How to Eliminate Distractions So That You Can Live Your Best Life Now

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Are you waiting for your best life to appear out of thin air? I hope not, because it doesn’t happen that way. Instead, you have to learn how to eliminate distractions so that you can live your best life now!

With all of the opportunities available to you with modern technology, it is so easy to become distracted and lose focus on what your best life actually is.

It is human nature to allow these things to happen, but you can be proactive with combating distractions. I’m here to help you learn how to eliminate distractions because you deserve to live your best life right now!

How to eliminate distractions from your life

Before I get into the specifics, take a moment to think about what your dream life is. What do you want? How will you know you’re living your dream life?

Asking yourself these two questions and taking a few minutes to write out an idea of what your dream life is will help you remove distractions a lot easier.

1 // Stop digital pressures

Comparison is a thief of joy. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to show up on social media if you don’t enjoy it. Stay true to you and ignore the rest.

You consciously know that social media is only a highlight reel of people’s lives, but sometimes it is easy to forget that. There are many things you can do to remove digital pressures, but I encourage you to start with a social media detox and even a smartphone detox.

Both will help you live with less distractions.

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2 // Take breaks

Preaching to myself here, too!

It is very important to take days off where you relax and enjoy life. Getting a day of space between you and work or even technology altogether can improve your mental health significantly!

Breaks are healthy, which is why many companies offer paid vacations for their employees. Having that time to rejuvenate, relax, and unwind from a normal routine is necessary.

Humans are not meant to work 24/7, so friend, take a break and do something you enjoy!

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3 // Take care of your physical health

Your body is designed to move, so get it moving! When you focus on your health, you keep your mind and body sharp.

This will show up in other areas of your life and help you keep focus on what is truly important to you.

I encourage you to at a minimum go for walks outside without a phone in hand. Just get out in nature and enjoy the birds chirping and squirrels playing about.

4 // Turn off smartphone notifications

Really want to learn how to eliminate distractions from your life and reap the benefits of it right away?

Turn off all notifications on your smartphone, except maybe phone calls and text messages.

This will help reduce the addiction to your phone, especially when you need to focus on getting a project finished.

The truth is that you really don’t need to be “in the know” every second of the day. If you don’t check your social media accounts for a few hours, those notifications will still be there waiting on you.

If you want to take things to the next level, turn off the text message notification sound to your phone.

I did this a week ago because I realized that it startled me when I received a text notification. Now it does a very small vibration and shows up on my phone like normal, so if my phone is across the room, I don’t hear it.

If someone really wants to talk to me, they will call me. Otherwise, it can wait until I check it.

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5 // Close programs and tabs you donโ€™t need on your computer

This is a simple distraction to fix and helps your computer run efficiently. You don’t need Facebook, email, and any other notification type tab open when you aren’t actively using it.

Close anything that doesn’t have to do with your current task and focus on it. You’ll increase your productivity and produce better work.

6 // Tackle the biggest task at the beginning of the day

Sometimes the biggest distraction we need to learn how to eliminate is the thought of doing a task at all. There are times we have tasks that we don’t want to do and procrastinating does far more damage to our minds and productivity.

By getting these tasks over with at the beginning of the day, you can utilize the rest of the day however you wish and in a more enjoyable mindset, because you’ll feel like you’ve already conquered the day.

7 // Remove or reduce negativity in your life

It doesn’t matter who or what is negatively affecting your life, you must reduce it!

If this means gaining some distance from a friend or family member, do it. Trust me! You’ll notice a big difference in your life when you do this.

If you’re a news junkie or get sucked into gossiping about nothing that actually matters, reduce how long you spend in these activities.

I haven’t watched the news in years! Instead, I have friends and family that like to share what is happening in the world, and I get all the news I need that way. I’m much happier without the negativity the news channels contain.

Yes, learning how to eliminate distractions and actually implementing them may be scary, but friend, you can’t live your dream life and be surrounded by negativity at the same time. It just isn’t possible!

8 // Declutter your mind

Have a lot of thoughts circulating your mind? Declutter it with a thought download.

This is a simple exercise similar to brain dumping, except it has a different intent.

