15 Ways to be Happier; Small Steps to be Happier

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They say it is the small things in life that make the biggest impact. While I am not sure who “they” are, I believe it to be true. Ever since I focused on different ways to be happier, I’ve become happier, and I want that for you, too!

Being happy isn’t constant. It is a fleeting emotion that you have to intentionally seek.

You can change your mood with a simple decision and take small steps to be happier.

The point of this post is to show you that little actions can compound into great effects.

15 Ways to be Happier

1 // Grab, make, or order your favorite morning drink!

By indulging first thing in the morning, you are setting the standard for the day. Make it a great one by enjoying your favorite morning drink!

Whether you start with tea, coffee, or a tall glass of water, enjoy it slowly and savor the moment.

2 // Wear an outfit that you can rock!

You know the outfit that makes you smile and you cannot help but share with others. Wear it! Here is an extremely simple outfit I wore the other day that I could not help but share on my Instagram!

Super simple, comfy, and easily rocked! An outfit can seriously make or break your day, so always dress in ways that make you feel amazing!

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3 // Smile!

You can have a rocking outfit, great morning drink, but without a smile, it is not the same. So put on your biggest smile and head out that door!

4 // Compliment someone.

If you see someone carrying a purse that is gorgeous, let them know! If you think they have pretty hair, tell them! It will not only make their day, but it will also brighten yours!

5 // Rock your favorite playlist!

Everyone knows music is a huge influence on your mood. Playing sad music helps a pity party, but playing road trip music or more upbeat music can really make your day!

6 // Pay it forward.

Whether you pay for the person’s meal behind you in line or help someone with their groceries, pay it forward! It will bless the both of you, and improve both of your moods!

7 // Google images or videos of puppies and kittens!

Trust me, the cuteness will make you so happy! This is one of my FAVORITE ways to be happier on a daily basis.

I couldn’t help but share a cute video with you, so you can be happier starting right now!

8 // Try a new makeup look.

Something fresh, fun, and different from your day to day routine can have a HUGE impact on your day!

For instance, I tried a couple of new contouring tricks this morning, and I love how different it makes me look. I probably will not do this every day, but today it was worth the extra effort!

9 // Make a Gratitude list.

Listing what you are grateful for allows you to see what you have in life. It gives you a reason to be happy!

10 // Find 10 things in your home to donate to a local charity.

Donating to help others can definitely make you happy! Giving what you no longer need to those who do is a much better option than tossing it into the trash.

As a recent example, I decided to switch out my foaming soap dispenser for a new glass soap dispenser. I was simply going to toss my old one [not sure I could have donated it…] until I saw that a friend on Facebook was needing it! It was a win-win for the both of us!

11 // Look for the silver lining in every situation

Regardless of what the situation is, there is going to be a silver lining. You may find it easy or you may have to really think about it.

Either way, when you go searching for the bright side of things, they do become easier to spot, which means that it is easier to be happier.

12 // Log off of social media

Social media is a great tool to find funny memes or videos, but it is also something that can cause stress and anxiety. By taking time away from social media, it is possible to feel a lot happier.

I encourage you to check out a few posts I’ve written about social media and smartphones if you want to increase your happiness significantly:

13 // Exercise

Getting your body moving through exercise is a great way to be happier! You can go for walks or train for a marathon. You can lift weights or take a dance class.

The activity you do for exercising isn’t important. What is important is moving your body and feeling accomplished about the movement you’ve given your body for the day.

14 // Accept responsibility for your actions versus blaming others

This may seem a bit counterproductive, but when you hold yourself accountable for your actions, you become aware of your actions and their consequences.

Creating this awareness allows you to consciously choose the best actions possible. No, it isn’t easy, but well worth the effort.

Over time, you’ll notice a large improvement in your ability to be happier for longer because you aren’t deflecting or pushing responsibility to others.

Your current situation is a combination of all the actions you’ve taken in life. No one else is responsible for it, which means that you have the power to make this life anything you want it to be!

Isn’t that great news?!

15 // Laugh out loud

This is one instance where I love faking it until I make it. Whether your laugh starts off fake or completely genuine, you will be happier through it.

Take action

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Final Thoughts

Of course, these small ways to be happier are not the only ways to achieve happiness. Big things like completing a big goal or moving into your dream home can really improve how happy you are, but big accomplishments come and go.

With focusing on the little things, you have a chance to increase your overall happiness each and every day.

Before you know it, your entire outlook on life will shift, your mental health will improve, and you will wonder how you ever lived any other way.

Let me know below in the comments if you practice any of these already, and if not, which ones will you try!

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Ever since I focused on different ways to be happier, I've become happier. I want that for you, too, so I'm sharing fifteen small steps you can take today!

Sharing is caring!

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76 thoughts on “15 Ways to be Happier; Small Steps to be Happier”

  1. Awesome list! Music is strange for me because I always feel awesome and uplifted when I have some tunes in my ear, and yet I forget to listen to music! (of course except when I am working out, that is a no-brainer). Note to self: remember this tool I have!

  2. Nicole Kroutil

    Love this post! My favourite thing to make me happy is to donate. Me and my man donate items all the time, we’ve donated a full kitchen of groceries to a family in need when we moved and last year we had a spare Xmas tree with decorations and other items which we gave to a young woman who just moved out but didn’t have enough money to give her kids a christmas. Everyone deserves happiness!

  3. Great ideas on how to make yourself and your day go better. I believe in giving a smile, always makes me feel better to give and to receive a simple smile.

  4. Emma | Creative Explorations

    Great post, Erin. Listening to music is a big one for me…my jams can bring a smile to my face on the worst days. Thanks for sharing — this post made my day happier!

  5. This list is perfect for honestly anyone–college student, young professional, or stay-at-home mom! Anytime I can rock a cute outfit, I feel so much better about my day!

  6. Paula @ Paula's Plate

    What fantastic tips, I love them! Rocking an outfit and paying it forward are two of my favorites šŸ™‚

  7. I love this list! Especially trying a new makeup look. Doing something new either makeup or my hair always helps brighten my day a little. And, of course, coffee!!

  8. Samantha @ Momma Wants Java

    I love this list! They’re all super simple things to do! I always feel better when I put on a cute outfit and a little makeup, and complimenting people always goes a long way. šŸ™‚

  9. These are such wonderful ideas! It is amazing that just one small thought or act can affect the mood of your entire day! Thank you so much for that important reminder!

  10. #10 pick 10 things to donate to charity! I love this one, it is so easy to become materialistic these days and half the things we purchase either don’t get played with or sit on a shelf or end up in a cupboard somewhere. Great tips!

  11. Anytime I’m feeling blah I try to pick out a cute outfit. It’s crazy how much it changed everything!! And coffee is my FAVE. I can’t start a morning without it!

  12. I just recently did a gratitude list on my blog. Just writing the things you are grateful for, makes you feel more grateful! Good list…

  13. I’m with you on #1 and #10! I have to start my day with coffee and it feels so good to declutter the house! I tried the KonMari method and failed miserably so I have taken an easier approach, LOL!

    1. Coffee and declutting are fabulous tools for being happier! Great picks, Chanel! I have worked through the KonMari method, but I did not follow it to a “t”. I love getting decluttering motivation by watching YouTube videos of what people are decluttering. It gives me ideas of things to declutter as well as the push to go and do it! Maybe they can help you as well!

  14. Kiara Catanzaro

    This is a wonderful post! It’s so funny because I have essentially the same post going live on Friday with many of the same tips! Great minds think alike. We’ll have to come up with minimalism/happiness type of collaboration pretty soon! šŸ™‚

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