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5 Things that Kill Productivity

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Productivity is a skill we all have to learn. Whether it is with school, work, or house cleaning, how productive we are determines how successful we become.

I must admit that I am a natural born procrastinator that is working hard to achieve a higher level of productivity each day. Most days, I romanticize the idea of living like each day is Saturday.

Getting to sleep late, eat breakfast in bed, and not have to get up before the sun to get ready for work seems like the best way to spend each day. However, if I did that, what would become of my life?

For sure, the only dream chasing I would be doing is in my sleep. Who wants a life like that? Humans are complex. We have the desire to achieve all, but not all of us have the same drive to get it done.

But I do not think that our drive is the only determinant in this productivity equation. My idea of achieving a dream looks a little like the following equation:

Desire + Productivity = Dream Chasing

We can have all the desire in the world, but if we are not productive, we can never expect to chase our dreams. In other words, if we look at the above equation as the following:

2 + ? = 4

The desire is there, but will the productivity match it in order to get to the desired results? Well if you are equally desiring something and being productive about getting it, YES!

2 + 2 = 4!!

So what keeps so many of us from matching our productivity to our desire so that we can chase after our dreams? Well, I believe there are a few things.

Productivity is a skill we all have to learn. However, there are some things that kill productivity and keep you from achieving the life of your dreams.

5 Things that Kill Productivity

1 // Our Habits

Believe it or not, the number one reason [in my opinion] that we do not match our productivity to our desire is simply our habits. If we are used to doing things a certain way, and do not change them, nothing will change!

A personal example of this is my cleaning routine. For several years, I had no clue what a cleaning routine was, nor did I care. I cleaned when I thought I had to and you could tell.

I would spend most of my Saturday doing laundry and cleaning the house. It was horrible!

Now, I have a set routine that keeps me focused on what is really important. My cleaning routine is second nature and only takes a few minutes a day.

Sure you may see a stack of cardboard boxes that need to be broken down for composting, but my home is clean and, most of the time, tidy.

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2 // Our surroundings

Our surroundings have as much to do with our productivity as our habits. If you surround yourself with a lot of clutter, how do you expect to think clearly? Odds are you do not. Same goes for sounds and comfort levels.

It took me a long time to see that the clutter surrounding me kept my productivity to a minimum. It really weighed on my mental health.

Clearing it all out and making my home tidy changed the world for me. I also enjoy reclining in my chair with a cozy blanket to write.

Take time to figure out what makes you feel creative and more productive. Do not be afraid to experiment. Goodness, have fun with it!

I challenge you to create the space of your dreams just so you can increase your productivity!

3 // The people around us

Who do you spend time around when you have the desire to work towards your dreams? Are they supportive or do they drain your productivity?

It will not take more than a couple of minutes to determine this, if you do not already know. If you do not have a supportive system around you, your productivity will suffer.

Trust me, I am writing all of this based on personal experience. You become like the 5 people you spend the most time around, so be very selective with who those 5 people are.

4 // Technology

While technology is a great tool to do many things, it can kill productivity. For instance, programs like Netflix or Hulu allow you to marathon a series without stopping. You can waste an entire day by getting caught up in a show.

Other examples are social media and YouTube. Both of these provide endless feeds of different things to scroll through and watch or read.

Get started on any of this, and before you know it, an hour or the whole day has passed without you moving any closer to your dreams.

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5 // Inadequate Sleep

Getting the proper amount of sleep each night is key to staying productive. If you skip on sleep or only get half of the sleep you typically need, you can kiss productivity goodbye.

Sleep allows our minds and body to recharge.

Think about your cell phone. If you never charge it, how long will it be before it runs out of battery? If you do not fully charge it, how much time are you loosing compared to fully charging it?

Resting works the same way. By staying on top of your sleep schedule, and making sure you get enough sleep is key to chasing after your dreams.

It is not worth skipping or decreasing if you want to really accomplish things in your life. The most successful people in the world prioritize sleep, and we should, too!

What are some things that kill productivity for you, and what will you do to change that? Let me know below in the comments!

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