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16 Things I’m Excited For In 2016!

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As I reflect on 2015, I see so much change that has occurred. We sold our house, purchased our dream land, built a shop and now live in 600 sqft., let go of of things, people, ideas of what we thought life would be like now, etc.

With an abundance of change and a shift in lifestyle, I couldn’t be more excited about 2016! It’s going to be a fun year! Without further ado, here is my list of 16 things I’m excited for in 2016!

Getting excited for a new year and new beginnings! Here are 16 reasons why I am excited for 2016!

16 Things I am Excited for in 2016

1 // Becoming a Minimalist

I’ve only discovered this lifestyle a few months ago and am already seeing the change it’s bringing into our lives. I am so excited to continue this journey and see what other benefits will come.

2 // Farming

We purchased land with the intentions of starting a farm. We plan to have cows, chickens, and maybe some goats, pigs, or something. I am not 100% new to this idea, but it will be the first time to do it on my own.

3 // Gardening

My husband and I have already made BIG gardening plans for this year, and cannot wait to start planning! I have gardened a little in the past, but this year I hope to be successful enough to do lots of canning so we can enjoy home grown food year round!

4 // New Friendships

With a new neighborhood, comes new friends! So far, everyone in this neighborhood has been very welcoming. We even have a family friend that lives right down the road!

5 // New Found Thankfulness

I have always been thankful for many things in my life, but it hasn’t ever been the way it is today. Most of the time, people only dream their dreams, and I am getting to live mine! I’m thankful for it everyday, because it could all be over tomorrow.

6 // Living Simpler

To me this is separate from #1. To live a more simple lifestyle doesn’t mean minimalism exactly. You can do one without the other, or you could do them together. Each to me has their own benefits.

To live simpler for me includes a schedule of events, planning life, and not running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. It’s finding ways to do what means the most to you.

7 // Menu Planning

I menu planned when we lived with my husband’s parents, because there wasn’t enough space to put everything. I planned weekly meals, and only purchased what we needed.

This year I’m giving monthly menu planning a try! I want to free up the time I would spend shopping once a week by only shopping once a month.

If for some reason it doesn’t work the way I need, I will at least do a two week menu plan. Either way, I’m excited!

8 // Changing my diet

When I use the word diet, I don’t mean eating to loose weight. What I mean is my husband and I are going to be more aware of what we are eating.

I grew up hating veggies, but now I crave them! [I’ve always loved fruits] I cannot wait to see how eating a cleaner diet will benefit my husband and me.

9 // Trying organic products

I will admit that I am a YouTube junky! I see so many people living the lifestyle I want, and organic products is a big part of it. As I use the products I currently have, I plan to replace them with one that is organic.

10 // Reading

I am a reader already, but I have new books on my TBR [to be read] list! They consist of self-help, fiction, dystopian, romance, etc. It’s also a goal of mine to get through the books I have sitting on my shelf before purchasing new books.

11 // Going back to school!

I have decided to get a second degree in Finance, then my Masters in Business Administration. My love numbers, investments, and problem solving led me to discovering that I want to work in corporate financing.

I haven’t had a college class since 2012, so I am nervously excited! It’s going to be very interesting!

12 // Working to become Debt Free!

As many people, I have debt. It consists of car loans, personal loans, and some other stuff. I am thankful to say I did payoff my Dental Loan on December 31, 2015! So I am already a step closer to my goal!

13 // Figuring out my true passion

I have tried and giving up on many things in the past. Nothing seemed to spark that light and keep it lit. My hope is with living more minimal and simple, I will be able to find a passion for something besides my good looking husband 😉

14 // Enjoying life

If you can’t enjoy life, what is the point, right? I’m making it a goal to find something everyday that I do/have enjoy.

15 // Travel

We don’t travel very much, but this year for our anniversary, we are getting away from our normal everyday! My husband may not know it yet, but this wife is tired of not celebrating the day we said, “I DO!” in a special way. So for anniversary #6, it will be special!

16 // Budgeting

I have given this my first shot in December. It kept me conscious of my purchasing decisions, but it could use some fine tuning. I am excited to see if the Dave Ramsey way really works!

What are some things you are excited about this new year? I’d love for you to leave them below in the comments!

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