The Ultimate List of Gifts for Minimalists in Your Life

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Gifting in general can be difficult. When you try to think of minimalist gift giving ideas or really anyone who has everything they already need, it can be even more difficult, which is why I’ve created this ultimate list of gifts for minimalists!

Finding the perfect gift for a minimalist shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, I believe that when you assume everyone on your list has everything they already need it is easier to find that perfect gift.

I know this may sound counter productive, but it really removes the pressure of trying to find the perfect gift when you assume they already have everything they need.

It allows you to give from a place of love and thoughtfulness versus stress and obligation. I promise this list will help you find the perfect gifts for minimalists in your life!

The Ultimate List of Gifts for Minimalists

The hardest part for the holidays and minimalism is wanting to give something of value to someone, if giving anything at all. You want to make sure the gifts are wanted or something unique that the person would love.

Below I’ve grouped several different ideas together to provide you with the best gift ideas possible! We will start with physical items then move onto non-material ideas.

You cannot go wrong with any of the minimalist gift ideas. I promise!

Minimalist Kitchen Goods //

1 // Misto Oil Sprayer

The BEST kitchen gadget to gift is the Misto Oil Sprayer. This kitchen gadget is the coolest thing ever! You fill it half way with whatever oil you have, pump the lid, and spray! It is aerosol free and allows you to continue refilling it.

By giving this gift, you are saving the person from having to purchase Pam all the time, diversification in oils they use, and being kinder to the environment. Plus, it is fun to use, and kids will love to help you use it!

Purchase the Misto Oil Sprayer on Amazon!

2 // The Ninja Chopper

The next item is one that I believe is undervalued. The Ninja Chopper is my favorite time-saving gadget! I can chop whatever I need to in this gadget.

I have used it for meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. Any foodie will appreciate this gift, because it allows them to make meals from scratch a lot quicker!

Purchase The Ninja Chopper on Amazon!

3 // Food Storage Containers

Wean Green’s glass food storage containers are PERFECT for the minimalist on your list, because these containers are of great quality and replace plastic food storage containers.

Use coupon code ‘thetannehillhomestead’ at checkout for 15% OFF your entire purchase!

Purchase Wean Green’s glass food storage containers now!

Speaking of food storage containers, stainless steel containers are great for any dry foods or even grapes! So this is definitely another option if you want to give the person on your list a couple of different container options to try.

Purchase stainless steel containers on Amazon!

One investment that is always worth it is vegetable containers for the refrigerator. The one I linked to specifically are great at keeping your food fresh for a lot longer than normal.

It has a basket that allows moisture to fall below to prevent food spoilage, and is perfect for rinsing grapes! Using them for greens works great, too! The little filter within the lid is charcoal, which is another way it keeps food fresh for so long.

Purchase vegetable containers for the refrigerator on Amazon!

Home Good Ideas //

1 // Linens

Linens are always great gifts for minimalists!

A few ideas include:

Again, these are always great minimalist gift giving ideas!

2 // For the air

The best option for the air is a diffuser and essential oil kit! The essential oils purify the air and smell great, so anyone can benefit from giving or receiving them.

3 // For the floors

Really want to gift something a minimalist will love? Get them a robot vacuum cleaner! They can program it and forget it!

Purchase the robot vacuum cleaner on Amazon!

4 // For the walls

Minimalists love multi-functional pieces, so for the walls, I suggest a planter or a set of shelves where they can place something on them.

Self-Care Ideas for Your Minimalist //

Have someone on your list that needs to implement a self-care routine into their life? Why not give them a little push with a few products that they are going to love?

1 // Skin Care Ideas for Women

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses is for sensitive skin, so you will not go wrong gifting this to anyone on your list!

Purchase Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses on Amazon!

A few treats that you can help someone implement into their skincare routine include this Vitamin C Serum. It works great to brighten your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it feels really nice when applying it!

Purchase Vitamin C Serum on Amazon!