A thought download is to help you see what you’re thinking so that you know what you need to shift. You’ll also probably end up with a list of things to do, but that isn’t where your focus should be.

For example, the other day, I did a thought download, because I was overwhelmed with several projects that were happening. I couldn’t figure out why I was overwhelmed, so I started writing.

When I finished, I felt better because I got everything out on paper. I also noticed that I wasn’t giving myself enough space for my personal life. It was a simple fix of adjusting my schedule, but I couldn’t see it until after I did my thought download.

How could you benefit from decluttering your mind?

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9 // Reset your home and/or work space daily

Having a routine of resetting your home and/or work space helps your mind process where your thoughts should be.

At the end of the work day, reset your desk to prepare for the next day and your mind will know to shut off work thoughts to focus on the evening or next item on your agenda.

It may take a few days for your mind to catch onto what you’re doing, but once it does, you’ll see that you can focus faster on the task at hand.

Same for when you end the day. Make sure your kitchen is clean and dishes are in the dishwasher ready for their nightly cleaning. You’ll sleep better and wake up happy as you walk into a clean kitchen.

10 // Acknowledge an urge, but donโ€™t give into it

You can learn how to eliminate distractions from your life, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel an urge to be distracted.

When this happens acknowledge it and do what needs to be done anyways. By telling your mind you notice the urge and you aren’t giving into it, you’re building a new muscle to remove that distraction completely.

This does take work, but overtime, it will be easier. Just keep working at it the same way you physically exercise on a regular basis. It isn’t a one and done thing that will magically transform how you are over night.

These urges are habits that your mind and body are used to experiencing and creating new habits take time.

11 // Keep pen and paper close for jotting down things you need to remember

Always have a pen and paper close to you for random thoughts. This allows your mind to let go of the thought and still have it around for when it is relevant.

This is a game-changer for when you’re working on a project and you suddenly remember you need to pay a bill. Instead of dropping what you’re already in the mindset of working on, you can make a quick note and keep working.

12 // Train other people to not disturb you

Do you hate it when you get into the zone of working on something and people won’t leave you alone?

Instead of getting mad at them, become more obvious to the fact that they shouldn’t disturb you.

This can include a conversation about your availability or putting on noise-canceling headphones.

If you have an office, put a sign on your door that says, “Do Not Disturb” or “Not Available”.

Do not give into people trying to disturb you. Stick to whatever guidelines or rules you’ve created for yourself so that you aren’t distracted.

If you’re a passive person, it can be difficult to learn how to eliminate distractions that involve confrontation, but I promise it isn’t as bad as you might think. Just stick with it and you’ll see the benefits of not being interrupted by others.

13 // Use noise-canceling headphones

I mentioned this in the last tip, but it deserves its own point!

I got a pair of white Cowin E7 Pro Noise-Canceling Headphones and they changed my life!

You can wear them for work, reading a book, meditation, and so much more!

I personally wear them when I want to be left alone to focus on what I’m doing. My home is a studio style apartment and my workspace is right beside my husband’s recliner, so they are necessary when he is home and I need to work.

14 // Keep decor and horizontal surfaces clutter-free

When you keep decor and horizontal surfaces clutter-free, you have less to distract you. Only have what you need on horizontal surfaces so that it is easier to focus on what you’re doing. Plus, it gives you more room to work.

If you’re focusing on cooking a fancy meal, having the surface space for everything makes it far more enjoyable than trying to cram into one small space on your countertop.

15 // Inbox zero

We don’t mean to, but we often treat our email Inbox like a to-do list. By implementing Inbox Zero into your daily routine, you reduce your distractions significantly!

You can do this by having folders you put things into to keep your Inbox clear.

I have a folder for things I need to respond to, newsletters I enjoy, and any collaborations I’m working on currently. I have designated time to work through each of them so that I’m not working in my emails 24/7.

16 // Keep your digital space clutter-free

Your digital space is just as much of a distraction as your physical and mental space. Actively working to keep all three in check is absolutely necessary, but often we forget about our digital space.

Having a Desktop that only contains necessary files and frequently use apps in the Taskbar keeps turning on your computer calming and doesn’t instantly send you into a rabbit hole you didn’t intend on visiting.

Having organized files, photos, and anything else that is necessary to have on your computer also keeps the experience of using your computer simple.

