of it as minimalism. 🙂

    Hoping we are being good stewards of the money God has allowed us to have!!

    1. That’s great to hear, Margie! Thank you for stopping by to read my post! Living a simple lifestyle has enriched my life so much, and I want to share it with others so hopefully their life can be as greatly changed.

  2. This is interesting. I’m curious as to what steps you took to become a minimalist. I’m sure you have way less clutter! You can’t take it with you when you go anyway lol so might as well be happy while you’re here and that less guilt thing prob helps a ton 🙂 . Great post!
    Danielle | AccordingtoD.com

    1. Thank you, Danielle! The short story is in my last house, I had my own room for whatever I wanted. I loaded it up with crafts and projects I never got around to or didn’t enjoy finishing. I was tired of feeling guilty about this cycle, but I was determined to find something that had that spark. When I found the book ‘Living Well Spending Less’ something clicked. I started downsizing at the same time we found land to purchase, and continued as we got ready to put our house on the market. By the time we sold our house, I still had a lot I knew I didn’t want, so I kept at it until I felt the guilt leave. I did a 30 Day Challenge, I created, to help me get to where I wanted to be. There are links to my updates in that post, so you can get a visual of the progress.

      Now that I feel finished with decluttering, I have been able to focus on my mental health and happiness. It is so freeing to not have all the clutter! I have time to do things I enjoy, as I mentioned in the post. As I said before, this is the short version. I think it maybe time to sit down and write out my story…

  3. Erin, I do not consider myself a minimalist but looking at your reasons makes me think I can lighten the load a little bit more. Thanks

  4. Love this post! I’ve been moving toward Minimalism in my decluttering efforts over the past few months. Eventually I hope to feel all of the things you have posted here!

  5. My husband is more of a pack rat, but I’m trying to get him to get rid of stuff! It drives me crazy to have clutter and knick knacks everywhere. Sometimes I just want to throw everything out and start over! I feel like I am always moving stuff around to clean. Thanks for linking up with us at Friday Funday and please come back again next week!

    1. Carrie, I understand 100% how you feel! I’m thankful my husband has a shop for many of his things. If he didn’t, we would be drowning in clutter! I’ve set boundaries for our shared space, and it has helped a lot! Thank you for taking the time to read my post and leave a comment, Carrie! See you at the next Friday Funday!

  6. Darlene Doolittle

    Wow, I enjoyed your article and it motivates me to get going on my de-cluttering. Looking forward to reading your next blogs. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  7. i just found your blog in pinterest and im so glad. i have been overwhelmed with clutter in my life and this blog is an eye opener. Funny is my husband is a sort of minimalist. He has 3 work shorts, 1 jeans, 2 long pajama pants, 2 house shorts and maybe 10 shirts. and i literally have boxes and boxes of clothes that i do not wear since i gain weight and kept thinking i will lose weight again and it will fit. it has been years and guess what after 2 CS babies last 2015 and 2016, guess it will be a lot of work to really wear those clothes again. My junk (clothes, keepsakes, planner things, pens, bags, wallets, etc) literally fill 85% of our small studio apartment and my husband keeps complaining and i just keeps saying ill fix it but never really get around to do that. Reading your blog and seeing the results of your journey really is inspiring and is what i want for myself and my family.

    1. I am so glad, Yza! You just made my day! 🙂 You know, all it takes is one decision to change your life. I understand the clothing situation, and I had to come to terms with it a few years ago. Either I was going to work to get into those clothes again, or I was going to embrace my current body. That made all the difference in being able to own only the clothing I needed. It also helped me find a new confidence and entrancement for where I was in my life. I hope you can find that in your journey, because it makes all the difference! I cannot wait to hear updates on how things work out for you and your family! Keep me updated, so that I can cheer you through it all!

  8. Hey there! Great read, I am already motivated to start myself..been wanting to minimize for awhile and your writing just pushed me into it. Thank you!
    Also, what organic non chemical products are you using? I’m using Melaleuca products. If you’re interested in learning more let me know!

  9. I just read your blog and it is truly inspiring! I have been decluttering my space for over a year now. After the breakup of my marriage I had a lot of “stuff” from my ex and things that we had accumulated over 25 years. I was a bit overwhelmed at first, but I started slowly and I am now almost to the end. I had a yard sale and sold a lot of items. The money that I made went to my grown kids to help them out and I also donated a portion to a local charity. Not only did I downsize and keep the things that matter to me most, I helped others as well. What an amazing feeling! I too am starting to use natural cleansers and cleaners, I have started to use organic shower gel and I have found an amazing organic shampoo! I have time to pursue my passion of painting, spending time in nature, and to do the things I absolutely love! Thank you for writing this truly inspiring blog!

    1. Lynette, I am sorry that a rough time was the gateway into your joyous life, but I am so glad that you found it! Your heart sounds a lot like my grandmother’s (she’s my favorite person) in the way you give of yourself and only seek what matters. May I ask what products you have found and love? I am always looking for recommendations. Also, thank you for the sweet words! They go so far, and encourage me to keep writing. They made my day!

  10. I just discovered you site on Pinterest. I embarked on minimalism two years ago when I moved and downsized from a two-bedroom apartment to a studio. I love this lifestyle and like you say. Getting dressed is a cinch and everything I wear and have around me I love.

    1. So glad you found me through Pinterest, Bonnie! It is a freeing feeling to love your surroundings, isn’t it? How do you like being downsized to a studio? We did it a little over two years ago, and I like it a lot more than I thought originally.

  11. I really, really like my studio. I converted the closet at the entranceway to storage – Christmas/cleaning/luggage stuff and converted the storage closet (bigger) into a walk-in closet with added shelving and clothing racks. I have seen some beautiful studios on Houzz and the decorators I like most have painted them all white and there is no or little art on the walls. I like the look. I am just not ready to give up my art yet. My place is black and white furniture and stainless steel with Benjamin Moore “Fog Mist” paint (a greige) on the walls. Accents are lime green and fuchsia in the summer and red in the winter. But since I am really liking the even more minimalist look, my next step will be to pare down the art and paint everything white. Minimalism really makes you think about “if you need it”. When I think of all those years I spent accumulating stuff that I had to have…

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