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2017 Declutter Challenge: Week Four + Week Three Recap

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Welcome to the 2017 Declutter Challenge: Week Four! It is the final week we will be working to declutter our homes in hopes to get moving onto our goals for 2017!

I am very excited for this week, and I hope you are as well. So far in this challenge, we have decluttered our kitchen and dining rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, foyer/mudrooms, and bedrooms!

I hope with that you feel at peace with these areas, but if not, have no worries! We still have one more shot to comb through them, and I will explain further down all the details.

As we have done with previous weeks, let us recap the previous week, celebrate our victory, so that we can move onto week four [the final week]!

Week Three’s Tasks Review

  1. Remove anything from your Master Bedroom that does not belong in it, and find a proper home for it.
  2. Pull everything out from your closet and put it on the bed. Sort through each piece, decide whether to keep/toss/donate, and only add pieces back into your closet that are in your keep pile. If you have a maybe pile, sort through it again and determine each piece’s outcome.
  3. Remove everything from your dresser drawers and put it all on the bed. Repeat the same process as you did for step 2.
  4. Pull out anything from under the bed, declutter, put in a proper home, and if under the bed is its proper home, return it.
  5. Declutter your nightstands. You do not need random things within your nightstand. Be intentional.
  6. Declutter your child[ren]’s room. Be sure to sort through toys, clothes, and/or anything else they have in their room.
  7. Declutter and refresh your guest bedroom.

How you did with each task.

I want to hear all about your progress!

Were you able to declutter enough to make your kitchen and dining room completely organized?

What was the hardest part of Week Two’s tasks?

What was the easiest part of Week Two’s tasks?

How many items did you declutter?

Let me know below in the comments!!

How I did with each task.

  1. Yes! My bed side tables can easily gather a few glasses, bits of mail, and random things. I returned everything to its proper destination.
  2. Tackled like a champ! I shared before and after photos on Instagram of my work/casual wardrobe, which I will share below for you! I culled a few pieces, but I also had a few to add to it that came in the same day I did this declutter. As far as shoes are concerned, I have replaced two pairs of boots for new ones and replaced two pairs of heels for one new pair.
  3. I was able to cull a few bathing suit pieces, and undergarments. I am happy with the space I freed up within my drawers, and how organized it all is now.
  4. A few socks were found under the bed, but other than that everything else stayed.
  5. First of all, how do nightstands accumulate so many things? I try my best to only have necessities in them, but they seem to gather the most random things! I was able to pull out a few things like books, a car charger, and a couple of random things. The organization and space my nightstand now has is amazing!
  6. I currently live in a studio apartment style home, so other bedrooms are nonexistent. Instead, I sorted through a basket that had a lot of paperwork and random bits and bots.
  7. For this task, I revisited my foyer/mudroom. I hesitated the week before concerning my hats, scarves, and gloves, because I did not have many. However, after some thought, I decided to sort through to determine which things I would actually wear. I am now down to one pair of gloves, one scarf, one beanie, and one hat! Now my sewing kit has a designated home with the room I was able to create!

Hardest Part: Finding replacement tasks due to not having bedrooms. I had so many things I wanted to tackle, but I wanted to stay as much on track as possible.

The excitement of being almost completely decluttered has me wanting to work ahead a bit!

Easiest Part: Decluttering my wardrobe. I have had my eyes on the pieces I decluttered for a little bit, but I wanted to wear these pieces again to be sure.

During Week Two’s tasks, I wore each piece to determine their outcome.

Here are a couple of pictures of my wardrobe progress:

2017 Declutter Challenge: Week Four + Week Three Recap |

Wardrobe Before Decluttering

2017 Declutter Challenge: Week Four + Week Three Recap |

Wardrobe After Decluttering – I removed 2 sweaters, 2 pairs of jeans, 1 vest, and 1 winter coat. I added a few spring/summery pieces: 2 cardigans and 2 blouses.

As you can see, I am trying to play with color more than before this challenge. I love neutrals, but I also enjoy wearing different colors.

The pieces I added work well with all of my jeans and tank tops. My wardrobe is still very versatile having a colorful wardrobe that consists of only 34 pieces!

For more before and after photos, you can check out my Instagram!

