Gain Financial Freedom with Your Sunny Money Method

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Let’s talk about finances. While for many this is a sore subject, I am here to tell you it does not have to be. In fact, I have a tool that is going to give all of us the ability to create financial freedom called Your Sunny Money Method!

Minimalism saves us money in many ways, but if we are not intentional in how it saves us money, we cannot expect to move closer to our dreams. I say this many times, but I will say it again.

If we are not telling our money where to go, we are simply tossing it out to the door to go wherever it wants.

You will never get to the next step with that attitude, so I want to share with you a solution that I am using personally to turn my financial dreams into financial goals!

Gain Financial Freedom with Your Sunny Money Method

If you followed along with me for the No Spend Challenge, you were introduced to the amazing Sami from A Sunny Side Up Life.

Sami’s story is one for the record books. She started her financial freedom journey being OVER $450,000 in debt, and is now debt free!

It was not easy by any means. Her family sacrificed a lot to gain financial freedom, but she says it is totally worth it!

Now Sami’s mission is to help others just like us do the exact same thing! She created a course that gives us a step-by-step guide to set us up for success.

Her first module explains all of the reasons why and how we can change our lives if we just discipline ourselves to get to our goals.

One of my favorite quotes Sami uses is by Creighton Abrams:

When eating an elephant take one bite at a time.

This is true in many aspects of our lives, but especially when looking at our finances. Often times, it takes years and a lot of discipline to become debt free, and it is so hard to get to that finish line.

When I think of this quote, it reminds me that I can do it, and so can you!

Before I continue to tell you why you should invest in this course, let me tell you why I personally believe financial freedom is something you should pursue when living a simple life.

1 // Financial freedom offers choices!

Having the ability to choose what you want to do versus having to look at what extra income you may or may not have is a big deal!

Say a friend wants to catch up over dinner, but your finances are so tight that you have to pass.

What about an opportunity to travel to a place on your bucket list? How can you do that if your financial situation dictates everything you do??

When you have financial freedom, you can say yes to dinner with a friend, and you can go on a trip of a lifetime! Debt will not be holding you back from being able to experience life!

2 // Financial freedom reduces stress!

OMGoodness if I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say that were stressed about their finances, I would have complete financial freedom!

Did you know that most divorces are due to financial problems? Think if you did not have that strain in your relationship. How much better would it be?

I can only imagine how hard it is on people who are single, let alone trying to add someone to the mix. Having financial stress is not fun for anyone, and by eliminating that stress, you can enjoy life a lot more.

3 // Financial freedom offers job opportunities!

What if you had a job because you enjoyed it versus having it because you need the income? Would that not make life more interesting?

You could work less hours, or pick up work as you travel! You would not be stuck in a job you hated, because you are no longer dependent on making a certain amount of income just to pay off debt.

Now I am not saying that you would not need income altogether. But you now have wiggle room in what that income could be!

So many people are working to pay their bills, instead of working because they choose to work. Imagine how much happier this world could be if more people chose to work for joy versus necessity.

Hopefully with these few points, I have convinced you that financial freedom is something to pursue. If not for job flexibility, then for a reduction of stress or choices in how you want to spend your money.

So why should you use Your Sunny Money Method course specifically to help you achieve this?

  1. Sami puts YOU as the priority! Her course is designed for every situation from single individuals to couples to parents that need to save for their children’s future! She walks you through baby step by baby step to make sure you figure out what is the best way for you to use the information she provides.
  2. This course is not focused around a one way train to financial freedom. I have seen a lot of methods, and this is the first course that I can tell works for anyone imaginable! Going through it, Sami gave several examples on how to use this product to serve you. You can edit the worksheets to can customize it before filling in the blanks or printing it. She also says to use what you will, and gives you worksheets to cover all bases.
  3. BONUS CONTENT!! The value of things you get before the bonus content pays for itself many times over, and in fact, you will not find another course that walks you through anything you could imagine regarding your finances for the price of Sami’s course. The bonus content increases this value tenfold!!

That is not even the best part!

Sami is giving all of The Tannehill Homestead’s readers $10 off of her course that is already priced at an incredibly inexpensive rate! Your exclusive offer to join me in working towards financial freedom is only $57!!

WHAT!!! Seriously, that is a steal for all of the information Sami gives in this course. If you were to purchase any other course that was compatible to this course, it would be $100+ EASY!

I get it! I sound like a wacko talking about this course, but y’all, this course is life-changing! Think about how long you have allowed yourself to be ruled by your paycheck.

Then ask yourself WHY??? Do you daydream about the day you gain financial freedom?

Why not turn that daydream into a goal?? Why not change your life for the better?? YOU CAN DO IT! WE can do it together!

If you are with me, it is really easy to sign up for the course! Just use the below link. Make sure you go through my link to sign up to get the $10 discount!


Let’s simplify our finances so that we can enjoy living simply in every aspect of our lives. It is time to turn our dreams into reality!

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Let's talk finances! I have a tool that is going to give all of us the ability to create financial freedom called Your Sunny Money Method!

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  1. Amazing post, Turn your dreams into reality is the true financial freedom. You can enjoy happiness and your life will be more interesting. This is the right path to increase your wealth and a happy life.

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