Sheet Masks are a lot of fun to give, because they are inexpensive and extremely versatile in what all they can treat. My favorite sheet masks are made by Tony Moly!

Purchase these fun Sheet Masks on Amazon!

2 // Grooming Ideas for Men

For some manly options, a beard grooming set seems like a great self-care option, as well as a manicure set.

My husband said at first it was the weirdest thing he ever got as a gift was the manicure set. However, he finds that it is one of the most useful things he owns, and uses it almost daily.

Purchase beard grooming set and manicure set on Amazon!

3 // Mental Health Ideas

The best gift idea I can give you is noise-canceling headphones! I purchased the Cowin E7 PRO and LOVE THEM!!

Wondering why they are included in the mental health? Because when you need to escape to a quiet place or listen to something without hearing anything else, these are the BEST for helping you accomplish that!

Purchase noise-canceling headphones on Amazon!

Journaling is one of the best mental health improvement exercises and something minimalists practice regularly – well at least the ones I know.

The journals I recommend specifically are the 52 Lists by Moorea Seal.

Other mental health gifts for minimalists could include:

For more ideas like this, check out my Women’s Gift Guide & Men’s Gift Guide.

4 // Exercising Gear

Whether your minimalist enjoys heavy lifting or yoga, here are a few ideas you can gift to a minimalist.

An eco-friendly yoga mat is the perfect gift idea for a minimalist, especially if their currentl yoga mat is in rough shape.

To pair with the yoga mat, a yoga ball is great for minimalists even if yoga isn’t their thing. You can do a lot of exercises with this yoga ball.

This Not A Trace, Co. Infuser Water Bottle is great for taking to the gym or enjoying water on the go. With the infuser option, your minimalist can enjoy tea, infused fruits, and even coffee!

Help your minimalist keep track of their health with this Fitbit Alta HR. It’s slim and great for tracking workouts.

Get this exercise starter kit for the minimalist who is ready and willing to exercise, but maybe needs a little motivation. 

Dirty Santa, Chinese Christmas, White Christmas Minimalist Gift Ideas

Regardless of the name, you have probably played at least one version of it at a Christmas Party. Here are a few of my favorite things to include, because you never know if you will be the one coming home with your own present!

1 // Gift Cards

Hands down this is probably the most popular and obvious. Gift cards are great when you do not know what to get, and everyone usually wants to take it home! Getting a gift card to a place with a variety of products, such as Amazon, will ensure that anyone can use it.

Restaurant gift cards are also fun, especially now that some include multiple places on each card, so that you have options!

2 // Fuzzy socks, a foot scrub, and lotion are a great low budget gift.

Since most people have drier skin in the winter time, this is a great option, not only for Dirty Santa, but also for teachers! This can be personalized to whomever is on your list, so definitely have fun with this option!

3 // Thermos, special coffee, and a scarf and mitten set is a great gift to bring, as well!

Many people, including myself, stick to the same coffee all year long and possibly lose a thermos here and there. Trying something new is always a great way to add value to someone’s life.

Non-Material Gifts for Minimalists

There are many people that do not want physical things for Christmas. They may not have the space or are content with all they have. Adding another thing to their home is the last thing they want.

Often times, they ask for money to allow you to still gift them something, but what if you could give them a gift they would truly appreciate that did not add to the things they already have in their home?? Let’s get to it!

1 // Experience Gift

One thing I love giving to people who have everything is a gift of experience. For the person who needs some relaxing time, a gift to the spa with their spouse or a great friend is the perfect way to show them you care.

Another fun idea is a trip out of town! Take your person to a broadway show or concert that includes an overnight stay at a fancy hotel and meal. Trust me, they will appreciate it!

2 // Gift Card

Yes, I’ve already mentioned this, but I felt it worth mentioning again. Gift cards are a great gift option due to all the options available. Just about every business has the option to purchase a gift card.

This is a very appreciated gift, because it can help pay for things they need, such as groceries. Being able to help someone pay a bill is gracious and kind.

