4 Things to Declutter for a Simple, Clutter-Free Holiday Season

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Are you ready for this holiday season?

Are you tired of just going through the motions and are ready to make a change?

I’ve been there. I get it the struggle. It can be difficult to relax, slow down, and enjoy life in the present with so much happening around you. All of the events, shopping for the perfect gifts, decorating, it can easily get overwhelming.

It is hard to set good intentions when you always forget or don’t have time to actually accomplish them. After years of this, I had enough.

I knew there had to be a better way. I knew there was a way to truly enjoy a simple, clutter-free holiday season, and after a few years of testing out things, I found the solution!

There are four main components of the holiday season to prepare for and declutter in order to truly enjoy it! Let’s walk through each one before I share with you how you can get the step-by-step process to help you enjoy the holiday season.

4 Things to Declutter for a Simple, Clutter-Free Holiday Season

1 // Declutter Your Most Gifted Areas

What area are you gifted most? Is it toys, clothes, kitchen goods? By decluttering what you know is most likely to be gifted to you, you can make room for the new without the clutter.

When you thoroughly go through the process before the holiday season starts, you can enjoy having a clutter-free area all season long.

When the new items come into your home, you’ll have a space for them, which means that you’re less likely to introduce clutter into your home. The holidays are already full of so many things, so ensuring these areas are ready to receive the new should be your first priority.

2 // Home and Holiday Decorations

Your home decor should be decluttered before any holiday decorations are brought out to display. This ensures you declutter pieces you don’t enjoy and can part with before adding more into the space.

Holiday decorations can quickly clutter a space, so decluttering what you don’t want to put out or have space for keeps things as clutter-free as possible.

Decluttering before the holiday season ensures that you aren’t storing unwanted things and allows you to make room for storing any home decor you don’t like to have out during the holiday season.

Decluttering after the holiday season gives you a chance to declutter pieces you didn’t enjoy while they were on display. Having only your favorite pieces on display each year keeps a smile on your face as you look around your home, enjoying the decor.

Just remember to keep your decor simple, so that your sensory levels aren’t overwhelmed with everything. Sensory overwhelm is something that can prevent you from enjoying the season as much, so decorate slowly and enjoy the process.

3 // Hosting Holiday Events and Overnight Guests

Hosting events and overnight guests can be a bit overwhelming when you don’t first declutter then prepare.

By decluttering the spaces your guests will spend time in, you create more room for congregating and less for clutter. Having only necessities in these spaces, such as seating where needed and countertop space when expecting guests to bring a delicious dish, will make your event stand out due to the memories cultivated versus all the things in the way.

For your overnight guests, being able to create a guest bedroom that feels like a mini-vacation is a must! Don’t let your guests think your guest bedroom is typically a storage room or drop zone.

When you create intentions with each space for hosting guests, your guests will remember and talk more of the conversations had than anything else, which is what we want.

I love this quote by Bob Hope:

When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things – not the great occasions – give off the greatest glow of happiness.

Bob Hope

This is truly how we remember Christmas and how we should strive to help our guests remember the time spent with us.

4 // Gift Wrapping & Gifting the Perfect Gifts this Holiday Season

The beautiful thing about gift wrapping is that people care most about the name on the gift and what is inside of it versus how it is wrapped.

It’s true! Think about it for a minute.

Doesn’t that release a lot of pressure?

When we have just what we need and will use, the gift wrapping process is simpler and quicker. Plus, things can be stored in a better way when we have just the things we need.

Consider this, wrapping gifts with things such as a newspaper or a previously used bag. Both are cheap and great options. I’ve personally reused bags from previous holiday seasons, and cannot remember the last time I had to purchase a new gift bag for the holiday season.

Now when it comes to the perfect gift, I keep it simple. My ideas start with a consumable or an experience. Both can enrich the person you are gifting and leave them with fond memories.

Gifting isn’t complicated, but we insist on making it that way. We put so much pressure on finding just the right gift for someone when all we need to do is ask,

How can I enrich their life this holiday season?

Yes, it is truly that simple.

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Are you ready for a simple, clutter-free holiday season? If so, there are four thing you need to declutter and prepare to ensure you have the best holiday season to date this year!

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