Inspire Your Minimalism Journey

I started my minimalism journey the summer of 2015. It was unintentional, as most of my life before starting this journey. However, the more I researched how to simplify and reduce my anxiety and depression, the more minimalism kept popping up in my search results. The bloggers and YouTubers that I learned from helped me see that this was the ticket.

Reducing my belongings, creating a routine that nourishes my soul, and seeking out my dreams in life all surround the minimalist lifestyle. I wanted to document my journey, so this blog was created. From there, I have inspired many women [and a few men], who thought a minimalist lifestyle was about living scarce or with so little that they could not function in their specific lifestyle. It is such a joy to help everyone realize that this is not the case.

Minimalism is different for everyone, and no two journeys are the same! Amazing right?!

Inspire Your Minimalism Journey |

Inspire Your Minimalism Journey

Minimalism looks different for everyone. I am personally a beginner homesteader, career woman, and dream chaser. I believe life can be anything you imagine, as long as the excess is removed to prevent to keep from holding you back! You will see as you go through these posts and others on this blog, that success in life is not determined by how new and expensive your vehicle is, the size of your house, or anything dealing with material possessions.

Living an enriched life by experiencing all it has to offer means much more than having the newest gadget or a large salary. While these things are tools that we can utilize, they should not be the only reason we exist.

Anyways, this blog contains a lot of great information, but here are a few of my treasured and most popular posts to get you started. If you have any questions or would like to chat, you can contact me via email or find me on social media: [Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!]


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