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October Goals – Personal and Blogging

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Happy October!! Today, we are jumping into October Goals and September Recap, because great things are happening that you need to know about! Setting and following through with goals is easier said than done.

With continued practice of pursuing a set of focused goals will get you to where you want to be quicker than not trying at all. Reviewing what works and what does not each month helps you hone in on the goals that increase your productivity.

I will explain what worked for me during the month of September, and show you my adjustments for October. But before we get into that, I want to make sure you did not miss my review post for Your Sunny Money Method.

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Today, we are jumping into October Goals and September Recap, because great things are happening that you need to know about! Setting and following through with goals is easier said than done.

September Goals Recap

Of course, you cannot go onto the next month without reviewing how you did previously. I am also going to

Personal Goals

1 // Meal Plan and grocery shop weekly.

I did not have to necessarily do this weekly, but I did stay consistent with it throughout the month. So we can mark that off, right?!

There were several nights that we opted for simple meals or were not home to cook as we originally thought. This was great in a way, because it extended the menu I planned, which kept me out of the grocery store for longer!

2 // Complete the rough drafts to all 4 of my essays due for my Real Estate course.

No, but not for lack of trying. I needed to discuss the guidelines with my professor, and he instructed me to not work ahead. I did get one paper submitted, but no guidelines are available for the other three essays.

3 // Spend 30 minutes each day either cleaning or tidying.

For the days I was home, yes I definitely did this! For the days I was not home until late, well obviously not… I am still counting this as done, because I kept my home tidier than normal, which was why I set the goal.

4 // Read one book.

Yes, I read Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. It was not my favorite, so I will be donating it to a friend or the library. But I did it, which is exciting!

5 // Exercise for 30 minutes 3 times a week and drink 64+ ounces of water daily.

HAHAHA!! Ummm no….. September was a very stressful month for me, so exercising was not as much of a priority as it needed to be. I have kept up my water intake, but not 64+ ounces every single day.

Blogging Goals

1 // Publish 2 posts a week.

I did miss two posts during the month of September, but I still feel pretty good about getting out 7 posts this month! That is more than doubling the content that I normally post. I hope y’all are enjoying seeing more content from me!

2 // Find 20 inspiring things to repin on Pinterest daily.

Yes, I did accomplish this goal! Staying consistent is difficult, but Pinterest is amazing! Plus, I love finding new inspiration.

3 // Share 3 Instagram Stories and 1 Instagram post daily.

Not so much. While I would love to post everyday, I do not want to force a post. I know I say that all the time, but my priority is to be 100% authentic with you. Forcing a post is not authentic in any way, and I would rather show up less with a bigger purpose than show up with a meaning less post.

4 // Share 2 Facebook posts daily.

I am not sure why I struggle with Facebook, but it is just not where I enjoy spending my time. If I invest in time on social media, it is typically with Instagram or Pinterest.

5 // Declutter my Email Inbox to Inbox (0).

For the most part, yes! The email system I use for my blog does not have different folders to put everything into, so I emailed them to my personal email to store.

I also kept emails conversations that were still in progress. Everything else was deleted, and my personal email did reach 100% Inbox Zero!!

Overall, I am happy with how September went. It was a severely stressful month, and I am honestly glad it is gone. My weakness in my goals for the month was my emotional health. It suffered so much, which is why a few of these goals were not completed.

One thing I am working to do each day is give myself 10 minutes of self-care, whether this is by reading a relaxing book or blog post, watching a self-care video on YouTube, or sitting alone in my car.

That is the only thing going to keep me in focus and less stressed during this busy season of my life.

I did have a spa hour in my home one Saturday, and it was so healing! I found a Pandora station that played healing music with nature mixed into it.

Also, I diffused Eucalyptus and Lavender relaxed my mind while taking a hot steamy shower. By the time that I was done, I no longer felt stressed. It was so nice that I want to include it in my weekend routine.

Anyways, let’s get onto October Goals!!

October Goals

Same as last month, I am setting 5 personal goals and 5 blogging goals. There is also an exciting announcement within the Blogging Goals, so be sure you do not miss it!

Personal Goals

  1. Meal Plan and Grocery Shop Weekly. [We are going to make this a new habit!]
  2. Allot a minimum of 10 minutes each weekday and 1 hour on the weekend for self-care.
  3. Read one book.
  4. Stay ahead in school. [Because we all know what happens near the end of the semester if you do not…]
  5. No soda for the entire month! [I was soda-free for almost 2 months, then I relapsed…]

Blogging Goals

  1. Publish 2 posts a week.
  2. Find 20 inspiring things to repin on Pinterest daily.
  3. Start an email newsletter for all of my amazing readers!
  4. Grow my reach by 10% on my blog and Instagram.
  5. Ask you to join my FACEBOOK GROUP!!! —> The Tannehill Homestead Community

I am super pumped for my October Goals! A lot is going to happen, and I am so excited to take you along for the ride!

What do you have planned for your October Goals? Let me know below in the comments!

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  • Reply
    October 2, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    Exciting! I love seeing how others progress on their goals! It inspires me to stay on track with mine. I also feel the same about Facebook; Pinterest and Insta are a lot more fun to use!

    Natalie |

    • Reply
      Erin | A Welder's Wife
      October 4, 2017 at 8:20 am

      I am so glad you enjoy these posts, Natalie! I feel the same way about my goals. The more you look at goals other people have set for themselves, the more likely you are to achieve your own!

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