How to Keep a Clean House: 5 Secrets to Keeping a Home Clean and Tidy

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Does a clean house feel impossible for you? Are you constantly picking up after others and feel like it does no good? Well, I’ve got some great news for you! This post is going to teach you exactly how to keep a clean house!

Within this post, I’m going to explain why a clean house is important, what it means to be tidy, and 5 secrets you can take to having a clean and tidy house all the time!

I promise you with these steps, it is possible to achieve it.

Why is a clean and tidy home important?

Having a clean and tidy home means that you can look around your home and feel peace. There isn’t anything to straighten or pick up, nor is there anything to declutter.

I realize this maybe hard to imagine, but take it from someone who used to be sort of messy/clean to a little OCD about having a tidy home.

Your ability to focus on the important things in life is actually possible. You feel better, and you accomplish more!

I mean, who doesn’t want to feel this way?

If you’ve ever been told, the state of your home represents the state of your mind? Well, it is true.

When your home is cluttered and messy, it is nearly impossible to think straight. Systems go to the wayside, you feel bogged down with all you have to do, and then you decide to marathon a Netflix show and ignore it.

When your home is tidy, you feel energized, ready to tackle the day, and overall productive. Regardless of what the activity is, you are excited to do it [well for the most part at least]. Once things are tidy, it is easy to keep it that way, and I’ll explain how later in this post.

How to Keep a Clean House: My 5 Secrets

Secret #1: Implement the One-Touch Rule

It is so easy to grab a pair of scissors from the drawer, use them, and leave them right there. Same thing when trying to decide what to wear for the day.

You try on a shirt, don’t like it, and leave it on the floor or on a table versus hanging it back up in the closet.

With the One-Touch Rule, you are making it a priority to put something away once you’re finished with it. Sure, it takes some practice to get used to it, but so does any habit you’ve ever established.

Here are the three parts of the rule that put a major dent in how clean and tidy your home is:
  1. When you’re finished with something, put it away before moving onto something else. Again, no reason to leave the scissors out once you’ve finished using them.
  2. Never leave a room empty-handed. Scan the room quickly to see if something belongs in another room and take it there.
  3. Ensure everything has a home. When the things you own have a home, cleaning your home is much simpler.

This one rule will take your home from being cluttered to surprisingly tidier! Once you turn this into a habit, you automatically cut your cleaning time down significantly!

Secret #2: Only keep things on your countertops you use daily and is a PAIN to put elsewhere.

Countertops are something that can make or break the tidy feeling within your home. It doesn’t take but one or two random things to make you feel like your home needs cleaned.

However, by only keeping things on your countertops that are truly a pain to put anywhere else, you eliminate this feeling.

Currently, the things on my countertops include a microwave, coffee maker, serving wear [because I don’t have drawers to put them in], and a soap dispenser.

Things like a can opener, toaster, blender, etc. can all go out of sight in a cabinet or pantry. These things aren’t typically used daily nor are they difficult to put away.

The less of these items you have on your countertops the better.

Envision the same for the countertops in your bathrooms.

A soap dispenser is the only thing we have on ours, and that is 95% due to not having space for anything more. Toothbrushes, deodorant, and makeup all have their home in a cabinet below the sink.

Secret #3: Evaluate your home decor

Home decor is often the most overlooked reason for why your home may not feel tidy. Most of the time it stays in place for so long that it feels engraved in that space and we forget that it can be put elsewhere.

This may sound a bit extreme, but removing the home decor from your space is a great way to see if your decor is creating a cluttered feeling. It will keep you from feeling at peace, so evaluating it is very important.

Resetting your space is powerful for home, because not only will you feel renewed, your home will as well. It creates an all around better atmosphere.

Want to give it a try? Check out my post that shares the simplest way to declutter your home decor.

Secret #4: Create a cleaning and tidying routine that sets you up for success

Systems are great for many reasons, and a cleaning routine is my favorite! When you have a system for your home, things run smoother and you feel better.

Before you determine what the best cleaning routine is for your home, you need to know what daily cleaning habits to implement. These are the most important daily actions to help keep your house clean.

Daily Cleaning Habits to Implement

  1. Take off your shoes as you enter your home
  2. Tackle papers and mail as soon as it enters your home
  3. Make your bed
  4. Go to bed with a clean kitchen
  5. Wipe down countertops in kitchen and bathrooms
  6. Sweep & vacuum
  7. Do one load of laundry
  8. Tidy as you go – similar to step 1, but a little different [clean as you cook]

Set up a weekly and monthly cleaning routine

Once you have your daily routine established, look at what you need to do weekly and monthly to ensure your entire home stays clean.

Check out my workbook, A Simple Cleaning Routine, to create your own simple cleaning routine!

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Secret #5: Take my FREE 5 Days to a Tidy Home Challenge

I have spent the past few years studying, practicing, and implementing different tidying routines, so I know this 5 day challenge will set you up for success!

The process I’ve created for you to jump start your way to a tidy home is SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE!

You won’t have any issues keeping your house tidy once going through this challenge. I’ve laid everything out in a super simple way for you to follow, so that you can be successful with curating a tidy home.

I want YOU to experience the wonderful feelings of enjoying your home, loving your space, and most of all, peace and calm when you’re in your home.

You hustle and bustle with everything else in your life. Your home shouldn’t be on that list, too.

Sign up for this FREE challenge, so that you’re one step closer to curating your tidy home!

Want to learn how to keep a clean house? This post is going to teach you exactly that and even how to get it tidy! Check it out now!

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