29th Birthday Bucket List – Live Intentionally and Try New Things

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Bucket lists are so much fun to plan! In fact, we put the craziest things on them, but never set the intention of crossing these things off our list. Crazy right? Well, I am no longer participating in meaningless bucket lists. Instead, I am creating a new list every year that I like to call my Birthday Bucket List!

It includes things on it that I actually plan to cross off my list, with a few far fetched items to help me grow and stretch my comfort zone.

This list includes big goals, small goals, traveling, things I just need to do, etc. It is basically a list of things that excite me or get me over a hump.

The best part is that I have an entire year to cross things off, and I can do things at my own pace.

The only pressure is getting them crossed off in that year, which isn’t so bad since it is a list of things I really want to accomplish.

Check out all of the Birthday Bucket Lists I’ve created:

Does a Birthday Bucket List have you interested? If so, this post is going to review my previous list and set up my new one for my 29th BIRTHDAY!!

Between the two lists, you will get around 57 ideas to use or help inspire your own list!

28th Birthday Bucket List Review

Next week marks the beginning to the last year of my twenties. While it is going to be a bittersweet year, I have a feeling it will be the BEST year in my twenties.

But before we talk about the future, let’s reflect on the past year to see what all was accomplished!

  1. Completely transition away from plastic tupperware.
  2. Complete a year round wardrobe with second hand pieces or ethically made new pieces.
  3. Grow a fall/winter garden in addition to spring/summer garden. Crossing it off, because I am prepping for the fall/winter garden. Got a little off on my timing with this one.
  4. Plant flowerbeds around our shop.
  5. Start a podcast [with a friend]. So wish this could have happened, but also thankful it didn’t just yet. However, it may in the future!
  6. Transition my diet to a homegrown/organic diet. I’ve gotten so much better with my diet, but I still eat junk food… Progress is progress, right??
  7. Enjoy living slow more often.
  8. Work harder at building friendships.
  9. Learn to compost and recycle.
  10. Be quick to forgive.
  11. Purchase a “professional” camera. So excited to finally cross this off my list!!
  12. Do not live vicariously through other people. It only creates envy.
  13. Find contentment more often.
  14. Travel to a new place.
  15. Use up products before purchasing new ones.
  16. Create a self-care routine. I created it, but staying consistent is another story. 😉
  17. Purchase a new purse!
  18. Finally, rid my home of any remaining harmful chemical cleaners.
  19. Learn to cook more recipes
  20. Save $100.00 per week.
  21. Appreciate and enjoy the little moments more.
  22. Start my new business endeavor. I decided against my original idea, and about to put my new one out there!
  23. Help spread information about living a self-sufficient lifestyle.
  24. Be more open-minded with new opportunities.
  25. Go on more adventures.
  26. Grow my secondary income to match my primary income. It’s better, but not there yet.
  27. Try more DIY recipes/projects to reduce dependence on store-bought cleaners and home goods.
  28. Become creative with saving money.

22 out of 28 items crossed off isn’t half bad, especially when you look at what was crossed off the list.

For instance, purchasing a DSLR camera was HUGE for me, and without this list inspiring me to finally do it, I still maybe waiting to purchase one.

29th Birthday Bucket List

I learned a lot with last year’s previous list, such as what I am likely to cross off and how to be okay with changing the plans. This year’s list is going to be one that allows for many adventures that are aligned with where I want to go in life.

Many things are focused on growing my homesteading skills and living slow. Let’s get to it, and you’ll see what I mean!

  1. Travel to one new place each month
  2. Grow a butterfly and bee garden
  3. Learn how to make chicken feed, instead of purchasing it already made
  4. Make all cleaning products, instead of purchasing them
  5. Make all skin care products, instead of purchasing them [I really love my Andalou Naturals products, so we will see if I stick with this.]
  6. Learn how to make kombucha
  7. Start my new business endeavor
  8. Grow my passive income to match my active income
  9. Find a homestead mentor [I follow several homesteaders, but I haven’t found the perfect mentor just yet.]
  10. Build a pig pen and grow some piglets
  11. Draw up our house plans and get estimates
  12. Become consistent with a self-care routine
  13. Grow the size of my wardrobe [It’s lacking. I dislike shopping, but gonna have to bite the bullet and get it done.]
  14. Save $50 per week
  15. Learn how to make soap
  16. Plan and book our next vacation
  17. Learn to love exercising
  18. Start an herb garden
  19. Plant fruit trees
  20. Quit drinking sodas [They are terrible for you anyways!]
  21. Read 3 books
  22. Forgive the past
  23. Become consistent with practicing yoga
  24. Visit a corn maze [I’ve actually never been to one before!]
  25. Give a helping hand to my husband when he works on his equipment [This used to be our quality time together.]
  26. Go a month without watching Netflix [The only form of TV we have.]
  27. Blog consistently [at least once per week]
  28. Finish Elite Blog Academy [This was a big investment for me, and I plan to finish this course!]
  29. Loose my “Winter Weight” and never find it again!

This is a pretty ambitious list for myself, and I am excited to attempt it! As I have learned with the past few years of creating a birthday bucket list, you will always grow when you set the intention to accomplish things.

This list also gives you something to reflect on in a year to see the journey you’ve taken.

It is pretty cool to think of all the things I have gotten to do thanks to these lists, so I definitely challenge you to give it a try! You have nothing to loose and everything to gain!

If you decide to jump on board with the Birthday Bucket List, be sure to comment below with what you want to accomplish! Let’s cheer each other to the finish line!

Want to see how I did with my 29th Birthday Bucket List? Check out my recap here!

Give meaning and purpose to your birthday by creating a Birthday Bucket List that allows you to live a life full of activities you've yet to experience!

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6 thoughts on “29th Birthday Bucket List – Live Intentionally and Try New Things”

  1. Great list! I have 2 gallons of kombucha on my counter that needs attended to. Been sitting there way too long, so it’s really just great starter. Would probably curl or uncurl your hair were you to drink it right now! If I knew how to send the scoby to you, I’d do it tomorrow!

    1. Oh goodness! I bet that is some hair straightening kind of kombucha, Karen! That is my only worry with making it myself. I can sometimes be forgetful of things, and I definitely don’t want to forget about a kombucha brew.

  2. 22 out of 28 isn’t bad at all, great work! You’ve done some amazing things this past year. All the best with the new goals for the year ahead!

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