How many times do you reorganize your clutter? Probably more than you care to admit, right? Well no worries! The 2017 Declutter Challenge is going to help you clear out the clutter for good, so that you can enjoy life and stop reorganizing the clutter.

2017 Declutter Challenge: Week Four

Week Four tasks are going to consist of things all over our home we have not dealt with just yet. It is going to be exciting to finally get into this final week!

First, we are changing our approach to the final week. Instead of decluttering by rooms, we are going to declutter by categories.

There are a few things we have not yet decluttered, but I feel that decluttering them in categories will be more efficient.

Second,  I realize some of you went through certain areas, but wish you had a second chance to tackle it better. So that is exactly what you will have the chance to do this week!

I want you to be proud of the things you accomplished, and running through a second time [or even third] is always a great way to make sure you achieve that feeling!

Week Four’s Tasks

  1. Declutter your paperwork. No, you do not need all the paperwork you have. I promise!
  2. Declutter your sentimental items. A tough one, but worth all of the effort!
  3. Declutter a collection.
  4. Declutter your living room. Remove anything that does not belong and see if less decor makes you feel more at peace.
  5. Declutter and reorganize your command center/desk. Try to keep only the absolute necessities out and put away everything else.
  6. If you have a task you want to revisit, go for it!


  • Always consult your accountant before decluttering important paperwork. There are different lengths of time you need to hold onto tax returns for certain reasons. If you have any that exceed this time period, shred them.
  • If you have manuals to appliances, see if you can find them on the computer and save a digital copy. This will free up more room than you think!
  • Sentimental items can be tricky, but there are a few things you can do to lighten up this area. Declutter duplicate pictures, pictures you want no one else seeing, or pictures of people you do not know.
  • Have any sentimental items you do not want anymore, but want to keep the memory? Take a picture of this item, then let go of it.
  • A personal goal of mine is to declutter my marriage chest. I have tons of things from our wedding reception that serve no purpose, and I have pictures of it all! If this is the same for you, let us see what we can let go of and pass onto someone who can use it!
  • Do you collect things? I do! I collect books and used to have tons of them! So far, I have dwindled it down to one bookcase, and I am still going to see if there are any I want to part with that I have not previously.
  • Some collections hold significant value, and I realize that. I am not suggesting to declutter them, unless you are certain you are ready to part with them. If it holds enough value to let go of it by selling, put them on the market and free up some space!
  • For your living room, remove anything that does not belong to begin.
  • Next, check out this post I wrote, and see if less in your living room will bring you more peace and relaxation.
  • Do not feel like you have to have throw pillows. One or two is usually enough in the living room.
  • See if you can create “white space” on the tables in your living room. This is done simply by having a lamp and one other item that makes you happy to look at, and removing the rest. For your coffee table, it could be a decor centerpiece of some sort with coasters or something to that effect. The key is to keep it simple!
  • Command Centers are best when kept simple. Try to remove anything that is not a necessity from this area.
  • For cleaning off a desk, try creating another “white space”. The only things that should be kept out are a computer and possibly a plant or something important enough to not put in a drawer. Everything else needs a home that is out of sight. This will simplify your space and create a calming effect because your mind is allowed to rest when looking at so little within this space.
  • Revisit anything you think you could improve. Whether this is in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. I personally am going to work with the area under my bathroom sink to see if I can organize it better.

If you have worked hard with me up to this point, you are awesome! I cannot wait to hear how this challenge has transformed your home to a more simple, decluttered, and peaceful home!

I am excited to tackle this very last week with you, and I will be sharing next Friday how many items I decluttered.

Purposefully, I have withheld this information, because I am kind of blown away with where I am up to right now.

I have shared it with a close friend and they asked me how I had anything left at this point, but as you can see in the pictures I shared, I still have plenty!

On a totally different topic, I have a new challenge that is starting next week to declutter your mind! Physical and mental clutter can tear apart your health. We are almost physically decluttered, so it is time to get it done mentally!

I am actually partnering with a blogger friend of mine, Kiara at Blissfully Brunette for this challenge, and we are both so excited to get started!!

If you would like to join us, make sure you are subscribed via email using the below form. We would love to have you participate with us!

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