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2017 Declutter Challenge: Wrap Up

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Hello!! Can you believe the 2017 Declutter Challenge is finally coming to an end?! It has been a crazy experience, but I can definitely say that it was worth it!

How is your space after this challenge? Does your space feel cleaner, less cluttered, or even relaxing? I know my space does!

Let us get right into the final week of this challenge, see how we did, and finally move onto working towards our goals with nothing holding us back to achieve them!

How many times do you reorganize your clutter? Probably more than you care to admit, right? Well no worries! The 2017 Declutter Challenge is going to help you clear out the clutter for good, so that you can enjoy life and stop reorganizing the clutter.

Week Four’s Tasks Review

  1. Declutter your paperwork. No, you do not need all the paperwork you have. I promise!
  2. Declutter your sentimental items. A tough one, but worth all of the effort!
  3. Declutter a collection.
  4. Declutter your living room. Remove anything that does not belong and see if less decor makes you feel more at peace.
  5. Declutter and reorganize your command center/desk. Try to keep only the absolute necessities out and put away everything else.
  6. If you have a task you want to revisit, go for it!

How you did with each task.

I want to hear all about your progress!

Were you able to declutter enough to make your kitchen and dining room completely organized?

What was the hardest part of Week Two’s tasks?

What was the easiest part of Week Two’s tasks?

How many items did you declutter?

Let me know below in the comments!!

How I did with each task.

  1. I have not taken the time to keep it straight, so it was a little messy… But now it is all back in order, and it feels so good! [Will be posting pictures on Instagram over the weekend!]
  2. In the past, I have shared that I only have one box of sentimental items, but I completely forgot about my marriage chest… Needless to say, I had some work to do. I was able to remove 99% of the items in this chest. Now I have two photo boxes of sentimental items!
  3. The collection I had to declutter was my books. If you have followed me long, you know that I decluttered quite a few books. However, I did have two books to cull from it. One was a duplicate and the other was a book I recently completed. Not much, but removing excess is nice no matter the amount.
  4. Luckily, I do not have much of a living room to declutter. There is one small table that doesn’t hold much, and the decor is pretty minimal at this point.
  5. I did the opposite with this task. I went from not having a command center to having a command center, and will be posting pictures of it soon! I’m very excited for what this is going to do for my schedule!
  6. Personally I revisited my refrigerator, bathroom, and laundry room. I did not have many more things, but I did find a few condiments I did not need, as well as a few products from my bathroom and laundry room.

Hardest Part: Sorting paperwork. I wish I could reduce it to nothing, but we have too many important documents we have to keep originals.

Easiest Part: Decluttering my books. I knew exactly what I wanted to cull.

2017 Declutter Challenge: Wrap Up!

Cue the drum roll…. I was able to declutter 628 items! I’m in disbelief that there was so much to declutter! I mean, I am already pretty minimal, but I guess I was able to take it to another level! I love how free my space feels!

Was this challenge as challenging as I think it was? I am pretty sure it was! But it was totally worth it!

The hardest part for me was the bathroom products. I have a few more products than I am used to, but I really do use them all. My focus for what I kept is to find organization that is functional but appealing.

The easiest part of this challenge was letting go of cleaning products I no longer used. This particular task freed up a lot of space, and I finally got rid of the last of my chemical room sprays! Now I can mix up a few essential oils for room sprays, and not be afraid to breathe!

I hope your home is clear of clutter. Hopefully you feel more free than before we started.

How did this overall challenge bring you success in your home? What was the overall hardest and easiest parts?

What is next?

If you have not heard, I have partnered with a blogger friend to do a mental cleanse for the month of February. Now that our home is clear of clutter, let us clear our mind! We deserve it!

Also, please be sure to not undo what we just worked so hard for over this past month. Now that we have culled the excess, let us keep it that way! Let us not go shopping to replace items we just removed. We can do this! We can leave clutter-free!

Now we can finally get to work on our goals for 2017 without any distractions! Let us get to it, shall we?!

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