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The Key to Clearing Clutter Fast! It’s Time to Remove Unnecessary Clutter!

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There are a lot of components that go into clearing out the clutter within your home, but there is one specific key to clearing clutter fast! The best thing is that it is simple to implement and provides instant gratification to the work you’ve done!

Clutter sneaks into our home due to habits we form [or don’t]. You’ve probably heard suggestions for the One-Touch Rule [A rule to help you put things away when you finish using it.] or One Thing In, One Thing Out Rule [Bring something new into the home, take something old out of your home]. Both of these habits/rules help reduce the amount of clutter you have within your home on a regular basis.

They are mentioned often across the web, because they work really well! But they aren’t the key to clearing clutter fast within your home.

Do you know the key to clearing clutter fast from your home? If not, this post is for you! It is so simple that ANYONE can do it! I promise!

Let’s have an honest moment. Sometimes life throws a curve ball, and your routine goes to the wayside. It could be days, weeks, or months before things return to normal. Within that time, clutter can take over a home with no hesitation.

Just thinking of getting back on track feels overwhelming, and friend, I completely agree! Thinking about how to get back on track or finding the track in the first place is totally overwhelming.

BUT I have the key that will help get you there without the overwhelm, without having to map out a plan, or even think about what has to be done. In fact, this key is mostly action-based, which for your overwhelmed mind is your saving grace!

The Key to Clearing Clutter Fast!

The key to clearing clutter fast is all about creating a sense of urgency. Now I know this sounds counterproductive to reducing overwhelm, but stick with me!

When we overthink about the clutter in our home, we see all that has to be done, things that need to be sorted, and so on. By creating a sense of urgency, you remove the overthinking completely – simply because there isn’t any time for it.

Let me teach you my plan of attack, then go do it yourself! I promise this will work for you!

So my method for creating a sense of urgency is something I like to call a

Decluttering Spree

It sounds like a lot of fun, quick, and to the point. There are only a few guidelines I ask you follow to make sure you keep it fun, quick, and to the point.


  • Set a TIMER.
  • Use a laundry basket to gather things that need to be relocated.
  • Do not CLEAN a space, but rather do a swift TIDYING of the space.

Let’s walk through each one really quickly, then I’ll let you get to work!

Set a TIMER. //

I recommend for your first Decluttering Spree that you set it for 30 minutes. This will give you adequate time to go all throughout your home gathering things that need to go into a different room and putting things away within that room.

Once you’ve done this a few times, you’ll know if 30 minutes is long or short enough. It maybe that 30 minutes is too long for you, and you only need 10 minutes to tidy your home. On the other hand, you may need longer than 30 minutes to get through your entire home.

It is okay to adjust this to make it work for you. Once you find the perfect time for you, stick with it each time you do a Decluttering Spree.

You’ll find over time that you can decrease the time on the timer, because you will become much more aware of the clutter within your home. But when life throws a curve ball, make an adjustment to help you succeed with the unnecessary clutter around you.

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Use a laundry basket to gather things that need to be relocated. //

While I feel this is self-explanatory, I do want to point out that your laundry basket should be EMPTY when you finish. If it is not, then it doesn’t matter if your timer goes off. You do not need to leave anything within the laundry basket. That is only moving clutter from one space to another.

Using a laundry basket to go from room to room quickly decluttering things that do not belong within it is a tool. Think of it like a microwave. You put things in it to be quickly heated up, then remove them once it is done. You don’t leave things within it once you are finished.

Think of your laundry basket in the same context.

Do not CLEAN a space, but rather do a swift TIDYING of the space. //

These 30 minutes are for tidying, and tidying alone. Cleaning is for another time.

When I start my timer, the first things I do are the dishes, a load of laundry, and make our bed. All of these things are considered tidying for 3 reasons:

  1. They remove clutter.
  2. It provide instant gratification to the work I’ve done.
  3. It frees up a laundry basket for me to use throughout my decluttering spree.

As you go throughout your home, be sure to make the beds, fold up any blankets and put them away, and straighten what you can to TIDY the space.

Remember to check your laundry basket as you go throughout each room to see if anything belongs in that space from the basket. Do not just put it on a surface. Put it where it goes so that you don’t have to put it away later [Remember the One-Touch Rule?].

It’s time to remove unnecessary clutter!

Now that you know the KEY to clearing clutter fast from your home, you are ready to get to work! Set the timer, grab a laundry basket and get to it!

I promise you’ll love the results of your DECLUTTERING SPREE, because you my friend will conquer your clutter and get out of that overwhelmed state of mind!

Make sure to share your progress with me by emailing me at erin[at]thetannehillhomestead[dot]com.

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