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Minimalism Ruins Money

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This new “Minimalism Ruins” Series has me completely excited! Last week, we dove into how minimalism ruins shopping, and today we are building on that. We are discussing how how minimalism ruins money! A crazy idea, I know, but it does!

Like last week, we are diving deep into the root of the problem and working out way to a solution. This week will be a bit different than the others, because I am actually going to recommend a course that is currently helping me with my money goals.

All the information will be near the end, and easy to find, so you will not miss it!

A minimalist lifestyle changes so much of the day to day activities. From daily routines to our thought process, it even changes how we spend our income. Pretty much, minimalism ruins money, which shouldn't surprise you. Let me explain.

Minimalism Ruins Money

We are ripping of the bandaid of what is probably the worst subject to discuss. Whether your relationship with money is good or bad, there is always something about it that just does not sit well in conversation.

While I understand the struggle, this is a topic that I am not willing to overlook.

To get to the next step of your life, you have to evaluate every aspect of your life. Your goals may not always involve money, but I bet many of them do. Minimalism ruins money in the aspect that the minimalist lifestyle brings attention to every area of your life.

If you are committed to a minimalist lifestyle, every rock will be turned in your journey. Dealing with this head on gets it in control quicker, and moves you towards a direct path of reaching your goals.

How does minimalism ruin money?

Minimalism ruins money in many ways. It stops mindless shopping. Like we discussed last week, you waste so much money shopping without a purpose.

Spending your money without thinking about it only hurts you in the long-run. The worst part is that your financial goals are less likely to be accomplished in the time you hoped.

Minimalism helps you not live beyond your means. When you are forced to look at your income, it is hard to live outside of it. I mean, sure you would probably love to purchase new curtains or replace that cheap top with a better quality one.

However, if you know you do not have the extra money to do that, you are more likely to wait, save up for it, and then shop around for the best deal.

The last way minimalism ruins money is the fact that you cannot ignore it. Being intentional about life includes budgeting, regardless of your financial position.

Millionaires watch their money just like anyone living from paycheck to paycheck. So not only are you conscious about your income, you also have to set aside time to tell your money where it should go rather than the opposite.

Why do we want to fix this?

Paying attention to your budget is not always fun or what you may want to do, but it is something you need to jump ahead of before a horrible situation is created. By horrible situation, I am referring to unnecessary debt, bankruptcy, or simply being in over your head.

Fixing our budget is necessary at times, but why?
  1. Budgeting helps you reach your goals.
  2. You find ways to save money.
  3. You give yourself flexibility in life.
  4. Plus, you can prepare for unexpected emergencies that life can toss your way.

All of these are reasons you want to fix your budget, plus more. Figure out why you want to fix your budget, because that is the only motivation that will help you when it gets hard to stay on track.

Questions to ask yourself

Before I get into how you can fix things, you need to answer a few questions to help you best understand where you are and how you got here.

  1. Why do you bust your budget?
  2. What things can you cut back on to help you get to your goals?
  3. Where is your money best served?
  4. Where is your money not best served?
  5. What is your motivation to change?

Answer these questions honestly. I know it can be difficult, but, if you are committed to changing, you have to take this step!

So how do you fix your budget?

Fixing your budget sounds easier said than done, but I promise it is not that bad! Here are a few things I have done to get me on the fast track to fixing my budget:

1 // Set a monthly and weekly budget

If you know how much you make in a month, setting a monthly budget then braking it down into a weekly budget will help you tremendously! If your income varies and is different each week, set up a simple weekly budget.

Look over your bills for the week, then decide how much you need to set aside for groceries, gas, and savings.

2 // Shop consciously

Changing the way you shop will help a LOT! Most budgets are blown due to not being conscious of how much you are spending.

3 // Set goals

How will you know where you are going, if you are not being intentional? Setting goals help you get to your dream life much faster than not setting goals.

I know, because I was the lazy one who did not set goals for years. I skated through life just hoping my dream life would come to me, but guess what? It does not.

You have to take control of the life you want, and setting financial goals are part of it. Plus, you can add in a rewards system to keep you motivated!

For instance, I personally like to reward myself with a specialty coffee or a massage! It really just depends on what keeps you motivated.

4 // Find a budget program

I have tried several programs out there to help me focus on my financial goals. Some you have probably heard of before and some you may have not.

Do not be afraid to shop around until you find the right one for you. You may get lucky and find the right one the first time, but you may be like me and try about 4-6 different programs before finding the program that is in line with your needs.

A budget program that works!

As I said at the beginning, I am recommending a budget program that actually works for ANYONE! It took me about 3 years to find the right one. I would try one for 3-6 months and move onto the next. But I finally found one that stuck!

Your Sunny Money Method is a course designed by Sami Womack at A Sunny Side Up Life. You may or may not remember her from the No Spend Challenge.

Sami’s course is dedicated to helping everyone reach their financial goals. It is affordable and super easy to follow! Sami also includes things within this course that I have not seen in any other course I have taken.

If you want to read my full review of the course, go to my post Gain Financial Freedom with Your Sunny Money Method!

Since that post is specifically a review of the course, I asked Sami to share a bit of her story and what drove her to create this course.

Sami Womack’s Story & Reason for creating a budget course

People ask me how budgeting changed my life, well I honestly can’t think of one aspect of my life that it didn’t change! Before we started our budgeting journey we were a brand new family of 4, having just welcomed our second daughter a few months earlier.

We were to the point of living not even paycheck-to-paycheck and were ending up with a negative balance in our account by the time payday rolled around. We started our journey with $490,000 worth of debt which included 3 pieces of real estate, credit cards, medical bills, delinquent taxes, and more.

Our spending was out of control, and we were trying to live up to a lifestyle that we just couldn’t afford. Once we started budgeting we didn’t just clip a few coupons or stop going out to eat, we sold all of our properties, we sold approximately 70% of our stuff, and we squeezed our family of now 5 into a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 640 sq. ft. rent house.

Our wants changed, our mindset towards work and goals changed, the words we chose to use in front of our kids changed, and our marriage changed (for the better).

To me, budgeting is so much more than just making sure our bills are paid on time or becoming debt free…it was about breaking free from survival mode and moving into a life of abundance that we meant to live.

Recently I took all of the lessons I’ve learned on this journey and turned them into Budgeting Course. I created my course for the woman I was 4 years ago.

I remember that feeling of never-ending survival mode, loneliness, and the overwhelm of not knowing where to start.

This course is a product of everything I’ve learned from pulling my family out of $490,000 worth of debt. It’s a simple and heartfelt approach to all of the lessons my family had to learn the hard way.

It’s basically the shortcut that I wish I would have had, it’s the answer to every question I had when I first started….it’s realistic budgeting advice that has been tried and tested.

I created this course so other families don’t have to spend years wandering around in the dark like we did….so other families can have that shortcut to getting setup faster and they can start chasing their dreams sooner!

What will you gain when you let minimalism ruin money?

If you are still with me, I hope you find a way to take control of your finances. Your life is worth it, your dreams are worth it, and you deserve it! Our goals in life are not the same, but we can support each other in this journey.

If you want to give Sami’s course a try, she is giving you $10 off just for being my loyal reader! Awesome right?!

Just use my link to sign up, and it will automatically deduct the $10 for you! This offer does not expire, but the sooner you take control of your finances, the quicker you can achieve your goals!

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