28th Birthday Bucket List; Ideas that Encourage Intentional Living

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After creating last year’s birthday bucket list, I knew I had to create a 28th Birthday Bucket List! It was fun to create a list with the intention of crossing everything off during that year.

Before we dive into the 28th Birthday Bucket List, I want to review my previous list to show you what all I accomplished or didn’t get to do.

I think birthdays are a great way to evaluate the progress of your long term goals and dreams. It is not just about celebrating the day you were born but also making sure that you are making your life matter.

Of course, how you want your life to matter is completely up to you. You will see my priorities and goals within my bucket lists, but you will also see that I have intentionally placed each item to check off, strictly for motivation throughout the year.

My 27th Birthday Bucket List Review

I took a risk with this list, and many great things came from it. While this was just a fun way to welcome a new birthday year, I found it to be just the things I needed to keep my focus.

It was never my intention to fully complete this list.

My goal was simply to see where my priorities were focused on the majority of the year. It really is a great exercise to get to know yourself a little better.

[Items completed are crossed out, and any elaborations are provided.]

  1. Travel more – especially for my wedding anniversary!
  2. Take bigger risks!
  3. Complete at least 4 college classes! [check!! All A’s too!!]
  4. Pay off a loan! [Minus our land payment, all of my debt is officially paid off!]
  5. Read at least 5 self-help books! [I read a couple!]
  6. Read at least 5 fiction books [because everyone needs adventure in their life!]!
  7. Find at least one sponsor to partner with on my blog!
  8. Laugh more!
  9. Put my husband first more often!
  10. Consistently post blog posts all year!
  11. Learn to like waking up in the mornings! [Not gonna happen…]
  12. Master my wardrobe for all seasons!
  13. Replace all plastic reusable containers with glass containers! [I have started replacing containers, but not all just yet.]
  14. Overcome the fear of success! [Want me to write a post explaining how? Let me know in the comments.]
  15. Go to at least one concert!
  16. Save $20 a paycheck for the next year, and use the money for a new experience! [I would consider the cash I saved up for a college I have never been to success.]
  17. Finish the first draft of a novel!
  18. Stop drinking soda! [Drinking a Coke as I type *hands covering the face in shame*]
  19. Visit Magnolia Home in Waco, TX! [Love the show Fixer Upper!!]
  20. Find an organic cosmetic line to replace my current products! [Have any recommendations?? Leave them in the comments for me!]
  21. Love the way I look without makeup!
  22. Stop worrying about what others think! [This one is hard to overcome…]
  23. Have more new experiences than any year before now.
  24. Learn more about the companies that are β€œGoing Green”! [While I have learned a lot, I do not feel I will ever stop learning.]
  25. Turn off or forget my phone more often!
  26. Listen to more instrumental music!
  27. Plant flower beds around our home!

As you can see, a lot happened over the course of a year. Some of these things are no longer a priority at this time; while others are moving higher up the list.

Overall, I am very pleased with the results. I did some things that I would not have done had they not been on this list.

Some of the things I did not do actually surprised me, such as reading a few books. I love reading, but I lack the time.

The Tannehill Homestead Resource Library

So time to move forward and make my Bucket List for turning 28! Are you as excited about this as I am?

My 28th Birthday Bucket List

  1. Completely transition away from plastic food storage containers.
  2. Complete a year-round wardrobe with second-hand pieces or ethically made new pieces.
  3. Grow a fall/winter garden in addition to the spring/summer garden.
  4. Plant flowerbeds around our shop.
  5. Start a podcast [with a friend].
  6. Transition my diet to a homegrown/organic diet. [Future post topic]
  7. Enjoy living slow more often.
  8. Work harder at building friendships.
  9. Learn to compost and recycle.
  10. Be quick to forgive.
  11. Purchase a “professional” camera. [Let’s just be real. It is about time!]
  12. Do not live vicariously through other people. It only creates envy.
  13. Find contentment more often.
  14. Travel to a new place.
  15. Use up products before purchasing new ones.
  16. Create a self-care routine.
  17. Purchase a new purse! [Another future post topic explain why]
  18. Finally, rid my home of any remaining harmful chemical cleaners.
  19. Learn to cook more recipes. [Have any you could recommend?]
  20. Save $100.00 per week.
  21. Appreciate and enjoy the little moments more.
  22. Start my new business endeavor. [The farm is growing in 2018!]
  23. Help spread information about living a self-sufficient lifestyle.
  24. Be more open-minded with new opportunities.
  25. Go on more adventures.
  26. Grow my secondary income to match my primary income.
  27. Try more DIY recipes/projects to reduce dependence on store-bought cleaners and home goods.
  28. Become creative with saving money. [Again, a future post topic I think you will enjoy.]

While I feel like this list is a bit daunting, I think it will be fun to see what all I can check off in a year. I do not expect to have all 28 checked off, but I do expect to complete the majority of them.

My goal in life is to live intentionally and on purpose, and I believe this birthday bucket list is one of my key tools to do just that!

Ever since my focus changed from working to pay my bills each month to pursuing what gives me purpose, my life has only improved. While it is not always easy to keep this focus, it is better than not trying at all.

The Tannehill Homestead Resource Library

I am excited for this next year! Big changes are coming, and I am so glad I have you with me during all of it!

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Many people have bucket list, but what if you actually made a 28th Birthday Bucket List with intentions of crossing the items off within the next year?

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16 thoughts on “28th Birthday Bucket List; Ideas that Encourage Intentional Living”

  1. Oh, I love the idea of this, and it’ll be something that I’d like to do for my birthday as well! Also, your goals are so aligned with mine! I’m trying to reduce my waste and become self-sufficient ie with homesteading. Going to keep a close eye to your blog – glad I found it πŸ˜€

    Natalie | http://nataliesalchemy.wordpress.com

    1. I am so glad you found me, too, Natalie! I love hearing that we are aligned in many areas of our lives. Slowly but surely, we will get to where we want to be! Let’s keep in touch! πŸ™‚

  2. Your goals have inspired me to create my own birthday bucket list. Mine is on Wednesday and will be 33 items strong πŸ™‚ One thing I am going to work on is disconnecting from tech at a certain time everyday. Cannot wait to hear your progress.

    1. Happy early birthday, Megan! I am so excited that you are using this as inspiration to create you own list! Disconnecting from technology is definitely a great goal to work towards.

  3. Lisa Carone

    Melaleuca is a pyramid type company that has more natural cosmetics. I get my mascara from a friend, who is a ‘member’ under my sister-in-law. ( I am telling you that as a full disclosure thing. I am not trying to get you to ‘join’)… just passing the info along ☺️

  4. Love all your goals for this year! You look like you had an amazing year so far and I know you’ll go on to do even better things! πŸ™‚

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