The simpler your digital space, the better.

Benefits of learning how to eliminate distractions from your life

1 // Reduce stress

Having nothing stand in your way to achieving your daily tasks rids you of stress. Your reasons to not accomplish something are eliminated, therefore, you do not have to stress over if they will get done. You know they will get done.

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2 // Be happier

Working towards your goals can be difficult, but also exciting! Knowing that you are one step closer each day creates a happiness that can only be experienced distraction free.

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3 // Build incredible relationships

Distractions can take up time that you could use to build relationships. Without distractions, you are able to focus on building relationships with people you care deeply about.

4 // Learn more about yourself

Do you really know who you are and who you want to be? Do you struggle to find the answers?

Are distractions keeping you from learning about yourself? Pushing them aside, you can learn what it means to search for who you are.

5 // Build confidence

Do you struggle with having confidence in yourself? As you work distraction-free towards your goals, your confidence really has a chance to build.

Knowing you can get one step closer to your goals diminishes the lack of confidence you used to know.

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6 // Accomplish your goals

Learning how to eliminate distractions so that you can live your best life means that you can accomplish your goals!

Isn’t that great news?!

Without distractions holding you back, you have no excuse not to make your dream life reality.

Take action

I’ve created a workbook full of 30 self-discovery journal prompt questions to help you get to know yourself better so that you have a clear idea of what your dream life is and how to make it a reality.

Get access to it and many other resources in my FREE Resource Library!

The Tannehill Homestead Resource Library

Final thoughts

Now that you know how to eliminate distractions, which distractions you need to remove, and the benefits of living distraction-free, you have no excuse not to go after the life of your dreams!

Implementing these changes takes time, so remember to give yourself some grace. You’ve got this, friend! I believe in you!

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Learn how to eliminate distractions so that you can live your best life now versus waiting for it to come knocking on your door because that day never comes

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24 thoughts on “How to Eliminate Distractions So That You Can Live Your Best Life Now”

  1. I love this list! Turning off my smartphone notifications has helped me immensely. Feels like I’m more in control of my own time now ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That is great, Camilla! It is amazing how big of a difference it makes, isn’t it?! I forget that I have a particular app when I’m not reminded constantly that it is there, which is so nice.

  2. Love this! I’ve often wondered how life would be different without checking social media platforms constantly. Even work emails – something to think about !

  3. These are such awesome points Erin. The more I remove distractions, the more I find time for things I really care about that get pushed aside by little busy things. Good reminder to minimize distractions and focus on important things.

  4. This is a great post! I definitely agree that you have more confidence when you remove distractions. It’s easy to get caught up in comparison when you’re constantly plugged into tv, social media, and the internet. Learning to trust in yourself and not have to see what others are doing is so important. I’ve really been taking a break from social media here lately and while it’s a little different I’ve been enjoying focusing my time on more important things. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I noticed that you have not been on Instagram as much. While I understand, I really like seeing your pictures, too! But I am so glad you are focusing on priorities! It is so important to keep them in order.

  5. Hi Erin! What a great post, I appreciate it! I have to constantly keep myself in check, because I can stay busy all day and therefore stay distracted. Never quite doing anything completely, never quite being in the moment. I would love to share this!

    1. Aww! Thank you for your kind words, Terryn! Please do share! I am constantly having to work on it as well, but over the past few months I have found ways to remove the distractions. I would definitely suggest finding what distracts you and figuring out how to tame that distraction. If you checked out my previous post, you will see how I simplified my phone for this reason. Good luck, and I’m always here if you need a little motivation or help!

  6. You are so right! Sometimes we lose sight of the benefits of losing distraction and being in the moment. This is a great reminder!

  7. I’ve been trying to do this recently. If I’m in the car I try to turn the music off and just pray or reflect. I also enjoy times without my phone, I get more done around the house and I can focus on my relationships more! Great post!

    Greta |

    1. Thank you, Greta! I agree with having time without my phone. I love turning on some music while I am cleaning or canning vegetables. I get a lot more done, because I am not distracted by what may pop up on my phone.

  8. Amazing what happens when we do remove distractions. I have more time, happier and yes my life falls into place.

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