5 Inspirational Documentaries that Make You Think

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When I started my minimalism journey, I had no idea what I would be introducing into my life. Thanks to a few inspirational documentaries, I learned so much about ethical fashion, organic beauty, and how we affect the environment.

As I researched what a minimalist lifestyle really meant, my idea of living my best life has completely transformed.

If you think the only thing to a minimalist lifestyle is simply decluttering your life, allow me to open your eyes to a few more possibilities.

Minimalism goes far beyond what we possess. It creates a deeper connection to living intentionally, conscious consumption, and environmental impact.

While all of these thoughts may seem overwhelming, know that you do not have to conquer all of them to be a minimalist.

These are simply options that have opened themselves up to me, and I want to share them with you.

I have not conquered all of these, but they have changed the way I think about everyday activities, purchases, and consumption. My hope is that you find one thing from at least one documentary to implement into your life today!

Now onto the documentaries that will make you think and probably change your life forever!

Inspirational Documentaries that Will Make You Think

1 // The True Cost

Have you heard of Fast Fashion?

I hadn’t until I watched this video. It really opened my mind up to who makes our clothes and that cheap is not always the best.

Because of this documentary, I look for ethically made clothing. This includes fair wages, sustainable fabrics, and eco-friendly companies.

I also shop second hand to lessen the need for new clothing.

Watch The True Cost now.

2 // Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things

I was already well into my minimalist journey before watching this documentary. However, it verified my passion for this lifestyle and reminded me to stay conscious of my consumption.

If you have just begun your journey or just getting started, this one is a great motivator!

Watch Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things now.

3 // Plastic Paradise

This documentary broke my heart. It shows you how senseless humankind can be.

Scientists created a product that only breaks down with sunlight. It lasts for years and years beyond its useful life and harms the environment more than you can imagine.

Personally, I have started to replace plastic with either wood, glass, or metal. Of course, I only do this with plastic that is no longer usable.

Another change I have made, thanks to this documentary, is trying to use plastic bags more than once. I save any I accumulate for multiple things.

If you do not watch any of the other documentaries on this list, please watch this one! It will make you reduce the influence plastic has on your life!

Watch Plastic Paradise now.

4 // Happy

This was a neat documentary, and not what I expected. I do not want to go into too much detail, but I will say that you create your own happiness, not anyone else.

After watching this documentary, I see all too often that we allow others to choose how we feel, instead of taking our feelings into our own hands.

Let’s change that!

Watch Happy now.

5 // Living on One Dollar

Want to see how silly first world problems can be?

This documentary follows a group of college boys that move to a struggling country to see if they can make a living on one dollar a day.

After watching this documentary, I found a new appreciation for my lifestyle, and I do my best not abuse the blessings it offers.

This documentary also took my thoughts back to The True Cost, because most of our clothing is made from countries just like the one in this documentary.

Watch Living on One Dollar now.

What inspirational documentaries have you watched that have changed the way you think? I would love any recommendations!

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After watching several inspirational documentaries and researching a LOT, I realized there is more to minimalism than just decluttering.

12 thoughts on “5 Inspirational Documentaries that Make You Think”

  1. Thank you for this Erin…I love documentaries and Minimalism was so good….I actually bought it when it was first released I was so anxious to see it. 😉 I haven’t seen any of the others on your list but will be watching for them. Did you see these on Netflix?

    1. I did see these on Netflix, but some of them are no longer available through Netflix. Minimalism was a good one, and I wish it would have been available sooner! It would have helped me so much with my purging! To me, all of these documentaries are very inspirational, and make me want to change more than I ever dreamed about my life.

  2. The only one on this list that I have already seen is Living On One Dollar. I loved it — it was really amazing! The producers also have a documentary about refugees that was powerful. Thanks for the list. I’ll try to see the others.

  3. What a GREAT POST TOPIC! I LOVE documentaries! I always find good ones on Netflix. ^_^ I’m going to have to be sure to check some of these out! Never seen any of them!!


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