Mental Cleanse Challenge: My Personal Experience

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This Mental Cleanse Challenge was one for the record books. I’ve learned so much about myself through this experience and what activities really help me improve my mental health.

Let’s get into my experience with each week’s mental detox activities to see what I loved and will continue doing and where I struggled because both occurred.

Week One: Self-Care Review

Day 1: Set two goals you would like to achieve during this challenge //

My two goals for this challenge are:

  1. Learn how to quiet my mind
  2. Discover new ways to care for my mental health.

There are some days within this challenge that I was nervous about trying, because I hadn’t done them before now. However, that was the fun in this challenge, too.

Day 2: Treat your face to a special pampering facial //

This was a good day! I used Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Rosewater Mask that I’m obsessed with using! It works quickly and is great for sensitive skin.

Day 3: Go for a walk //

If you follow me on Instagram, you had the chance to see a few photos and videos from my walk. I enjoyed it so much, especially because I had my two fur babies walking with me. 

Day 4: Journal for 15 minutes //

I love writing. Whether on a computer or hand writing, it has a relaxing yet accomplishing feel to it. I got a lot more out of my mind than I thought possible, and felt completely free afterwards.

Normally, I write it out and feel I have more to say. I think focusing on making sure it is all out and giving those 15 minutes my all made a big difference.

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Day 5: Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal //

I will admit, I am pretty good about being in bed between 9-10pm, but this past week was a rough one. My “To Do” list was a long one, and I am so thankful for this day!

You do not realize how much of a difference 30 minutes of sleep makes until you put focus into accomplishing it.

Day 6: Make a gratitude list of everything you are grateful for in your life //

You never realize how blessed you are until you start writing a gratitude list. This was a great reminder of all the great things we are living for each day. It also has me inspired to live with more intention than I was yesterday.

Through this experience, I decided to make this a part of my daily routine. Now I am writing three things I’m grateful for each day and being as specific as possible.

Living with renewed gratitude daily has helped me see the blessings in even the smallest things.

Day 7: Take a long bubble bath //

While I do not have a bathtub to soak, I do have a shower with really hot water and a great essential oil scrub that made my skin feel brand new!

Week one of the Mental Cleanse Challenge was a sure enough success! I love self-care and believe it is very important in reducing stress, so most of these are in my normal routine.

Week Two: Diet and Exercise Review

Day 1: Try a new workout you have never done //

I enjoy trying new things. While I was sick, I still was able to accomplish this day. I did some yoga stretches, and it felt so good!

Day 2: Keep all three meals “phone free”! No social medial scrolling! //

This one was pretty easy for me, because I had to eat lunch during my drive to school. Dinner was also easy to accomplish, because my husband and I spend dinner catching up with each other.

Being purposeful with focusing on being phone free really helped me see how much I used my phone throughout the day. It also helped me realize that I did not need to check social media as often as I thought.

The notifications will still be there in 30 minutes, 1 hour, or a day from now. It can wait!

Day 3: Do a yoga for beginners workout //

I did a different workout for this day, and enjoyed it just as much! I have heard some studies suggest that certain yoga workouts do not burn many more calories than going for a walk, but I beg to differ! Yoga is no joke!

Day 4: Make 2 of 3 meals meatless! Need inspiration? Check Pinterest! //

In the beginning, I was worried about eating a few meatless meals, but I totally conquered it! I started my day with muffins and ended my day with a delicious Sunchoke and Egg Noodle Casserole! It included kale, which I am really loving right now!

Day 5: Meditate for 5 minutes and focus on your breath //

Giving meditation a second try is something that has been on my “To-Do” list, but I finally had a reason to cross it off of it! Five minutes is a lot easier to try than 15 minutes. I found myself at peace after these 5 minutes!

Day 6: Take your workout outdoors, if only for 20 minutes! Bundle up nice and warm! //

My workout outside was very nice! I was able to start prepping my garden for the year, as well as jog a bit!

Day 7: Go vegan for a day! //

This did not pan out as well as I had hoped. I am not going to beat myself up over it, because we are in the process of cleansing our minds. That would only counter act all that I have accomplished, right?

Week two of the Mental Cleanse Challenge was no joke! While I’m not a fan of some of these activities, practicing yoga and exercising outdoors is something I will continue to include in my routine.

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Week Three: Digital Review

Day 1: Clean out your inbox and sort your emails into folders. Delete all spam. //

I loved cleaning out my email accounts! I try to keep my emails as close to zero as possible, but with these past few weeks, my email accounts have been accumulating many emails.

Day 2: No social media before 11 a.m. Take the time to be productive! //

This day did not go so well, but it was Valentine’s day…. So I tried this out another day to give it a fair try. I was able to accomplish it this past Saturday, which just so happened to coincide with Day 6!

Day 3:  Unfollow people on social media who do not inspire you. //

I am very picky about who I follow on social media, so this day was a little too easy for me. I did not really have anyone to unfollow.

However, this made me feel good, because that means that I am intentional with each person I follow at any time versus when it is a challenge. Realizing this perked me up some!

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Day 4: Organize your desktop accordingly into folders. Delete unnecessary items. //

I am not one to have many icons on my desktop, but I got lazy for a bit. Here is a shot before I decluttered my desktop:

Mental Cleanse Challenge: Week Four |

Here is my after shot:

Mental Cleanse Challenge: Week Four |

Much better right?! Do you see now how digital clutter can clutter your mind? Hopefully so!

I love having as little icons as possible on my screen, because that means I should have my computer files somewhat organized. I also decided to remove a few task bar icons, so that I have just the apps I use every day.

