Top 10 Minimalist Posts of 2016 – It’s All About the Simple Things In Life

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As I reflect on this past year, I cannot believe what all has been accomplished. So we are celebrating with the Top 10 Minimalist Posts of 2016 of The Tannehill Homestead!

Having the chance to learn from others is undoubtedly enhancing my views on many things, such as living simple, believing in myself, and so much more.

Becoming friends with other like minded people is giving me the chance to connect and learn about all the different forms of living a minimalist lifestyle. Having others say that I am inspiring them is by far the greatest blessing that comes with this blog. [Blown away right now!]

One thing I am putting focus towards for 2017 is what you, my reader, wants from me. To figure this out, I am reviewing which posts were viewed, commented, and shared the most.

From there, I will see what worked and what did not. In 2016 alone, I have published over 100 posts, and I want to share with you the Top 10!

Top 10 Minimalist Posts of 2016!

1 // 30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge

This is by far no surprise, because everyone loves a good decluttering challenge! If you follow up with my updates, you will find my thoughts for each day and hopefully encouragement to give it a try!

2 // 10 Ways Minimalism Ruined My Life Forever!

I enjoyed writing this post, but I had no idea it would become so popular! Maybe it is time for an update?!

3 // 10 Ways Minimalism Saved My Life

This post really surprised me for making it to #3 on this list. This post has created some brainstorming for 2017!

4 // 150+ Things I Tossed When I Downsized

I loved getting to share this post, because of the feedback you provided! I love getting asked how I can live without an iron or other things. I think it got some wheels turning for others, and that excites me!

5 // 250+ More Things I Tossed After I Downsized

All I can say is what I previously said. You made this post so enjoyable to write and share!

6 // Wardrobe Rebuild: New Wardrobe You’ll Love in 6 Easy Steps

So far, this has been my favorite “How To” post to write. I wrote this while working on rebuilding my wardrobe, and now I have a wardrobe I enjoy! This step-by-step guide is perfect for anyone who is over their current wardrobe.

7 // What My Capsule Wardrobe Looks Like After 4 Months

Most people learn from visual examples, and that is what this post provided. I have read a lot of posts that people are not sure where to start or how to have a wardrobe that seems so small.

This post not only shows what my wardrobe looked like, but also provides feedback of what was learned. I believe that is what made this post climb into the top 10.

8 // Six Luxury Items Eliminated From My Life For Good!

THIS post triggered a lot of critical thinking and comments! I realize that many cannot live without some of these things, but that is what is so great about the minimalist lifestyle. It looks different for everyone.

9 // How to Simplify Your Home in 4 Easy Steps

What I think helped this post make it to #9 on my list is that a lot of people do not think about simplifying their home decor. Having everything else decluttered, but still feeling overwhelmed? May want to look into this post! 🙂

10 // 20 Questions Minimalist Style

This series was so much fun! I loved getting to know other minimalists and how they live simple. Sharing them with you made learning about them that much better! [The link will take you to the page of all participants, so that if you have yet to read about them you can easily!]

The Tannehill Homestead Resource Library

I learned so much this past year, and from the looks of this list, I hope you have as well! 2017 is going to be even better! I already have a few ideas that I am sure you are going to love!

What is your favorite post from this list, and what do you enjoy the most when you visit my blog? Let me know below in the comments!

Ready to be inspired to take action towards a minimalist lifestyle? If so, these Top 10 Minimalist Posts of 2016 will help you do just that!

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Minimalist Posts of 2016 – It’s All About the Simple Things In Life”

  1. I have read several of these top 10 posts this year and now will go back and re-read them again and probably some of what I missed. Starting with 150 items you got rid of when you de-cluttered.

  2. I’ve been on the path to minimalism all year and Christmas weekend I was thinking “Oh no more stuff!” Haha. I’m looking forward to simplifying even more in 2017!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog from Pinterest. I’m going to enjoy reading the posts you listed above! I call myself an aspiring minimalist because we’re a family of 5 and the stuff seems endless. Although my motto is progress, not perfection – and we have definitely made progress. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

    1. Hi, Angela! I am so glad you found me! I do agree, that progress is better to strive for versus perfection. Clearing things out on a regular basis is another thing that has to be done to maintain a simple lifestyle, but I am so glad you are finding that with your family. Teaching the next generation about simplicity and the beauty of it is a great thing.

  4. Mandy Mountain Mama

    Hi Erin! I just found you scrolling through Pinterest!!? This is a great post, super helpful as I’m sifting through all the minimalism articles. Can’t wait to check all of these out. See you on IG ?

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