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Happy New Year! Another year is here, which means that we have an opportunity to reflect on the past year, evaluate the events, and create a plan for the next. To reflect over the past year, we are celebrating with the Top 10 Minimalist Posts of 2017!

I promised you last year that I would put my focus into things that benefit you, and I think with the line up below I have accomplished that!

So my promise for 2018 is to continue providing information that benefits your life and inspires you to join me on your own minimalist journey.

For the Top 10 Minimalists Posts of 2017, I decided to start with number ten and work my way to number one! I think these are all amazing posts, and were so much fun to write and collaborate with friends to provide for you.

I hope you enjoy checking out each of these, regardless if you have read them previously.

Also, let me know which one in this list is your favorite! This will help me plan the best content possible for you in 2018. Your feedback is always heard and very much appreciated!

My Top 10 Minimalist Posts of 2017

10 // The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Minimalists

This gift guide was so much fun to come up with for you! I personally love gift guides, because they help spark creativity when you may be struggling to complete your gift purchasing.

When trying to shop as a minimalist, it can be difficult to think of things that will not just clutter up someone’s home. Anyways, check it out if you want a fun guide for the future!

9 // 15 Smartphone Detox Activities You Need to Try

Living in the present is becoming more difficult to do with smartphones and technology in general. Being so addicted to these conveniences is something I think we need to break away from and this post inspired what we could do instead!

8 // Downsizing Your Lifestyle to Get to Your Dream Life

This post shares my personal downsizing story. To be honest, it probably is not what you expect from someone who wants to base their focus on living with intention. At least, I have not found anyone with the same story, yet.

7 // Minimalism Can Be A Tool To Improve Your Health – Guest Post by Samantha Lindsey

Samantha is someone I follow for inspiration for many reasons! When she agreed to share on my blog, I was so excited, and apparently so was the minimalist community! So glad to see it in the Top 10!

6 // Minimalist Skincare Routine – Guest Post with Sarah @ Pretty Simple Ideas

This is not your typical minimalist skincare routine. Sarah nurtures her skin with an amazing routine! It is no surprise that this post is in the Top 10!

5 // 5 Documentaries that Will Change the Way You Think

With the popularity of documentaries growing, sharing a few life changing ones was a must! If you have yet to see what 5 documentaries are listed, you need to!

4 // How to Declutter Your Home the Easy Way

This post was inspired by getting a lot of questions about decluttering. Many people just do not know where to start, so I created a guide to help! With it being number 4 on the list, I hope it helped everyone declutter!

3 // Minimalism Regret & Changes I am Making

No one talks about regrets. Why? I am not sure, because we all have the chance to learn from each other.

2 // 2017 Declutter Challenge

I took a chance with this challenge. It was not easy to get through, but if you did, odds are you let go of a lot!

Decluttering is one of my favorite things to do when I am bored or am overwhelmed by clutter, and creating challenges to tackle it all in a month with y’all makes it even better! So glad to see that this challenge made it to number 2!

1 // Mental Cleanse Challenge

The number 1 post of 2017 is by far no surprise! I collaborated with my friend, Kiara, because she is the mental cleansing queen!

For 2017, I wanted to learn about self-care, and there is no better way to do it than with an expert and challenge! I have done this challenge a few times throughout the year and incorporate everything I learned into my daily routine.

So many people benefited from this challenge, and I am excited to see that it is where it belongs as #1!!

What do you think about the Top 10 Minimalist Posts of 2017? Which is your favorite of the 10? Let me know below in the comments!

Happy New Year!! To celebrate and reflect over the past year, we are celebrating with the Top 10 Minimalist Posts of 2017!

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