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Declutter Challenge – Get Tidy Once & For All!

Are you ready for a declutter challenge that will get you decluttered one and for all?

Are you tired of seeing a cluttered home? Tired of shoving things in drawers or closets? What about the things you can’t hide? Are you tired of that?

Well let’s change that! I have a challenge that will free you from the clutter you feel overwhelmed with each and every day. The best part is that it is 100% FREE!

That’s right! I am bringing you a Declutter Challenge with all my best tips and tricks for identifying the excess in your life and getting rid of it once and for all for FREE!

Sick of the clutter or not having enough time to pursue your dream life? Well let me help you get the excess out of the way, so you can live the life you deserve with this Declutter Challenge!

On the fence with yet another challenge that promises you to get decluttered? Well let me tell you about my journey and my method for getting decluttered to show you I am worth the effort.

After all, you are trusting someone from the online world to help you, so it’s only fair to know a bit more about them, right?

My journey to living clutter-free…

My husband and I purchased our first home in 2013. It was the perfect first home. At a little over 1,400 square feet [3 bedroom / 1 bath], we thought it would be a home we could grow into with a few little ones. We were supposed to stay in that home for at least 10 years.

We had enough room for a guest bedroom/hunting room and my “craft” room, at least until we started growing our family. It didn’t take long for them both to become storage rooms of hopes and dreams we would get to one day.

After 2 years in our home, my husband and I both decided that this wasn’t where we wanted to be anymore. We were ready to build our dream home on our dream homestead. So we started searching for land to purchase.

Just a few months after we made the decision to move, we realized that we would be downsizing considerably, so decluttering our things was a must.

In just two short months, we moved out of our home, built a shop with a temporary apartment that is only 600 square feet, and decluttered 80% of our stuff. It was not easy, but we finally did it!

At first, I decluttered as I packed room by room. It was effective to reduce a lot of what we owned, but once we put our things into storage, it was obvious more needed to be done.

I researched, studied, and tried several different methods for decluttering, and found what actually worked to help us identify the excess from the essentials. It took a lot of work, but I am so happy we put in the effort!

There is not a feeling better than living clutter-free! The stress and anxiety are much less than before, and I know the same feeling can occur within your home with my help!

Sick of the clutter or not having enough time to pursue your dream life? Well let me help you get the excess out of the way, so you can live the life you deserve with this Declutter Challenge!

To go into a little more detail of what I consider a successful method, let’s discuss what I consider the best method for decluttering.

The Tannehill Decluttering Method

1. Mental Preparation

Envision your home clutter-free.
Identify the spaces that bother you most.
Prepare for decluttering.

The mental preparation is the most important part of the decluttering process. Without the proper mindset, you will not get the desired results.

So we start here to ensure the effort we put into decluttering actually gives us the results we desire.

2. Identify and declutter one area that bothers you most.

Once you have prepared your mind for decluttering, you need to identify the one area that bothers you most and declutter it. You will get an extremely satisfying win once you finish, and this motivation is what we will start the challenge with

3. Declutter by small categories

When you choose small categories to declutter, you are able to tackle them with greater ease compared to decluttering the kitchen or the bathroom all at one time.

This is how I went from owning three hair combs and two brushes to one brush that does it all. And I am going to help you do the same!

Why YOU need this declutter challenge

You cannot live your dream life with excess things in your life holding you back from reaching your full potential. If you are, then you need this challenge!

If you are tired after stepping foot into your home because all you can think about is the work to be done, you need this challenge!

If you just want to know what it feels like to have a tidy home, you need this challenge!

Why you DON’T need this declutter challenge

If you don’t have big dreams worth removing the excess from your life, then you don’t need this challenge.

If you aren’t tired of wasting time cleaning and reorganizing all of the time, then you don’t need this challenge.

If you don’t care to know where something is when you need it, then you don’t need this challenge.

Sick of the clutter or not having enough time to pursue your dream life? Well let me help you get the excess out of the way, so you can live the life you deserve with this Declutter Challenge!

I could go on and on for both situations, but I bet you’re someone who NEEDS this declutter challenge! So let me give you some insight as to what you can expect.

28 Day Declutter Challenge Expectations

First and foremost, this is a challenge that will be delivered straight to your inbox each morning, so you never have to worry with searching for the daily challenges!

All of my best tips and tricks for decluttering will be sent directly to your inbox each and every day!

Surprise bonuses will be announced all throughout the challenge!

You will be decluttered by the end of this challenge!

Hopefully, if you have read this far, you’ve decided to join me for this declutter challenge! If so, use the below form to be added to the waiting list!


What do you have to lose, besides the excess that needs to be cleared out anyways?? Sign up now with the below form!