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30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge: Days 1-6 Update

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Welcome to the first update of my 30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge! I’m excited to share with you how I tackled each daily exercise.

This was a self-created challenge, because I am tired of the clutter. I have cleansed my possessions previous to this challenge; however, I still feel cluttered.

My goal by the end of this is to feel free of my possessions, have a space I am proud to call mine, and make my new place feel like a home.

So without further delay, here is my first week’s update!

Do you feel like clutter is taking over your life? Are you constantly reorganizing, but never actually feel organized? Then you need to try this 30 Day Minimalist Declutter Challenge I created! This challenge not only focuses on decluttering physical things, but also mental clutter. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as decluttering your physical things.

30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge Update: Days 1-6

I am excited to share with the first update! I think it went better than I could have imagined prior to starting. There is still a long ways to go, but this is just the first week. There is still a lot to get through and declutter.

Day 1: 5 items

My goal for today is to start off strong. I don’t want to find 5 things to just throw away. I want to find things I haven’t used in quite some time.

30DMDC Day 130DMDC Day 1-2

Luckily, I found 6 items altogether! Ironically enough, the first item I choose happens to be my to-go cup from the previous night. The next two items are chosen due to concentrating on thinking of items to purge.

My concentration had my next items staring me in the face, which were my iron and ironing board. I know for a fact, I have only used these twice in the past year!

Next, I decided to let go of an old bottle I had sitting around I no longer wanted. What should have been my last item turned into two.

My sunglasses case had a jewelry pouch inside it. I decided to let both go today, instead of holding onto one of the items for another day.

Day 2: Counter tops

Today is a simple day. I don’t have much countertop space, so evaluating this space will be quick.

30DMDC Day 2 Before

30DMDC Day 2 After

As you can see from the picture, I tidied up some, found a new home for one of my canisters, and removed both wax warmers. I already liked how open this space was, but now I love it!

Day 3: Meditate for 15 Minutes

I am not sure meditation at night is a good idea for me. I wanted to wait until bedtime to meditate so that I could relax and release the day. However, I fell asleep during meditation….. I can say I slept great!

I think I will give meditation another chance, but I am going to need an uncomfortable space to do so.

Day 4: Junk Drawer

I don’t have a designated junk drawer. In fact, the only drawers I have are my bed side table and dresser. My bed side table is a multi purpose drawer due to this fact, so I decided to organize it a bit.

30DMDC Day 4 Before

30DMDC Day 4 After

As you can see, I have office supplies, a Kindle, a place for coins, and a couple of other things I need.

I was able to remove a few things from this drawer, and I would say organizing and decluttering this drawer was a success!

Day 5: Clothing

I am so excited for clothing! I have a few pieces sitting on my closet waiting for a new home! Since I don’t have a lot of items in my wardrobe, there isn’t much to declutter.

I am participating in Project 333 for the first time. So far, I really enjoy it! Even with this smaller wardrobe, I have some items I really like and never wear, along with items I wear so often and need to let go of.

30DMDC Day 5

After being honest with what I really like, I have been able to let go of 14 items! This includes 1 jacket, 5 blouses, 3 pairs of leggings [1 pair not pictured], 2 pairs of socks, and 3 tank tops.

I am still hesitant about the tank tops because I wear them in the summer time mowing, but they are items I will replace if necessary.

I do have a few gaps in my wardrobe now, but I will wait until the end of this challenge before filling them.

Day 6: Digital Cleanse

Ugh! I’m not even going to sugar coat my digital cleanse. It was a bust!

I was able to stay away from the computer and phone, but Netflix…. Netflix was not my friend….

I was able to do somethings I had been putting off, so the day wasn’t wasted. However, I had better hopes for this day.

Week In Review…

Favorite Day: Day 5
Least Favorite Day: Day 6
Items Removed from Possession: 25!
One Thing I Learned: Be 100% honest with yourself about what you have. It’s hard, but worth it.

Coming Up Next Week…

Next week I am most excited for the 10 item exercise. I did really well with the 5 item exercise.

What I am least excited for is shoes. If I am able to say goodbye to two pairs of shoes I will jump for joy! I don’t have tons of shoes, but I wear them all!

I am a country girl, so I have my nice shoes for town, and my outdoor shoes. Anyways, you will see more of what I am talking about next week.

If you decide to join me in this challenge, you can find the original post with all of the daily information by clicking HERE. Remember to share your progress using #thetannehillhomestead.

How was your first week of this Challenge?

What was your favorite/least favorite days?

What are your most and least excited for next week?

Also, is there a topic you would like me to go into further details about?

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  • Reply
    January 2, 2017 at 8:38 am

    Thanks. I’m moving back to TX at the end of the month so this is perfect!

    • Reply
      Erin | A Welder's Wife
      January 2, 2017 at 7:18 pm

      Judy, that does sound perfect! I love a good decluttering before moving. This way, you only move what you need or use!

  • Reply
    January 6, 2018 at 2:10 am

    I have a question. You say that you wear all of the shoes you have? If that’s true, then why do you feel a need to get rid of some of them? Sounds like you’re getting rid of things that you use &/or love just so you can say, “I did that!” Or are you addicted to purging the same way a hoarder is addicted to “collecting” ?

    • Reply
      Erin | A Welder's Wife
      January 6, 2018 at 10:26 am

      Paula, thank you for the question. Did you happen to read the next post that explains my shoe declutter? If not, here is the link – Days 7-13 Update. I am not addicted to purging by any means, nor do I want to get rid of something to say I got rid of it. If that were the case, I would probably be a 100 item minimalist, and I am far far far from that.

      This part of my journey towards minimalism was about removing the idea of materialism. When I went through this declutter challenge in 2016, the first time, my mindset was still focused on the fact that material items represent your worth. It was not until after this challenge and a few more exercises that I finally realized this is not the case.

      The two pairs of shoes I decluttered are two that 1. I did not wear as often as other shoes like it, and 2. one pair was well more than 10 years old [It was time to let go of them. I was only holding onto them for sentimental reasons.]. I did not donate them right away. In fact, I kept them for a couple of months in a box to be sure I did not regret my decision, which I did not. They were donated to a homeless shelter to bless others who need them more than myself. Hope this clarifies a few things, and again, thank you for asking!

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