Day 5: Go through your phone and organize apps into folders. Delete apps you do not use and delete old notes, contacts you do not need, etc. //

I cleared over 300 photos from my phone, deleted old lists, deleted several apps, and rearranged a few things. Here is what it looked like before I decided to add a little personality back to it:

Who knows how so many apps end up on your phone. Here's what happened when I removed the apps I didn't need or want.

After watching a YouTube video, I found a new way to store my group apps. I decided to simplify as much as possible.

In the following photo, I have 4 groups: 1. Communications, Camera/Photo, and Clock; 2. Banking apps [blacked out]; 3. Social Media apps; and 4. Reminders, Notes, Settings, and everything else.

I also changed the little icons from each group name to “.” to keep it as visually simple as possible. I also really like this background, because it makes me think of Hygge [dutch for cozy, warmth, feel good, etc.].

You may be a little confused after seeing it; but to me a stack of logs reminds me of a warm fire, with a cup of warm tea and blanket. Without further ado, here is what my phone currently looks like:

Mental Cleanse Challenge: Week Four |

Day 6: Have a phone-free night with family or loved ones! //

I got to spend the entire day with my husband! We took our fur baby to the vet for her checkup, visit some of my family, and work in the yard a bit. The entire day was lovely!

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Day 7: Unsubscribe from email marketing you are not interested in keep up with anymore. //

I do my best to keep my subscriptions low. I am easily tempted with the coupon code companies can send, so unsubscribing from all marketing is essential for me.

Unsubscribing was pretty easy, because there were only a few that needed addressed.

Focusing on digital things for week three of the Mental Cleanse Challenge was fun!

I probably enjoy a digital declutter too much, but this is the space that clouds my mind the most when things are out of hand. It is imprtant for me to stay on top of it.

Week Four: Positivity Review

Day 1: No Complaint Day! //

A few crazy things happened to me for this challenge:

  1. It was a government holiday, which means half of my town was at home for the day [but not me].
  2. I straightened my naturally curly hair on a rainy day…

Both of these could have caused anyone to complain. However, I kept my focus on the positive aspects of the day, and laughed at the rest.

All-in-all it was a great challenge!

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Day 2: Write down 3 great things that happened today //

  1. I am alive and well!
  2. I woke up earlier than normal which meant I got to accomplish some extra things.
  3. I was able to plan a lot of great upcoming content! I think you will LOVE it!

Day 3: Spend 15 minutes in silence focusing on at least one positive attribute about yourself //

For this day, I focused on 3 different things: my ambition, gifts, and faith. Once I was done, I felt a renewed spirit and excitement for all the things I’ve been blessed with in my life.

Day 4: Compliment a stranger //

I enjoyed this as much as the people I complimented, which seems obvious right? I mean when people are receptive of your kindness, you should feel as good giving as you would if you received it.

Day 5: Write a letter to yourself explaining why you are unique //

A tough day, but I pushed through it. Looking into myself is uncomfortable and not a place I like to go. However, if I am to grow into a better version of myself, I know this is a must.

Day 6: Ask a couple of friends to describe you in 3 words, write them down, and repeat it to yourself throughout the day //

This was an interesting day. I received a few words I was not expecting; and, to be honest, a bit surprised! This day made my cup runs over with joy!

Day 7: Write out your challenge wins and treat yourself! //

I won many days with this challenge, but I learned so much more. The kindness of those who joined me and the encouragement we were able to share was so touching!

I am so thankful for all of you who joined me and encouraged each other! You made this challenge amazing! I hope you treated yourself to something very nice!

Week four of the Mental Cleanse Challenge was definitely the most uncomfortable week. However, I feel that I learned the most during it and will continue to pursue a positive mindset about myself and every day life.

Take action

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Final thoughts

I’ve already stated that this challenge was one for the record books, but it feels greater than that. A mental detox is no joke. It takes you to uncomfortable places to help you clear out the clutter so that you can become a better version of yourself.

After learning what it really takes to declutter your mind, I know this is something I’ll pursue in my normal routine. Yes, a challenge is fun, but slow and steady will produce even better results than this all encompassing challenge.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m definitely up for another Mental Cleanse Challenge, but it will be fun to see how things continue to change as I focus on keeping my mind decluttered.

Interested in a mental detox? Take the Mental Cleanse Challenge and get the results you’ve been craving for far too long!

Need to reduce the stress in your life, but aren't sure what to do? Then this Mental Cleanse Challenge is PERFECT for you!

14 thoughts on “Mental Cleanse Challenge: My Personal Experience”

  1. The vegan meal won’t be too hard. Pasta with chickpeas, tomatoes, capers and spinach makes a yummy, filling vegan dinner. You might not even notice it;s vegan. Or check out the Oh She Glows website for some really fabulous vegan dishes that don’t need meat or eggs/dairy.

  2. Great job with this week, Erin! I hope you’re doing okay with all the different challenges! From your Instagram, it seems like you’re doing okay! I know you said this week would be difficult, but I’m sure you’re doing great! Keep and up and we will get ready for next week. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Kiara! You seem to be doing pretty good with this cleanse as well! I am nervous for the days we focus on our diet, but I am going to do my very best to stick to them! I cannot wait to update everyone on Monday! I am having so much fun with this challenge, and I hope you are as well!

  3. Going for walk is SUCH a mental cleanse for me. I like to walk along the river here in DC (and forget I’m in a city- haha) and it is such just a wonderful time where I can truly clear my mind. Good luck on your goals this week!

  4. Haven’t done the bubble bath, but everything else I did do this week and I wasn’t even trying the challenge! LOL! All good stuff. I did a Mental Health Walk this morning and posted about it.

  5. What do you do about the Vegan and Meatless meal days if you’re anaemic? I am and it’s been playing up lately and worry I can’t complete these days.

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