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Minimalism Monthly Favorites – August 2017

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Can you believe it is time to share my Minimalism Monthly Favorites for August already?? It seems like just the other day we discussed July’s Favorites!

August was an exciting month. We did the No Spend Challenge, which was one of the hardest challenges I have ever completed.

[There will be a big wrap up post for that Friday, so if you are not on my email list, be sure you sign up so that you do not miss it. A lot of great content is going to be shared, including all the collaborators who participated in it, the tips they shared, and anything they are offering to help you take control of your finances. You do not want to miss it! 🙂 ]

School also started back, so I am working to keep everything organized as I adjust to this change in my schedule. August also inspired and helped me determine my true focus here, at The Tannehill Homestead.

It is so exciting to start sharing all of it with you, especially now that we are increasing the weekly post to two times a week!

So let’s get to August’s Favorites, shall we?

Can you believe it is time to share my August Favorites already?? It seems like just the other day we discussed July's Favorites! August was an exciting month. We did the No Spend Challenge, which was one of the hardest challenges I have ever completed.

Monthly Favorites – August

The favorites we are going to discuss are a bit more mixed up in variety. I have a few resources that I want to share with you that have improved the quality of what living simple is for my home. It is an exciting line up, so let’s get to it!

1 // Cohesive Home Podcast

Melissa and Kate are best friends that come together to share how living a minimalist lifestyle can improve the ability to live by your morals and values.

The wisdom that comes from them keeps me grounded and content with my life as it currently is, while allowing me to see ways to improve it. The value this podcast brings into my home is immeasurable.

I believe it will do the same for you, as well.

2 // Samantha Lindsey’s YouTube Channel

If you have read through my Minimalist Favorites series, this is no surprise to you! Samantha’s heart and passion for living as a minimalist is inspiring.

She has also written a post for The Tannehill Homestead! [Minimalism Can Be A Tool To Improve Your HealthI am sure you will love Samantha’s message as much as I have!

3 //  LOLA Feminine Products

I have used LOLA for over a year, and love their tampons! They are 100% organic cotton, and do not include any pesticides, dyes, chemicals, shall I continue?

LOLA also carries pads and liners, which I have not tried just yet, but will as soon as I need to restock. What I love most about LOLA is they are flexible with how often they deliver, allow you to customize your orders, and NO CONTRACTS!

You can even skip deliveries if you wish. They also listen to their customers. A lot of the products they offer today are because of customer requests and suggestions.

If you use the link above, you can get two boxes for the price of one! No coupon code required!

4 // Mrs. Meyers Laundry Detergent in Rosemary

I have been on the search for a new detergent that was eco-friendly and did not contain a lot of harsh chemicals, but still cleaned our clothes.

After using a couple of bottles, I think I have finally found my new laundry detergent! It is so concentrated and only takes a little product for each load.

I will be honest, it took a little getting used to using so little. Now I cannot see my home ever being without it! I have only tried it in the rosemary scent, but I am sure it smells wonderful in others, too!

5 // Vital Proteins Marine Collagen

After hearing all the rave about taking a collagen supplement, I decided to give this a try. It was definitely a product to get used to drinking, but now I really enjoy it.

This is mostly due to thinking and seeing the benefits of a collagen supplement, and now I feel that everyone needs it! My favorite way to enjoy it is with a lemon or peppermint tea.

If you have tried it, what is your favorite way to enjoy this supplement?

I hope you are enjoying this monthly series as much as me. It is so much fun getting to choose my favorite products with you!

When I first started to look for products that would enhance my life, I could not find hardly anything. If that is you, maybe my recommendations can help.

Are there any products you would like to get my opinion of or resources you would like to know more about? If so, let me know below in the comments or email me!

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