Another gift card you can give is to a place you think your person will love, if they would only try it!

For example, a gift card to a new restaurant in town or a new local shop that is just up your person’s ally. Get your person outside of their comfort zone and expose them to something new!

3 // Give your time

A lot of people just want to spend some quality time with you! Why not help them with a project of some kind? My grandmother loves it when we come over to help her with her “To Do List”, and it gives us time to chat about life.

Building strong relationships are so important, and the best way to nurture them is by spending time together.

4 // Charity Donation

A new idea I have come across in the past couple of years is making a donation in someone’s name. If you feel like you have to give, see if there is a cause your person is passionate about and make a donation in their name. It is a simple and thoughtful idea that goes to a great cause!

5 // A Coupon Booklet

While this is a physical thing, the things included within it can be creative and exciting! You can make one for your best friend, your significant other, parents, etc. and cater them to whom your gift is intended.

Some fun ideas you can include is a 30 minute massage, meal request, date night request, picnic in the park, etc. This is one idea that you can do however you wish, customize it for things special to your person, and enjoy each time they redeem one of the coupons from their booklet!

Final Thoughts About Minimalist Gift Ideas

Remember that Christmas is more than just giving the perfect gift. It is about spending time with loved ones and making memories.

At the same time, I hope this ultimate list of gifts for minimalists has helped give you everything you need to the minimalists in your life the perfect gifts this year.

The thought always counts more than the actual gift, so gift with love and thoughtfulness this year!

If you enjoyed this gift guide, be sure to check out my other gift guides for more ideas!

Trying to think gift ideas for a minimalist can be difficult, which is why I've created this ultimate list of gifts for minimalists! Let's keep it simple!

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10 thoughts on “The Ultimate List of Gifts for Minimalists in Your Life”

  1. I was thinking to prepare a gift handmade. For example jars with mix of condiments (ingredients written on the jar) or some handmade, used during winter (hats, scarfs etc). Really minimalist 😀 . But your ideas are reaally good!

    (I am going to read the part 2 😀 )

    1. I think handmade gifts are wonderful to give, Claudia! I wish I was creative enough to give things like you mentioned, but that was wishful thinking! hehe! I am glad you enjoyed reading through the ideas.

  2. I am one who loves boring gifts instead of stuff you don’t need. My in-laws get mad at me because I basically ask for clothes or gift cards for basics (undergarments, socks, workout basics). All that unnecessary stuff adds up and takes up room!

    1. I am right there with you, Virjinia! I tell my parents to shop on my Amazon Wishlist that includes things I really do need, and they love that they do not have to get out to go shopping for me. I include things like laundry detergent or food storage containers, because those are things I truly need.

  3. I would love essential oils and a diffuser. This list didn’t leave anyone out, great picks. I wan5 the ninja coffee bar for Christmas, but being a minimalist I won’t be spending that kind of cash when the Kuerig is still kicking. Hah.

    1. Thank you Leslie! I tried really hard to find something for everyone. I have not heard of the Ninja Coffee Bar…. But I do agree that if you have something that works great, stick with it! 🙂

  4. I’m laughing over the dirty Santa/Chinese Christmas/white Christmas because up here in Maine we call it a Yankee Swap! I usually bring a jar of homemade pickles or jam to those kind of things (one year I even brought a handmade scarf). To me it’s basically free but everyone else gets all excited. I loved all your gift ideas, too! We do a pretty minimalist Christmas in my family (but I’m not totally a minimalist-just a wannabe 😉 ). I just get really sick of over consumption, especially this time of year.

    1. I have not heard it be called a Yankee Swap. I love it! haha! Homemade things are also a great idea, especially because it is one of a kind and inexpensive to make. We are trying to minimize the amount of gifts we give. My husband and I both come from very giving families, so it is a work in process. We have found that we can give a lot less by giving things with more meaning and thought. So far, my husband’s family has caught on, but my family still has some work. hehe! I think you will enjoy next week’s ideas if you are tired of the consumption aspect of Christmas!

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